David McDonald Is Enabling OSI Group To Deliver Food Products To Every Part Of The World

The OSI Group is a food processing company providing value-added food products and infrastructure solutions to the food industry. The privately held company was founded in 1909 and is based in Aurora, Illinois. The holding company has subsidiaries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. It operates facilities in more than sixty-five locations globally. David McDonald is the serving Chief Operating Officer and President of the group.

He attended Iowa State University and graduated in 1987. He has previously held various executive positions with the group such as Project Manager of OSI Industries. He serves as a Director of Marfrig Global Foods and the OSI subsidiary OSI International Foods, Australia. He has previously worked as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute and still serves on the board.

He continues to drive the group’s vision to become the global food provider of choice for leading foodservice and retail brands. According to David McDonald OSI Group, the group operates a global network but maintains local management teams. This enables the organization to achieve efficiency by using local solutions. It also helps the group to stay compliant with local laws as well as take advantage of local tastes and preferences.

Using a global infrastructure that is aligned with local solutions achieves the best result. The group supplies value-added meat products and has a significant presence in China. David McDonald reiterates that China continues to be a key market for the group. Expansions are underway to keep up with the growing markets. The company has a global expansion plan adding production facilities, processing plants, and storage capacity.

He explains that the growth drive runs in the group and is fueled by the Chairman, Sheldon Lavin. David McDonald reports that most of the growth is demand driven. This enables the group to partner with clients to develop innovative products that cater to the dynamic needs of consumers.

OSI Group is directly involved in the upstream and downstream supply partners. It collaborates with food equipment manufacturers to develop systems and technologies that improve food quality and safety. He reiterates the group monitors the production of agricultural inputs that they receive from suppliers.

Pushing for Change, The Avaaz Way

With so many problems in the world today, we need voices and advocates who pave the way for a better environment. Bringing awareness to issues such as human rights, animal rights, climate change and poverty can help promote change and insight others into action. Shedding light on these issues helps us better understand how they affect us and our environment. In 2007, a group of passionate individuals came together to form a tight network of dedicated activist and advocates. Avaaz, is a civic organization based in the United States, and stretching their arms nationwide. Focusing their efforts on the promotion of global activism and true democracy, both the team and leaders at Avaaz have completely dedicated their careers to change.

With campaigns and teams in over 30 countries, Avaaz strives to make a difference around the world. Their strategies included email campaigns, sit-ins, rallies and online videos and petitions, a with the common goal of raising awareness and promoting positive change within individual communities, and around the world. Aside from working to promote change in civil and human rights, Avaaz is heavily involved in world politics. With many feeling attacked of discriminated against during the recent election, the team at Avaaz saw an opportunity to help simplify the voter registration process for overseas voters, giving them an equal opportunity to have their voices

Raising awareness and promoting change is essential to the survival of our environment. With the help from organizations like Avaaz, we can truly see the benefits of working together to achieve a common goal.

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Omar Yunes Gets Recognition For His Innovation

Omar Yunes has bagged The Best Franchisee of the World Award. This award he has won for its first version for Mexico. Omar Yunes owns the franchise of Sushi Itto. He was chosen from eight other finalists.

Now Omar Yunes will represent the Mexican franchises during the world final that will be held in Florence, Italy on December 5.

This Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) refers to an international event. It recognizes the effort that has been put in by the franchisees of different types of franchises. The initial selection is carried out in each country. This refers to the national versions of the event. This way the best franchisees of the outstanding brands come together. Now, these are recognized for their work and effort along with the contribution that they have made to enrich their franchise brands.

This year, Mexico is going to get represented by OmarYunes. He is the franchisee of Sushi Itto. The aim of this competition is to reward the teamwork, as well as leadership in operating the franchise. The other aspects being considered include innovation as well as the implementing of improvement processes on a continuous basis. These would refer to the operation of the franchise. Next are the attitude as well as commitment and the identity of these franchises. The motivation of the franchise will become evident this way. The diffusion along with the promotion of the varying business concepts that are involved will also become clear.

