How Don Ressler took over the Online Fashion Business

Don Ressler is a revered business person who has gained recognition due to the successful enterprises that he has established. He has worked with Adam Goldberg to create leading brands such as Fabletics and TechStyle. The two have been business partners for a long time, and all the companies that they have founded have been highly successful. They currently serve as co-CEOs of TechStyle, which was formerly known as JustFab. JustFab was created as the first online store that offered membership to its clients. It grew at a fast rate and managed to gain about three million subscribers in the first year. The company has been making millions of dollars as revenue every year. JustFab specialized in the selling fashionable clothes for women. Fabletics and TechStyle have grown over the years to be among the top brands in the beauty and fashion industries.

Before Don Ressler and Goldenberg started working together, they both owned successful startup companies. They are well informed about what it took to establish a successful brand. The first business that Don created was known as He ran the enterprise for a short while then sold it to Intermix Media. Adam was the COO of Intermix Media during the time of the sale. The two entrepreneurs joined efforts and created a spinoff that was known as Alena Media on The company attained success and made huge profits for Intelligent Media. Its profitability, however, declined when Intermix was acquired by News Corporation.

The two entrepreneurs used their marketing and branding skills to establish Brand Ideas, which later became Intelligent Beauty. The firm majored in brand incubation, and it was highly successful. It then developed two subsidiaries that are known as SENSA and DERMSTORE. They are both profitable e-commerce enterprises. After a while, they used Intelligence Beauty to establish JustFab as a third party business. The success of the firm was evident by the end of its first year in business.

Adam and Don Ressler used to fund themselves in all their ventures before 2008 when Technology Crossover Ventures invested $43 million in their business. In 2011, JustFab secured $33 million from an investment firm that is known as Matrix Partners. Crossover Ventures, Rho Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and Matrix Partners offered JustFab $76 million in 2012. The company also received $40 million in 2013. Approximately $250 million has been invested in the development of JustFab. Fabletics was formed as a subsidiary of JustFab, and it is currently thriving.

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How EOS Found Success

When EOS designed their lip balm, they did so with intentions of exciting all five of the users’ senses. Their lip balms certainly do that, and it is a feeling that people love. EOS lip balms are appealing to the eye, thanks to the fun and trendy packaging. The lip balms are tasty, thanks to the eight-flavor selection available. And, without any toxic products, they’re safe to use. The lip balms soften and soothe the lips, and that is exactly what you want in a beauty product like this. All these things combined have helped EOS lip balm become a name that everyone loves to use. The lip balms created by the brand never seem to fail to meet expectations, and it doesn’t appear that is going to change any time soon. EOS is now the second-leading lip balm brand out there, beating out Chapstick for the lead.

EOS is now a multi-million-dollar company, just seven years after they began their small startup. The lip balm first appeared on the shelves at Walgreens stores, quickly making their way into the hands of magazine beauty editors, celebrities, and people just like you and I. Te lip balms made their rounds so quickly because they work so wonderfully. The lip balms certainly provided a needed change from what Chapstick had to offer. EOS has changed the way that women use lip balm, proving that a beauty brand can be fun and still be a success. Visit to learn more.

Eric Pulier: Modern Day Renaissance Man

Today, when most people hear that someone’s from New Jersey images of the overly tanned and overly manicured cast from Jersey Shore, comes to mind. No one person would assume that someone like Eric Pulier, with his net worth of multi-millions earned from software development, came out of the same Garden State as Snookie and J-Woww. However, Eric Pulier did have humble beginnings in the Garden State before becoming a modern day Renaissance man. Pulier, despite his fortune mainly being from software related ventures, is a man of many talents.


Author, inventor, philanthropist, parent, and entrepreneur encompasses all of who Eric Pulier is in his entirety. Pulier actually majored in English and American Literature at Harvard University. He wrote for the school’s newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, injecting each piece he wrote with wit and sapience. He has since published articles in Forbes and Mannings Publications. Pulier has invented many systems from cloud computing. His inventions and contributions to cloud computing development touches everywhere today as many software systems rely on cloud computing to store their data.Eric Pulier in addition to being generally impressive is also impressively generous. His main focus in his philanthropic endeavors is to use technology to help those suffer socioeconomically and handicapable children not only here in the United States but around the world as well. Earlier in his career, Pulier created an educational program to help those with Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, that aimed to teach those suffering from MS about their disease. It was one of the first multimedia learning program established. In 2010 he was honored for his contributions in bringing state-of-the-art technological solutions to healthcare efforts in Africa. He is still a board member for the Painted Turtle summer camp created for terminally ill children. More recently Pulier has been involved in the “Campaign for Free College Tuition” which aims to provide every US citizen college tuition free of charge. He certainly strives to change the world for the better and I’m sure the fact that he is a father of four only motivates him more. He candidly has described his days as of a dad as a tornado of mostly unplanned activities although he attempts to keep a schedule. To date, Eric Pulier has founded and cofounded 15 different companies. Most recently Pulier has founded vAtomic Systems which specializes digitalizing goods, services, discounts that can be traded for real, physical items, or simply stored on digital platforms.


