Securus Technologies Arms Police With Targeted Information

One of the most important things to do when investigating a crime is to gather information. Investigators must work backwards by putting the pieces of criminal activities together. They must get the entire picture before they go and arrest somebody. After all, many crimes may point to an innocent person as the perpetrator until all the information is out on the table. Having as much information as possible prevents innocent people from getting arrested and increases conviction rates.


Securus Technologies helps police officers gather as much information as possible. You might not think the telephone company can do much for police officers, but you would be wrong. This particular telephone company is responsible for providing prisoners with their telephone services. Any time someone incarcerated inside of a prison that Securus Technologies services makes a phone call, that digital information is transmitted through Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies makes sure to record all of this information.


Every day prisoners make more phone calls. Every day this massive mountain of digital information grows. This can make it very difficult for law enforcement to get the information that they need. But Securus Technologies has already thought of that.


Proprietary software gives police officers the ability to dive inside that mountain of digital information with the utmost precision. The software is capable of identifying one voice within that mountain of digital information. The software then pulls up all of that information for police officers to review. As you can imagine, it arms law enforcement with a ton of information regarding anything spoken over the phone inside of a prison.


Most of the time this information is used to prevent crimes taking place inside of the prison. This can range from contraband to plan violent attacks. In the end, it allows law enforcement officers to get as much information as possible.


EOS Lip Balms are an Organic and Innovative Balm is Overtaking the Industry

There is a new sensation in lip balms that has present a challenge to the original brands of Blistex and Chapstick. These two balms have lead the industry for over a half a century, but a decade ago, Mahre and Teller, two successful entrepreneurs, founded the Evolution of Smooth or EOS for short. They imagined a new, fresh organic lip balm in 14 natural flavors that would be fun and exciting for females to wear.

This lip balm would not be boring but would be enticing to all of the five senses while keeping lips smooth and sensual. They planned to package this balm in a circular pastel-colored container to match the flavor. EOS would be fresh and appealing to all the senses, and the founders planned to retail it for $3, which would be totally market-friendly.

EOS lip balm has a new outlook on how a corporation should be run, and they have made their company an open book in order to communicate better with customers. They have turned their attention to Facebook active millennial females aged 25-35 who appreciate all of the unique features that makes up EOS. Seven years ago, EOS began showing up in Walgreens, Walmart, and Target, and on full-page ads in magazines like Allure and Cosmo.

On the fast-paced track, EOS quickly became worth $240 million worldwide in 2015 and was second in lip balms only to Burt’s Bees. Hollywood celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian and more were now fans with their own flavor. Females from all areas of life have discovered the multi-colored orbs of smooth lip balms in flavors like honey and grapefruit.

Mehre now prefers associating EOS balms to an emotional connection with the customer, so EOS is not just another product. “The lip balm that makes you smile” seems to fit well.


How You Can Shine Your Light in the Darkest of Hours “

It is cathartic. You cannot get to one place without going through another”

It is this way of thinking that will transform many of us into better people. Becoming a better version of a current self is part of the process. It is part of becoming closer to the light. Some choose to accept this fate, while others do not.

Some of us only choose to recognize the light when it is working in our favor. This is one of many lessons the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles tries to teach its students. When something is going well we take ownership of this.

“I did this. This is all because of me.”

When something bad happens, we become divorced from it. We do not accept ownership of these situations. We only view it as “why is this happening to me”.

Both parts have everything to do with our ego and selfish nature. We want to accept the good things and never the bad. Kabbalah teaches us that the bad serves a purpose too. It is there to remind us to make changes in our lives. It is there to inform us that something has gone wrong.

We can shine our lights during the bad times. Take ownership of something bad we have done. Take the steps to fix the problem. Let go of our ego. Destroy it. This is part of our inner light.

Our ego is preventing our bright inner light from doing its job. We can take steps every day to destroy our ego. It is only then that the light can break through. This inner light will be our beacon of hope during our darkest of hours.