In the first edition of the BFW version, there was a total of 34 franchisees summoned from different cities of Mexico. Eight finalists were chosen from here. Omar Yunes was declared the winner.

He rightfully claims that this award is not for him alone. It is recognition for the effort that has been put in by the employees working in the franchise. He also praises the franchise for allowing them innovation. This way the brand is going to move forward with renewed motivation. They would like to provide exemplary customer service and continue on this path of innovation and quality. Hence all are delighted with this achievement.

Jason Halpern – Always On The Move

Jason Halpern is a human dynamo in the Real Estate field. As a third generation entrepreneur, he has extraordinary perception when it comes to building and developing properties.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

However, he does not operate in the same vein in which most people in this particular arena do. While some of his New York colleagues were constructing huge urban properties, Jason concentrated on creating small boutiques buildings, avoiding financial distress. Although he is always interested in restoring and erecting structures, Mr. Halpern does not lose sight of respecting the surroundings of the area he is working on.

Aloft and Jason Halpern

Whether it is being capable to make a fast decision on obtaining a great spot or flying back and forth to take care of business, he is noted for not letting the grass grow under his feet. As though it is not enough he is established in New York and Florida, he now has his attention set working on a project in Europe.

With all his success, Jason feels that it is his duty to give back.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

He is in cooperation with an organization that provides clean water internationally; he has given monetary support to places such as Ethiopia and Nepal who are desperately in need of basic items. The Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center treat the worse accident cases, such as victims with extensive burns, people who require their appendages to be reattached, individuals demanding emergency heart surgery, etc.

Jason is fully committed to collaborating with this Level 1 Trauma Center/Hospital.

Jason’s Family

When he is not occupied in formulating a plan for a new project or funding a charity, you will find Mr. Jason Halpern enjoying a well deserved downtime.

This could include relaxing at home with his wife and son, taking in a New York Giants game or visiting a car-racing track.


John Holt Participates in Community Banking Forum

NexBank Capital Inc., President and CEO John Holt joined other industry experts at a recent panel discussion in New Orleans, Louisiana on Nov. 7, 2016.

The topic was “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.”

It was the Texas Banker’s Association’s 5th annual Strategic Opportunities and M & A Conference, a forum for banking and financial leaders to share thoughts and ideas about the future of community banking, and to come up with solutions for problems that face the industry.

At the forum, different experts exchange their perspectives through M&A activities as both panelists and participants, then explore how they can enact those changes as part of their business growth.

NexBank SSB specializes in commercial and institutional accounts and mortgage banking. With their 5.3 billion dollars in assets, they provide banking and financial services to institutional clients, large corporations, and middle-market companies. They also offer real estate and mortgage services for warehouses and corporate clients. Their executive management team has decades of industry experience and focuses on serving their clients with industry-leading financial services.

NexBank SSB is an FDIC member institution based out of Dallas, TX. John Holt has been the president and CEO of NexBank SSB since June 2011, and also serves as its chairman.

Equities First Holdings is an Efficient Company

Equities First Holdings is a worldwide financier and front runner in alternative funding resolutions. Equities First Holdings has relocated to the Melbourne area. With the relocation Equities First Holdings has become even more available to its clients and professional connections. With Equities First Holdings continuing to grow and expand the relocation will provide a more efficient space and accommodations. The relocation will allow the staff and clients the capability to continue to expand.

Equities First Holdings has three areas thus far in Australia. There is an office in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Some other locations that Equities First Holdings has branched into are Hong Kong, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Equities First Holdings provides clients with the capability of business growth and expansion, tactical investments, loans that are based on stocks, and successful opportunities. Since the loans provided by Equities First Holdings are unobstructed the capital can be used for numerous purposes.

