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Giving ongoing, non-stop feedback has been tested to extend overall performance and motivation, and any obstacle stopping it from happening solely stunts employee engagement and career growth and increases turnover and operational expenses. Inconsistent and infrequent comments causes fear; continuous and ongoing comments is the antidote. There are numerous ways for criticism to turn out badly.

A few administrators just spotlight on the positive and overlook the negative, supporting against conceivable kickback and trusting exorbitant consolation motivates their workers and mysteriously remedies territories where they fail to meet expectations.

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Different chiefs possibly center around the negative and neglect to recognize when workers work admirably. Also, a third arrangement of directors basically give nonpartisan input that is neither negative nor positive in tone and in this manner not supportive. Constructive feedback at the right time could help everyone to keep improving. Betterworks continuous performance management solutions could help overlook those negative reviews.

Betterworks help manage and maintain the continuous feedback performance moving up from what use to be just annual reviews. Betterworks understand that once a year reviews are not as effective as providing a team with timely feedback and recognition. Betterworks is intended to give you the hierarchical devices and significant information you have to make your organization increasingly beneficial, progressively productive and running easily.

With an establishment in Goal Science, Betterworks encourages you systemize your destinations stream, yet in addition monitors a wide scope of outstanding information focuses that can enable you to improve that stream later on. 

Angela Koch Develops a Culture of Success at US Money Reserve

Angela Koch has served as the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve for the past few years. Under her leadership, US Money Reserve has continued to be among the most successful companies in the financial sector.

While US Money Reserve offers a number of quality products, it also has a company culture and employee development programs that have made it into the very successful company that it is. Much of the credit for the culture and professional development of staff members goes to the top executive Angela Koch.

One of the things that Angela Koch has emphasized during her tenure as the chief executive officer of US Reserve is added responsibility for employees. At US Money Reserve, many of the employees in all of the departments are asked to do a number of different tasks on a daily basis.

This helps them develop more skills and allows them to become more versatile professionals. With added responsibility, the employees at the company have proven to make US Money Reserve improve its daily operations.

Another way in which Angela Koch has managed the professional development of the staff at US Money Reserve is to provide regular advancement of employees.

Koch has often promoted many employees to higher positions within a short period of time.

The promotions are intended to make employees enhance their leadership skills as well as make even more significant contributions to the company. With frequent advancement, employees of the company are also able to increase their confidence and motivation. This results in them performing at their very best as well.

Before joining US Money Reserve, Angela Koch spent time working multiple jobs. This required her to have multiple skills so that she can retain her employment. With this past experience, she would realize the value of added responsibility and having the ability to multi task. She would use this past experience to influence her emphasis on added responsibility for her employees. Koch would eventually join US Money Reserve and work at various positions before becoming the company’s top executive.

When running US Money Reserve, Angela Koch has put together a culture that has made the company successful. Koch looks to motivate her employees to focus on success.

To Angela, success is the main thing that everyone in the company must strive for. With this mentality, the employees and staff at US Money Reserve do everything they can to ensure that the company always reaches its goals.

US  Reserve is the top provider of precious metals in the United States. The company is based in Texas and distributes precious metals to investor customers all over the world. With US Money Reserve, consumers are able to purchase a series of gold and silver coins.

These coins are legitimate currency and therefore have a considerable amount of value. US Money Reserve also offers educational materials and support to help investor customers make investment decisions that benefit their financial situation.

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Sustainability, Customer Happiness And Innovation Pave The Way For Toyo Setal And Its Success in Industrial Enterprising

Brazil’s TSPI, also known by the Ts Participacoes Investimentos name, is certainly lucky to have Toyo Setal as its prized subsidiary. This subsidiary is perfet fr industrial enterprising, and its projects are both vast and versatile. They involve the EPC sphere, which is used to describe the industries of engineering and procurement, as well as commissioning and construction. Many industries and realms are familiar with Toyo Setal’s work, from chemistry to mining to oil to energy. Pioneering and innovating all the way to the top led the entity to earn at 2014’s prestigious AVEA World Summit an interesting award for the boundless progress that the group has found through engineering and innovation.

