Gump’s Finds a Second Life


Gump’s began in San Francisco when it was founded by Solomon and Gustave Gump and his family in 1861. While it began modestly as a seller of mirrors and frames, it has become one of the premier luxury brands of jewels and gifts along with homeware and furnishings in the world.

The company obtains its inventory by searching the world for exotic items. It brings back works of art that could never be found in the west. In 1906 the company moved to its location in Union Square. In the fall of 2019 it will operate under new ownership. Over the years Gumps has served millions of customers. Anne, Christopher, and Jack Chachas are the new owners and they will oversee operations in North America and Europe.

It was their father, John Chachas who first found interest in the Gump’s company. As a young boy he was fascinated by a statue of the Buddha that was on display in the store. In 2005 when John was organizing the sale of Gump’s, he asked for the statue as part of the deal. Read This Article to learn more.

Instead of receiving a cash payment he accepted the statue that he had seen 50 years earlier. At that time it had cost just $800. When the statue was appraised in 2007 it was worth $240,000. John could not take the statue with him unless he replaced it will a replica. Visit This Page to learn more.

Using a 3D printer, he spent $25,000 for a copy to be placed in the store. Chachas went on to sell the statue in Hong Kong for the enormous sum of 4 million Hong Kong dollars. The new Gump’s company will retain many of the employees. It will be moving from its previous location, but it will remain in San Francisco, CA along with a location in New York, NY.


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Interested in Reading Some Fascinating Self-Help Books? Consider Five Works by Vijay Eswaran

Have you searched recently for some useful self-help books? If so, you’ll appreciate reading five works authored by Vijay Eswaran. Spend some time before the end of this year perusing some of these informative works.

About Vijay Eswaran

Today, most people associate the name of Vijay Eswaran with meteoric business success. His name still remains closely connected to the international network marketing firm, Qnet. (He helped found that global entity.)

Born in Penang, Malaysia in 1960, Vijay Eswaran traveled extensively in Europe and North America. He studied at the London School of Economics, and received his MBA degree from Southern Illinois University. Soon afterwards, he would return to Asia and launch the innovative multi-level marketing firm QNet.

Five Influential Books

Despite his busy schedule, Vijay Eswaran found the time to author five popular works in the self-help field. Consider adding these volumes to your “bucket list” in order to gain valuable insights into his philosophy and personal management style:

In The Sphere of Silence (2005)

  • In The Sphere of Silence (2005)

In The Thinking Zone (2010)

  • In The Thinking Zone (2010)

18 Stepping Stones (2011)

  • 18 Stepping Stones (2011)

On The Wings of Thought (2011)

  • On The Wings of Thought (2011)

Two Minutes From The Abyss (2016)

  • Two Minutes From The Abyss (2016).

Shortly after the completion of his fifth book, Mr. Eswaran commenced an ambitious project to construct an extensive real estate development in Bandar Meru Raya in Perak, Malaysia. This commercial and residential enclave (called “Qi City”) reaches completion during 2020. It will include a research hospital. That institution will certainly draw extensively upon Vijay Eswaran’s personal philosophy in its daily operations.

A Few Reasons to Consider Reading Vijay Eswaran’s Writings

During the past two decades, the rapid growth of the Internet has broadened the scope of global commerce. As geographic distances narrow and the pace of knowledge increases at a dizzying pace, remaining grounded with “silence” assumes importance for large numbers of busy people. Vijay Eswaran during his successful business career has succeeded in combining elements of modern commercial strategies with aspects of meditation rooted in very ancient disciplines.

Vijay Eswaran reminds everyone in the exciting Information Age to keep in touch with intangible yet important values. His works promotes the virtues of silence in a loud, rapidly changing world. By approaching his five works with an open mind, readers may benefit from his constructive insights!

Isabel dos Santos: A strong pillar for the African Woman

Isabel dos Santos is arguably one of the most influential women in Africa. She is the daughter of the former Angolan President. In 2013, she was named the first woman to achieve the billionaire status. Currently, she is one of the two women billionaires in the world.

Isabel dos Santos was born in Angola, but she spent most of her childhood in England for elementary education, and King’s College in London where she pursued a degree in electrical engineering. At the University, Isabel dos Santos was the only student of Africa descent in her class. Being the only African student in a class full of natives did not deter Isabel from achieving her dreams. Isabel graduated with flying colors where she emerged among the top students in her class.