This is just one of the many teachings you will hear from a rabbi at the center in Los Angeles. You can find out more about the center and what it has to offer by clicking here.

To disconnect from our ego means we connect more towards the light.

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Susan McGalla on Balancing Work and Family.

Any mother who has juggled working and raising children, needs to read this article. It will definitely help you get organized and reduce your stress level. The author, Susan McGalla is a working mother of 2 children. Susan has successfully worked in corporate retail and management for 15 years. Her parents instilled in her, to work hard every day and to have confidence. Susan has shared the fruits of her personal experience, juggling her career and a family. In perfecting this juggling act, Susan has written this great article.

The article basically breaks down her eleven tips and Susan shows us how to implement them into our daily lives.

The first tip says, making downtime a priority. This is to be done, weekly and needs to be scheduled. The “downtime” means periods where you do activities that are relaxing.

The second tip says, say goodbye to draining activities. This would be any activity that in doing it, is not productive. That may be idle gossiping or playing games on the computer. You have to stay productive with your time.

The third tip says, seek occasional serenity and tranquility. As a busy mother, this means doing something for yourself. Something that is relaxing for you. Taking a hot bubble bath or being in a peaceful environment. For related post  See

The fourth tip says, prioritize physical activity. This means to schedule time to exercise. Even if you are feeling tired, this activity will help you feel better. Exercise builds stamina and energy.

The fifth tip says, take review of your little tasks. Sit down and list all the little tasks that you do. Going to the post office weekly may be done once a month. Basically, be conscious of your time and eliminate unnecessary activities.

The sixth tip says, abandon ideas of perfectionism. Realizing on a daily basis that you are not perfect. Many moms stress over not doing everything perfectly. No one is perfect, just do your best..

The seventh tip says, temporarily forsake technology. Every day, we answer emails, text through technology (cell phone, computer). We are to take time out daily and forsake these activities.

The eighth tip says, meditate regularly. This means on a daily basis, take time out to meditate. This means focus on relaxing thoughts and not worrying.

The ninth tip says, assess your lifestyle. List what you do every day. Are these activities necessary every day? Are they productive? Assessing what you do, helps you stay productive.  Additional tips on

The tenth tip says, forget guilt. Motherhood and guilt go together. Susan says for you to forget guilty feelings and let them go. Letting go will definitely reduce your stress.

The last tip says, steer clear of chaotic mornings. Try to do some activities, the night before (ironing, pack lunches). A peaceful morning is the way to start your day.   Also see

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Class Dojo | Innovative App that Boosts Ground-Up Change in Schools

Class Dojo is a mobile based communication platform that helps both students, teachers, and parents to connect. Through the app, teachers can create a positive culture within the classroom and school at large by encouraging certain student behaviors. The app which was launched in August 2011 picked up fast. After one year, it had been embraced in over sixty countries with over 3.5 million teachers and students using it.


Class Dojo Approach


Through frequent communication of teachers and parents to the students, they positively influence the student behavior. A classroom culture is created through encouraging the students’ positive behaviors instead of reprimanding the negative.


The app has a system, Dojo Point, which connects a messaging platform between teachers and parents. The systems strengthen lines of communication between educators and parents. The app is accessible via smartphones, tablets, computers and even more interactive platforms such as projectors and whiteboards.


Class Dojo for Students


Since class dojo enables sharing of photos, students can easily share the activities they involve in daily with their parents. By working together, the ground up change effectively takes places. Students are transformed for the best since they can share their sentiments freely with their teachers and parents via class dojo app.  Source:


Facts about Class Dojo


Since its inception, the app is used in over 90 per cent of the K-8 schools in the US; that means that 2 in 3 school uses the class dojo. Additionally, it is used in over 180 countries globally. The app has played a huge role in helping kids aged 5-14 to learn about growth mindset and empathy.  Visit


20 percent of class dojo team has a background in teaching, and it is interpreted in over 35 languages. It has also won several awards including most innovative app, 30 under 30, best education start-up, and next wave leaders under 35.

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