Foreign markets are, for Toyo Setal, of strong importance, but more localized clients are just as relevant to their operations. It takes some wisely selected solutions to make everything in Toyo Setal’s business plan work. This is true both for the investing related decisions as well as the constant rate of innovation. Toyo Setal’s EPC Portal has deservedly turned the heads of its industry. It creates a unified platform that represents an enterprise’s projects in many related areas and disciplines. This solved many previous issues that existed with regards to managing various enterprising information. Productivity, in turn, ascends, and rework, similarly, descends.

Toyo Setal’s business philosophies are relatively simple, but quite strongly adhered to. Much of this refers to their commitment to the pursuit of proper customer interaction, and that guarantee brings into Toyo Setal just as much value as it sends out to these industrial enterprise customers. In addition these things, Toyo Setal understands how priceless it can be to place a company’s focus both on the area of societal responsibility and on the sphere of sustainability. The communities in which Toyo Setal has successfully be able to operate are also the recipients of well-deserved support and resources. Their professionals swiftly deliver end to end solutions that feature many integrated services, and this is what helps to create both profitability and also industry sustainability for this Brazilian organization.

Gustavo Martinez is an Advertising Leader

Gustavo Martinez knows how to do advertising that creates results. He has been a part of the marketing and advertising industry for thirty-five years. He has worked as the President of the McCann World Group, Mather and Ogilvy. A position that he is best known for is being the Chief Executive Officer of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. They are one of the best advertising firms in the world. Recently Gustavo Martinez decided to pause his corporate journey to start his career in entrepreneurship.

Gustavo Martinez believes effective advertising has to be mixed with creativity for it to fully flourish. Consumers have to have the opportunity to connect with the story of the product. Being creative is an amazing way for people to connect in a better way. Gustavo Martinez thinks that being a consultant is a great way to move away from the nine to five mentalities. It is a way to have more freedom and allow the creativity of a person to fully happen. He thinks that truly creative people do not flourish in a typical work environment.

UV Business Acceleration and Gustavo Martinez have partnered to help businesses to get into profit mode. Unfortunately, many startups fail within their first three years. Gustavo Martinez wants to help them through consulting to have a better chance at survival.

People may think that since Gustavo Martinez stepped down from his CEO position that he is taking things easier but this could not be further from the truth. In fact, he is taking things up a notch because he wants to truly be successful in every business venture he has. He usually works twelve hours a day. He works with a team of people. He wants them to have some form of a diversity of thought and backgrounds. This way they can bring up things that he may have been unable to think of. It is always good to get a new perspective on things. Gustavo Martinez is truly an advertising leader who understands the importance of having a great time and being creative. He is someone that drives business owners to succeed.


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Isabel dos Santos Highlights Why Africa has the edge over Other Continents

Many people have a perception that Africa has no chance of succeeding in the current world dominated by China and the United States. However, experienced business experts, such as Isabel dos Santos, highlight that Africa has what it takes to succeed and dominate the world in future. Some essential aspects give Africa a cutting edge over other continents around the world. Isabel dos says that Africa is yet to exploit its natural resources in totality. This means that there is enough land that can be used for various purposes. There is plenty of land for agriculture and construction.

While other parts of the world, such as China, and the European countries are struggling with land scarcity, Africa has plenty of large tracks of land that have never been cultivated. Availability of minerals deposits in various countries in Africa means that the continent can almost produce all the precious metals needed in the world. Gold deposits in South Africa and diamond in Tanzania are some of the most precious metals that are in high demand in the world. Advanced natural resources studies show that oil deposits in the northern part of Africa can easily outweigh oil deposits in the Middle East. According to Isabel dos Santos, Africa has a large and growing population, which means that it has a ready market for all the goods produced.