Pulier has done and continues to do a lot to change and innovate our ever increasingly technological world.



Jose Henrique Borghi Adds Quality and Innovation to Brazilian Advertisement Industry

Jose Henrique Borghi, the founder and co-CEO of Mullen Lowe, is known for adding innovation and quality to Brazilian advertisement industry. By founding and transforming Mullen Lowe to a major advertisement agency in Brazil, Borghi achieved the mission of shaping Brazilian ad industry and a world-class advertisement agency from South America. He is credited with some highly impactful campaigns such as great repercussion similar to Mammals of Parmalat and other ads. Apart from actively taking part in the campaigns, Borghi tries to contribute his part in the total life cycle of the products as he believes that marketing has to be started from the product design stage.

Jose Henrique Borghi is instrumental in designing the advertisement strategies of the firm. He uses a number of creative professionals and psychologists to ensure impactful campaigns that are appreciated by clients and audience alike. Borghi is a strong proponent of bringing scientific practices such as limbic system – the study of emotions – to influence mass audience while creating the campaigns. Jose Borghi understands that only by fully knowing what people wanted, he can serve them with the highest satisfaction. He invests more time to learn human behavior and to understand their likes and dislikes. See also.

Jose Borghi completed his graduation in Advertising and Propaganda from PUC-Campinas and started his career with Standart Ogilvy in 1989. In the next few years, he worked with a number of ad agencies such as Talent, Léo Burnett, FCB, and DM9 / DDB. Borghi founded his ad firm, BorghiErh with the partner Erh Ray, and in the coming years, the company made significant growth, and by 2006, it was acquired by Lowe and renamed as Borghi Lowe. Recently, it merged with Mullen group, and the resultant agency named as Mullen Lowe. Borghi is known for providing consistent services with great client-value addition. He has received many accolades including 14 Cannes Lions Award, 10 The One Show Awards, 7 London Festival Awards, 11 New York Festival, and more.

Being Weird With Wengie


There are a few things that Wengie has tried that can prove the unique characteristics that you have. One of the things that you can do is put your hands togehter with the middle fingers over each other. Keep the hands closed tightly while trying to pull apart your ring fingers. It might feel like the fingers are paralyzed and that they can’t be moved at all. You can do the same thing on top of a table. Put one hand flat on the surface, folding down the middle finger. You can lift every finger but the ring finger. All of the tendons in the fingers are independent except for the ones in the middle and ring fingers.


Another unique thing that only few people can do is to lick their own elbow. If you can, it usually means that you have a shorter upper arm length or are hyper-flexible. This is one of the things that would make you very unique if you can achieve the task.


Adam Milstein: One of the World’s 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders in the World

Adam Milstein was named as one of the most 200 influential and philanthropic people in the world by a social media ranking system in coordination with a London-based publication Richtopia. He was ranked position 187 based on his Facebook and twitter accounts’ and influence in the philanthropic world.


The list is composed of several highly influential philanthropist people like Oprah Winfrey, Magic Johnson, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Arianna Huffington, J.K Rowling, Elton John and Ashton Kutcher. It also included business leaders who became philanthropists like Elon Musk, Eric Trump, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Melinda and Bill Gates. In addition, the list had politicians like Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama.


Adams acknowledged that his philanthropic work is one of the most gratifying and important part of his life. Therefore, he felt honored to be included among the leaders in the field. He expressed gratitude to his wife, Gila, the IAC and the numerous Jewish organizations who are their partners. In its operations, the Milstein Family Foundation embraces the following principles of philanthropy philosophy as follows;

  • Active Philanthropy– it involves Adam Milstein, his entire family and their staff investing not only money but also significant time and expertise in all programs, projects and organizations they support.
  • Life Path Impact- He develops organizations and seeks funds to involve the companies target audience through different phases in life. The foundation accomplishes this by making programs for children, adolescents, and all phases of adulthood. This helps to create a connection with clients from all age groups and can grow with their customers.
  • Philanthropic Synergy- Adam funds and guides charitable organizations to increase their impact.


Adam Milstein


Adam Milstein, chairman of the board of Israel American Council (IAC), is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He offers philanthropic and charitable services to organizations, which help to strengthen the state of Israel and the relationship between U.S and Israel. Adam’s helpful services include consulting, fundraising to support education, pro-Israel advocacy and partnership development.