Moving back home

After graduating from King’s College, Isabel dos Santos returned to her homeland to contribute to nation-building. Her first job was at a company known as Urbana 2000. Isabel was appointed the project manager for the company that had landed a contract to clean up Luanda. Isabel performed exceptionally at the company, which motivated her to launch her business.

In the following years, Isabel established several successful business ventures that include a trucking company, night club, and restaurant. She also found Trans-Atlantic Investment Services, a company that sought to streamline the African diamond trade.

Launching Unitel

This was one of the most significant accomplishments of Isabel dos Santos. Unitel is the biggest provider of telecommunication services in Angola. The company has brought forth numerous developments in the country, including easing sharing of information and connecting Angolans to the rest of the world.

Championing for women rights

There is no doubt that Isabel has succeeded in almost every aspect of her life. She is now using her success story to inspire millions of underprivileged African women. Isabel fights for equality, diversity, and inclusivity. She has set the bar high in her companies by ensuring that they uphold women’s rights and equality. Isabel doesn’t tolerate the traditional office behavior that allows men to be leaders and women to be juniors. She recognizes the fact that just like men, women can also deliver exemplary results when given the opportunity.

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LocationSmart and the Benefits of Geolocation to Business

In order to run a business today, one must be connected to those working for them, those partnered with them, and, of course, their clients. But in an interconnected age, that means knowing where these parties are regardless of location.

That requires the expertise of LocationSmart, whose experience with IP geolocation, identifying mobile devices on the internet, even within a network, and they’re assistance is a boon to business.

Any business knows they have to remain compliant with regulations in order to keep operating. Depending on where they’re operating, and the service they provide, might include knowing where users are when accessing servers. Experienced in IP geolocation, LocationSmart can unmask these users so that regulatory standards are met and servers aren’t bombarded by users masking their location.

For a business to deal with technology, it must also be concerned with security. Adding to those worries are those who can bypass an existing infrastructure with ease, and take control of someone else’s credentials.

Knowing that an IP location doesn’t link up with where users ought to be can send up a red flag, calling for reauthorization, and hopefully get it back in the hands of a legitimate user. It’s also an opportunity to strengthen the existing network to deter future attacks.

Security isn’t just remote. Plenty of businesses use mobile devices in day-to-day functions, and knowing where they are is important information. A business has a network so employees can communicate with one another and get their jobs done. Read more: LocationSmart | Capterra  and LocationSmart | Owler

That can take place from a laptop in a vehicle or a smartphone. If those devices are being used at another IP location, knowing where that is can alert a business to a third-party infiltrator or a potential theft that can put them at risk. In addition to being an effective loss prevention tool, this can be used to collect productivity data.

If a business is a provider of online content, streaming has its own security issues that can be addressed by IP location. When a user signs up to a streaming site, they do so with the understanding that they’ll pay a fee to access content.

The problem is these accounts get passed around between multiple people, and some may be pirating for the benefit of another site. LocationSmart can identify those locations and a streamer can then determine how to best deal with users violating their account policy.

Having IP data isn’t just useful to keep a business secure. It’s a handy tool when advertising. By knowing which demographics of their potential customer base lives where, a business can decide how to best promote themselves.

Will it be a push notification? Or will banner ads be fine? Do shoppers in this area want a discount on services? Or early access to products? IP data can help a business determine.

LocationSmart can do more than provide data to bolster security and steer business models. They assist their partners mature as businesses, becoming closer to the changes in technology, becoming more competitive with their international counterparts.

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The Career of Tim Ioannides

Ever since he was a kid, Tim Ioannides dreamed of one day becoming a dermatologist but it wasn’t an easy road to get to where he is today. So how was he able to achieve this lifelong dream? It all began about three decades ago when he first matriculated at the University of Miami School of Medicine. During med school, he was accepted into a prestigious internship program which he completed with honors. After receiving medical degree, he decided to go into the private sector and he found himself working at someone else’s practice where he helped with the day-to-day activities and performed clerical work in the front office. Pretty soon, however, he discovered they were more interested in making a profit than properly treating the patients.

As such, it wasn’t long before Tim Ioannides MD departed that practice so he could open his own office of dermatology. In 2004, he officially established Treasure Coast Dermatology, a practice specifically developed to attend to the wants and needs of each individual patient. They do this by having Dr. Tim specifically consult with each patient in order to establish a healthy rapport with them and better treat their conditions. They also ensure each employee takes their notes by hand so they can better attend to their patients instead of being glued to a screen. One of his proudest accomplishments is all the patients he has helped to cure of skin cancer.