The population of Africa has surpassed one billion, which is the third largest population after China and India. It is essential to highlight that the success of China is highly attributed to the large population. China can easily consume all the goods it produces. The consumer market in China has a high buying capacity. A young and educated population is another significant aspect that will give Africa an edge over other continents in the future. According to Isabel dos Santos, more than 70% of the African population is made of youthful individuals who are below 30 years. These are educated people who have high potential to innovate and come up with their strategic plans for the growth of the continent. More so, the youths are very beneficial in providing labor, which is lacking in other continents. Click here. Annual Anniversary Sale Exceeds Sales Expectations posted an article on its corporate blog page about its recent annual anniversary sale on June 18th. The sale was said to make over $29 billion. Jingdong is China’s largest retailer. The article mentions that has brought a large variety of new products to the marketplace that they are focusing on promoting. The retail giant wants to make sure that these new products are easy for Chinese consumers to find and allow those consumers to see the new brands that are brought to the marketplace on

The article discusses that Jingdong has been focusing on ways to help market manufacturers connect with Chinese consumers. They call this way of marketing Consumer-to-Manufacturer or (C2M). This strategic way of marketing can help brands find insights about what consumers are looking for in the marketplace. Consumer-to-Manufacturer marketing has helped to increase sales transactions by 289%. One of the brands that reaped the benefits of C2M marketing was the popular computer brand HP. The company’s Zhan 66 laptop had a 100% increase in sales. has been partnering with many top brands and many of them launched during this anniversary event. Prada Group, Miu Miu and Car Shoe are just a few of the brands that have recently launched stores on

The article goes on to mention that the company Farfetch also recently partnered with, which allowed all of JD’s consumers access to Farfetch’s huge network of brands. JD Plus, Jingdong’s premium membership program, allows consumers the opportunity to have exclusive privileges at luxury hotels throughout the world. During this year’s annual anniversary sale, there was over 2.8 million JD Plus memberships that were purchased. The anniversary sale had over 32 million inquiries, but that didn’t stop JD’s customer service robot from answering 90% of them. The anniversary sale exceeded marketing and sales expectations, while still improving consumer experience in the marketplace.

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American Addiction Centers: Addiction Will Be Understood

People with addiction are some of the most misunderstood people on the planet. People simply do not get them, and even worse, they do not try to get them. Instead, they just label them as a plain old addict and forget about them. They toss them to the side like yesterday’s newspaper.

They deserve better than that, and the AAC (American Addiction Centers) makes sure that every person that goes to one of their treatment centers knows that. They want them to know there is no stigma here, and no one is criticizing them. They are looking to better understand what is happening with them, so they can help them with this addiction in the best possible way.  Read more: American Addiction Centers | Rehabs and American Addiction Centers Reality Blackout Drunk Driving | Gazetteday

The word “understanding” is the perfect word to describe what goes on at the AAC. It’s why they conduct surveys on blackout drunk driving. They want to know what’s happening with someone that is causing them to do this.

The more knowledge they have on a topic, the better. It is why they surveyed 600 men and women to find what they were looking for and to get some real answers. They wanted to know the percentages and what people were thinking and feeling when they were doing what they were doing.

The thing that stood out was they knew about it after they were already home. They knew they were home in one piece and so was their car. When it came to the events leading up to that, they had no clue. It’s scary to think of the things they could have done while they were in that blackout drunk state of mind.

There is truly no telling what they were capable of as the side effects are very scary and range from hurting someone to doing drugs. It is why when someone has an addiction to alcohol, they need to get it straightened out right away because it is only going to intensify.

It starts with the person actually knowing they have a problem to begin with and wanting to do something about it. A lot of people don’t see it as a problem when looking at the survey results. This is after they have gotten DUIs. They have also ignored the ride-sharing apps that are out there for them if they decide to drink at an event.

Now that the AAC has all of this information at their disposal, they can figure out the best way to fix the individuals suffering from alcohol addiction and how to prevent it from getting worse. They have a great team that is working around the clock to find out the answers to each and every question that pops up.

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Aaron Lupuloff Works Towards Education Reform

With the popularity of standardized testing decreasing across the globe, many are acknowledging the need to find more efficient methods to evaluate students, including those with neurodiverse needs, such as ADHD and autism. Educators are taking steps towards providing students with supplemental education programs beyond simply “teaching to the test”. Students deserve education reform that will provide a well rounded curriculum, with programs that encourage curiosity and creativity. These programs need funding from organizations like Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation.