Adam sits on the Board of several organizations including Hasbara Fellowship, AISH Los Angeles, the Israel on Campus Coalition, AIPAC National Council, StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel. He is the co-founder of the organization Sifriyat Pijama B’America, which offers free monthly books in Hebrew.


Highland Capital, The Market Leader In Financial Services

Do you want to manage your wealth effectively? Do you want your money to create even more wealth? Well, then you are in need of services of an investment company. Investment and wealth management companies offer services such as wealth management, alternative investments in emerging markets and natural resources, credit hedge funds and access to equity.


Highland Capital Management is an example of an investment firm of repute. The company and its affiliates boast over $17.7 billion of assets under its management. The firm has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and a global presence in the city of NewYork, Singapore, Sao Paulo Brazil, and also Seoul, South Korea. The company has grown to become one of the best investment firms internationally.


Highland Capital Investment has a broad range of financial service, ranging from credit and debt-based securities to alternative investment solutions. Its client base includes institutions, foundations, funds of funds, governments, financial institutions and the high-net-worth individuals.


The firm started as financial protection company offering life insurance policies in the year 1990. Its founders, financial experts Mark Okada and James Dondero had a dream of creating a global brand in financial services that could create value for its customers. Three years after the company was founded, it became an acclaimed financial protection company. On the dawn of the year 1993, the company began its quest in expanding to become a one-stop shop for all matters, financial services.


In the year 1996, Highland Capital Management was distinguished as the premiere organization to provide collateral loan obligations apart from banks. Through time, the company has diversified its product portfolio with more interest in the hedge funds and private equity securities. Currently, the company stands as a tier-one financial services company. The company keeps innovating strategies that ensure its clients gain value on their investment.



With USHEALTH Group, Clients do not have to Strain Hard to Take Caution for Medical Care

The USHEALTH Group, formerly known by the name Ascent Assurance, is a U.S.-based insurance heavyweight. This insurance giant became operational over 30 years ago. The corporation provides insurance plans like Illness and Accident, Dental coverage, Short-term Accident Disability, Disability Income, Vision, and other Specified Diseases within the U.S. Through its internationally known subsidiaries; US Health Group has rendered top-notch insurance services to more than 15 million clients. The insurance powerhouse operates from Monday to Friday: 7 am to 5 pm Central time.


US Health Group has strategically positioned its main offices at Fort Worth, Texas. This strategic location places the company around the mid-southern section of United States, making it more centralized. Therefore, US Health reduces the travel burden for individuals seeking to travel from the far end states, such as Oregon, Maine, Florida, and California.

USHEALTH Group family insurance

US Health provides Individual and Family Insurance covers. Health insurance is indisputably the most important insurance plan, even though millions of people live without it. With Family Insurance, the policyholder can avoid debt. This coverage takes care of all the hospital bills in case the insured or his or her family member is hospitalized.

Why is USHEALTH Group Incomparable?

Like other major companies, US Health has taken an effort of connecting to over 10,000 of its employees and agents on LinkedIn. This means that it networks effectively with prospective clients, organizations, and business partners. The company allows its customers to leave reviews or comments on their experiences after interacting with US Health’s representatives or receiving services. This tactic has enabled US Health Group to build its reputation. Potential clients can make informed decisions since they get to see what others think of the services rendered. Affordability of their services is yet another factor that makes it easy to sign up for the Group Family Insurance plan. They consider income generated by different individuals and create a plan that best fits them. Click here to know more.


US Health has enjoyed outstanding reviews and compliments from its longstanding clients for its commitment to its goals and customer services. Many Clients within the U.S. claim that the company gave them hope in their time of need.

Jason Hope Believes The Internet Of Things Can Improve Our Lives

Jason Hope is a business consultant who founded Jason Hope Business Consulting. He is a graduate of Arizona State University. He completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies in business there. Hope has both a bachelor in finance and a master in business from ASU.

A self described futurist, Jason Hope believes the technology such as the internet of things can change our lives for the better.

The internet of things according to Jason Hope can make improvements in both the public and private sphere. In the public sphere, Jason Hope describes the improvements that can be made to public transportation, EMT response time and public street lamps. Using real time information through the internet of things, buses, trains, metro cars and light rail can find out how to avoid traffic and closed roads. The result can be a faster and more efficient public transit system.

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Paramedics can also use the internet of things to quickly determine what the best way is to reach a patient and where he is located. The same can be used for police officers and work crews that are responding to downed power lines or broken sewer lines. Smart technology can connect us and make it that much easier to diagnose and locate problems. This is one of the biggest touted benefits of the IoT says Jason Hope.

Privately, the IoT can give us greater convenience. Already we are streaming movies and shows on smart TVs by using the internet of things. In the future, Jason Hope predicts a smart refrigerator, oven and even a smart home that can be controlled through a device such as a smartphone or computer.

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