Since the year 2002 Equities First Holdings has provided beneficial solutions. It has helped so many clients reach success. It has helped so many individuals be able to reach goals on both an individual and specialized level. Equities First Holdings has provided numerous transactions that have reached the value of more than $1.4 billion. This worldwide company has also been able to provide many individuals with a low and fixed rate when taking the action of obtaining a loan. Click here to know more.

Equities First Holdings specializes in maintaining efficiency as a lending service. It is efficient when working with companies and investors. It provides individuals with loans. Equities First Holdings specializes in evaluating the risk of the loan. Equities First Holdings specializes in loans connected to shares, bonds, and assets.

In conclusion, Equities First Holdings is an amazing, dedicated, and efficient company that helps an individual have success on various levels.


The start and development of the kabbalah centers

A few years ago, the practice of Kabbalah was regarded as a complicated doctrine that could only be understood by men who were more than 40 years of age. These teachings, which focus on the interconnection between the metaphysical and supernatural world, have their origin in the Judaic religions. While it is true that kabbalah teachings that have been adopted by many religions, the belief system in itself is not a religion to learn more: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25354-finding-deeper-connections-through-kabbalah-centre click hrer.

The origins and history of kabbalah

The traditions of the Jewish people are where Kabbalah originated from. The reality about the system of beliefs is that they are older than most of the modern day religions, thus, it is believed to be the blueprint from which most of the teachings of modern religion were developed from. The teachings are normally used by people trying to make sense of the Hebrew bible and other Rabbi based religions.

Very few people really understand and appreciate the essence the teachings of kabbalah. At the beginning, these misunderstandings were not there. The confusion came in when the religions of the world started twisting the teachings to suit their own doctrines. Then, to make matters worse, the teachings are now being made part of celebrity stunts such as tarot reading and Hollywood medium reality shows. This really dilutes the values of kabbalah and degrades it to some mere magic show, which it isn’t.

The misconception that Kabbalists being magicians has spread further than it should have. While to some extent the religion does border on the inexplicable magic that is the universe, there is much more that is mystical about the universe religion attempts to unravel what it can. Teachings such as the idea of the Rabbi who created a man from mud and breathed life into him are seen as magic.

Kabbalah centers

These institutions have been set up around the globe. They are in locations in Europe and LA. It is where people who wish to learn about religion convent and listen to the Rabbis. The aim of the Rabbis is to stop the misconceptions that are being attached to the teachings.

Arthur Becker and his Work at Madison Partners

Arthur Becker is a famous entrepreneur as well as investor and he has been able to succeed in both areas. He is currently the managing partner at Madison Partners LLC. The organization specializes in Bio-Tech innovations and real estate development. Becker was previously the CEO and chairman of Zinio LLC. Moreover, he was also the CEO of NavSite which is known for offering internet technology equipment. Later on Arthur Becker decided to become a private investor in real estate industry as well as technology.

He had a great experience in NaviSite and Zinio and as a result, he has so far been doing great at Madison Partners thanks to his great skills from the previous organizations. Since Arthur is also into Technology, he has become more interested in learning about it more thus being more knowledgeable. He has committed himself to creating new information in the Bio-Tech Industry. Becker and the company ensure that they keep offering better services to their clients as well as other firms. This outcome indicates how the company keeps being successful.

According to Huffington Post, Arthur has been working on his real estate property in New York, Suvillian which is almost complete. Other than that he is also building properties in Tribeca. Teamwork is his greatest suit when it comes to business thus he always encourages his members to focus on it. This objective has always created good success in a business.


Arthur Becker is focused on working himself in Biotech specifically on cancer therapy because he desires to assist patients who are ailing from cancer and its different types, he believes that the best therapy will be found for their treatment. Furthermore, he has always been close to his employees so that the company can reach greater heights. Other than the above, Arthur Becker helps upcoming entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.


He is a successful man in the fields that he majors in because of his skills. Arthur is a keen man when it comes to new trends in the market thus able to create aims to achieve them. The organization has reached where it has due to teamwork and hard work.