According to, Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Foundation aims to provide resources to maintain and improve Gwinnett County’s high quality education system. The foundation is managed by a board of individuals with diverse career backgrounds, including current presidents and CEOs of various companies. The Senior Executive Director, Aaron Lupuloff, joined the team in 2015, making him the newest managing member. The $455,748 raised by the foundation in 2018, serves as a testament to the board’s success. This money went towards scholarships, school programs, and developing educational opportunities for students.

Aaron Lupuloff served twenty years as senior managing director at Bear Stearns and JP Morgan. The value of his extensive financial management background was recognized by GCPS Foundation. David Seago, GCPS Foundation’s president stated, “Aaron’s energy and skill in the world of creation, investment, and financial management will help us ensure that the solid work of the foundation continues well into the future”. Aaron has demonstrated a long-standing dedication to education reform, having founded the Norcross High School Foundation back in 2001. In the spring of 2019, Aaron Lupuloff was awarded the Changing Communities and Lives 2019 community partner award. Today, he continues working to support education reform. If the 148,250 students and 140 schools supported by GCPS Foundation so far are any indication, then there is a bright future ahead for many. To know Aaron better you can visit his facebook  page.

Richard Liu Qiangdong – The Man Who is Building Jingdong for the Future

The e-commerce industry in China is growing at a pace faster than in any other country across the globe, and it has made it easier for e-commerce companies in China to branch out. One of the most prominent names in China in the e-retail landscape is, which was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong. The success of Richard Liu Qiangdong can be attributed to his keen eye for details and ability to look through the adversity to find opportunities.’s business journey is fascinating as it started off as a store in Beijing, selling only magneto-optical products and later diversified into selling other electronic products as well. It was easy to achieve such growth as the company failed massively when China suffered a health care crisis during the SARS epidemic.

The revenue of the physical retail business was dipping at a rapid pace, and it triggered the idea in the mind of Richard Liu to start selling online instead. It is the idea that worked wonders for him, and it is how began. The customers that Richard Liu Qiangdong has won the trust of over the years started buying at his online store and thanks to quality products, reasonable prices, and quick customer service, started to grow at an unprecedented rate in the e-commerce sector. Currently, Richard Liu Qiangdong is focused on taking the success of to other countries as well, and there are plans in place to start operations in countries in South Asia and Europe soon.

It is a step in the right direction as Richard Liu Qiangdong feels that it is a path of a natural progression that the company has to take in order to continue to provide investors with better return prospects and increase company’s foothold internationally. Richard Liu Qiangdong is enjoying success because he was able to determine what its customers are looking for early on and provide them with exactly that. He believes that people do not want to invest in counterfeit products, and thus, they have a strict policy and offers only legitimate brands on its platform. The products go through quality checks to ensure they are authentic.

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The Power of Global Presence with OSI Industries

Over the last century, the world has seen an unprecedented amount of change. The global powers have shifted around and reached a near deadlock scenario. Similarly, numerous famous individuals and companies have come and gone. However, the raise of a globalized world where information is shared and spread in a matter of hours has completely changed the game. OSI Industries is a classic example of a company operating on a 21st century scale. They have operations in several continents with an ever growing network of distribution lines. A recent Chronicle of the Week article describes a company that evolved over the last century.

OSI Industries presently has facilities in over 17 countries with 65 total locations. They employ well over 20,000 employees, and shine as a beacon of support in the 21st century. However, flipping back the calendar an entire century reveals a simple shop in Chicago. The year was 1909 and Otto Kolschowsky was simply taking advantage of the positive economic conditions. He watched his tiny shop gain local traction and expand. The daily operations were handed down to his children. The business was re-branded to Otto & Sons and the steady stream of success continued for years to come. It was not until the 1950s roared in that the economy began to shift in a major way.

There were countless new players on the scene, in addition to a strong raise in new technology to utilize. Ray Kroc was one of the great inventors of this era, and he saw great potential with Otto & Sons. The two parties forged a partnership that completely reshaped the landscape of fast food in the United States. It was these conditions that allowed OSI Industries to form its own identity. The turn of the century was marked by an increasingly global economy, and the various companies trying to control a piece. The last two decades have continued steady growth economical growth around the world. OSI Industries has increased their international and domestic presence in areas to stay competitive. An individual never knows when a new challenger might arrive on the scene.