He has said he doesn’t use any traditional marketing tactics as he finds that word of mouth is just as effective as any tools he could possibly use. A lot of his customers are actually holdovers from his previous position when he was fresh out of med school. In the future, he hopes to one day discover a cure for skin cancer.

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CEO TJ Maloney Moves Lincolnshire Management Forward In The Private Equity Sector

TJ Maloney, though many may be unfamiliar with the private equity top-notch chief executive officer, is still leading the investing powerhouse that is Lincolnshire Management. Having been around since 1986, the firm founded by Wright and Kimble has experienced the largest portion of it growth in the years since 1993, as that is the year that the organization gained arguably in most important human asset, TJ Maloney. Whether Lincolnshire is dealing with acquisitions, restructuring or mergers, there is no doubt that the $1.7 billion that the firm has gained in capital from those activities would likely not be as high without Maloney doing his part to aid in the expansion of Lincolnshire Management throughout this interesting private equity investment sector.

While it is clear that Lincolnshire’s benefits as a result of Maloney’s leading power have been substantial, it is also necessary to take not of what TJ Maloney used to do before his 1993 entrance into the firm. He happens to have been an attorney whose securities law practice was well-received in New York, and his Fordham University law credentials clearly came in handy during that time. Also not stranger to things like MBA lecturing and even guest speaking, Maloney’s industry wisdom was strong when he came to Lincolnshire Management. The effects of TJ’s wisdom can be seen in how effectively he is able to satisfy the clients and investors of the Lincolnshire organization.

There has certainly been a boost in both capital and performance at Lincolnshire Management with the addition of TJ Maloney, and multiple publications that keep track of private equity’s trends have commented on this. 2010 and 2011 were both years during which Lincolnshire earned the public praises of such publications. CNN Money was one of these, and Private Equity News was the other. Hosting their private equity operations out of New York appears to be working out extraordinarily nicely for Lincolnshire Management as well as Mr. Maloney, and with a strong CEO heading an even stronger investing organization, further capital gains from private equity related acquisitions seem more or less inevitable as the team moves forward.

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Fortress Investment Group; The Trend makers And Pacesetter in Investment

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 as a private equity firm by Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. With financial expertise based on the previous job experience, the three founders grew the firm. In its five years in business, the firm had managed to raise its assets to about $3.9 billion.

The firm quickly expanded from real-estate to debt securities and hedge funds. By 2007, the firm had grown from a simple private equity firm into a multibillion investment group with a 40% growth in equity funds. In 2014, Kauffman stepped down and ventured in car racing with Michael Waltrip Racing, leaving Edens and Nardone running the business.

In 2002, the firm made two new additions to its team. Michael Novogratz joined as fund manager until 2015 when he left the company. Peter Briger came on board as a principal and brought many years of experience along with him. With the two additions and several acquisitions, the Fortress Investment Group continued growing and expanding its portfolio. Then in 2007, the company traded publicly: This made it the first hedge fund to go public in the United States history, which boosted their profile and earned them a prominent name. Learn more about Fortress Investment Group at Bloomberg.

A decade later in 2017, SoftBank Group Corporation purchased the firm, at $3.3 billion. Even with SoftBank as the parent organization, Fortress Investment Group has made remarkable achievements and has been able to venture into new markets. This also goes for the parent organization, which has experienced success from the high-tech platform of the acquired firm. The two organizations have empowered each other in the one year they have worked together, and the acquisition makes much sense.

Fortress Investment Group’s key areas of specialty include financial markets, corporate mergers and acquisitions, operations management, and investing in assets. The firm currently operates in buyouts, credit, and Capital Vehicles. Briger leads the Credit division while Eden and Nardone lead the Private Equity division. The remaining division, on the other hand, is managed by five different entities with a critical focus in specific areas such as real estate and transportation infrastructure.

Fortress Investment Group is a trend maker and pacesetter in the investment industry. Ranging from subsidiaries to acquisitions, mergers, and considerable revenues, the firm has a lot to show for its two decades in business. Source:

Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Offers Alternatives To Wood In Furniture

Based in San Francisco, CA, Ara Chackerian is a businessman who establishes technology companies that are focused on healthcare issues. He is on the board of several companies in the greater Bay Area. As a philanthropist, he has also led multiple community-based efforts to improve the lives of people in Northern California and beyond. These efforts include youth development and improving the environment. Limonapa Teak is an example of the latter. This is a teak farm in Nicaragua that is improving the environment instead of depleting it. It also employs many local villagers.