Click here: https://therealdeal.com/2016/08/30/tech-mogul-arthur-becker-gets-trio-of-townhouses-for-stake-in-soho-project/

Advocating for Rights

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

It’s obvious that when Thomas Jefferson wrote this quote, he intended to shed light and wisdom on one basic fact: That people are just humans; all deserving of the same opportunities, advancements, and experiences. However, there are still situations that occur every day to refute this truth. All things considered, there is a need for organizations that are created to advocate for the people’s rights. Read more: Jim | Twitter

One organization that has been a stronghold in fighting for Thomas Jefferson’s quote is, Human Rights First. Founded in the 1970’s, this organization is special and stands out from other. Why? Because the members are lawyers who have a mission to fight injustices across the world. When injustices occur, you need people who can not only support you, but who also understands the legal system.

Their mission is to protect and defend the dignity of everyone through respect for human rights and the rule of law. The situations they handle come from a variety of situations such as: filing charges against perpetrators for the Rwanda Genocide down to fighting for equal business rights for workers against corporations and companies. Human Rights First is only one of many organizations. Some groups have been founded through personal experience with violation of their rights.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was created in 2007 by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. They know all too well how it feels to be stripped of equality. How would you feel if you were snatched from your home and thrown in jail? No doubt, the answer would be angry, upset, and even scared, especially if you haven’t done anything wrong! Likewise, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey encountered similar emotions when they were unlawfully arrested on October 18, 2007 in Maricopa County.

So how can two men get arrested without committing a crime? By exposing the truth about local Sheriff Joe Arpaio in an article for the Phoenix New Times. Sheriff Arpaio held an infamous reputation for leading Anti-Mexican politics that exuded racial profiling and unconstitutional detention of Latinos. Newspaper and media personnel constantly wrote about his transgressions of inequality which included financial irregularities and office mismanagement.

As a result, Arpaio targeted all writers who took part in writing about him. Thankfully, all charges were dropped against Lacey and Larking. However, they decided to fight back by suing against abuse of power and violation of their First Amendment rights. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin use the settlement they won to support and aid other organizations designed to help with people’s rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

This world needs people who have a passion to help others and who have been discriminated against to come together. Imagine the rights, respect, and equality that can broaden across the nation, if more advocates would support and stand behind people and organizations. Fortunately, thousands of organizations both in the U.S and internationally use their voice and resources to ensure that equality in all areas is available to everyone!

The Success of Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is the third generation of the Eucatex family business. His grandfather founded the company in the early 50s. Since then, he’s played a huge role in the company’s progression into the modern world. Despite being born into a family legacy, Flavio spent the early years of his career carving out his own path.

Flavio Maluf holds numerous university degrees. He first graduated from FAAP in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he grew up. He spent some time working at the family business before traveling abroad. He earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from PUC, and a Business Management degree from New York University. He later used these industrial and trade area skills to lead Eucatex into the future.

After returning to Brazil, he rejoined the family business. He started working under his uncle, who he later succeeded as the company’s President. After becoming President, Flavio Maluf proved himself a tremendous resource.

He’s also renowned for giving advice to young entrepreneurs trying to enter the world of business. His main link to aspiring entrepreneurs is his advice blog. He offers advice on a range of different business topics, including succeeding in interviews, succeeding in the workplace, and climbing the corporate ladder.

Part of his success is changing the way people see his company. Over the years, he’s made Eucatex one of the most environmentally friendly companies in Brazil. Recently, he switched all of Eucatex’s offices over to solar power to conserve energy. He’s also opened more eco-friendly factories in other cities to create more jobs.

Eucatex has always been an eco-friendly company. When Flavio’s grandfather founded the company in 1951, they produced natural eucalyptus products. It quickly became the leading company in the industry that focused on conserving the environment. The company compensated for all the eucalyptus trees they used by planting more every year; thus, preserving the environment for the next generation.

Since then, Eucatex’s become an international company. It’s expanded its product range by adding more eco-conscious products like ceiling and wood fiber plates.