His latest company uses transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to help people with depression. Many people receive traditional therapy for this condition and it doesn’t work for them. He teamed up with Dr. Richard Bermudas, who has been treating patients with TMS since it was approved by the FDA in 2008. Having had trouble working as a clinician while also running a group practice, he teamed up with Ara Chackerian to have him handle the business side of TMS Health Solutions.

Ara Chackerian shares that people can do simple things to help save the environment. One of these is saving the forest. Great swaths of the world that used to be covered in forest are now barren, turning into farms and urban areas. One thing people can do to save forests is to find substitutes for wood in their furniture. A surprising number of trees are cut down to build furniture.

There are several options for alternative materials in furniture. Ara Chackerian shares that bamboo, while not a 100% environmentally friendly plant, is much better than wood in this regard and is also durable. Instead of using teak, an endangered tree, he says alternatives like Jatoba and FSC teak are just as strong and versatile. These alternatives also don’t contribute to deforestation.

A call to help people living with mental illnesses by Jeremy Goldstein

On May 21, Jeremy Goldstein hosted an event called “Mental Illness: You are not A Rhone” at Nomad Hotel Roof deck. The event took place from 6 to 10:00 p.m. tickets were sold at $5,000 and in return, receiving heavy meal and drinks. The main agenda of the event was to raise funds which would be used by Fountain House to help those people living with critical mental ailments to live normally.

Fountain House was established in 1944 by a group of people undergoing mental illnesses to help other patients who had the same problem. Although the establishment of the Foundation reduced cases of mental illnesses, the issue remains a big problem in the community until today. Stigmatization of the affected people is increasing every day. This is the main reason the Foundation has grown over the years. The Foundation has grown to a point they built a house they named Fountain House. It provides job opportunities and accommodation to people with a mental health condition.

The central mandate of the Foundation is to ensure that they have helped as many metal patients as they can to get treatment for their situation. They do this by providing housing services and providing a way to make ends meet for their families. Usually, the less fortunate, especially people living with serious illnesses, get left out in the community. The Foundation is trying to minimize this situation, helping the diagnosed patients to live positively, spread its operations in the city, and mental lending programs mainly in New York.

Recently, Fountain moved from concentrating with local cases to global health issues. In 2018, the Foundation held a conference that brought together over 300 mental health professionals from all over the world. They hosted the conference in partnership with the WHO, and this made it clear that the Foundation was ready to serve people globally. Persons with mental ailments are ordinary people only less fortunate, therefore once employed, they can settle to raise their families. Fountain works to ensure that these people have received the required skills and get to improve their confidence.

More information about Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein holds a degree in Law from NY University, School of Law. After his studies, he enrolled in a Law firm in New York City. As he was working, he noticed an opportunity; consultancy companies were terminating their partnerships with major companies, and he thought that Law firms could also do the same. This idea built the need to open his law firm; Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associate, LLC. The firm deals mainly with advisory services on matters related to compensation and corporate leadership issues.

The Lawyer has served top leaders in organizations, including CEOs and Managing Directors. Besides, he has been in significant acquisitions such as between Goodrich and United Technologies, Bank of America, Roebuck, and Co and Cingular Wireless and AT&T Wireless Service. Apart from his law pursuit, the attorney also writes and speaks to the public on matters such as collective dominion and administrative reimbursement.


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Felipe Montoro Jens Is A Brazilian Financial Expert Who Is Helping To Improve His Nation’s Infrastructure

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian businessman who cares about his country’s future. Brazil has many valuable resources and jungle ecosystems that are very unique, but these are in danger because of industrial progress in the nation. Jens is an infrastructure specialist who understands what it will take to make the necessary changes that Brazil needs. He has been working in the financial sector for most of his career and served as a director at Santo Antônio Energia. Visit his website to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens has been extremely focused on improving the environment in Brazil for many years. His support of various public works projects has earned him a reputation as being someone who can make a real difference. Large corporations and even governments have worked with Jens because of his talents and his ability to create new financial strategies that move ventures and situations forward. He earned his degree in administration while studying at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation. He also attended the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. After this, he got to work and has been making a name for himself ever since.

Felipe Montoro Jens has noticed that over-tourism is becoming a huge problem for Brazil. While the country is able to bring in a lot of money from its tourism industry, it is becoming a real problem for its wildlife and fragile ecosystems. His work to help improve the Santa Catarina area has helped a whole lot as the area was suffering from the strain of over-tourism. He worked with the government in the nation, which spent millions of dollars to improve the infrastructure in the region. Felipe Montoro Jens took part in the project by overseeing it to ensure that the government was doing what was necessary to prevent the same thing from happening in the future.