Innovacare Health Records Massive Growth With The Help Of Rick Shinto

Leading a company that is not established yet until it grows to become a stable entity is a process that takes time and resources. Many professionals in diverse industries find it challenging especially to overcome the fast growth and changes that happen.

In a case of technology, those who do not prepare well or embrace up to date practices are easily phased out. Competition in a world where there is sophisticated technology may seem one of the most difficult things to circumvent, but with the right measures, it becomes easy to handle the pressure.

Manta revealed to that InnovaCare Health is an example of a company that grew from a basic position to become a leader in healthcare services provision across Peurto Rico. Initially, the company served a small region and was not as equipped to handle the many challenges that come with working in a complex and competitive environment.

With these few resources and capabilities, it proved difficult to beat leading managed healthcare services providers. However, in 2010 the leadership team of the company was upgraded with new professionals, who brought the needed support to elevate the performance of InnovaCare Health.

Rick Shinto

Among leaders who supported the development of InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto is one of the most important professionals in the company since he came in with new ideas and methods of dealing with problems.

According to Smart Brief, Rick Shinto was appointed to head the company in 2012 and his tenure since then has comprised of offering new ideas that led to an upgrade to the services system. He worked with NAMM California and was the CEO at Aveta Inc before InnovaCare Health picked him to lead the company.

Penelope Kokkinides

With support from Penelope Kokkinides, Rick Shinto has implemented new measures that have seen InnovaCare Health perform better. Penelope Kokkinides was appojted to serve as the company’s chief administrative officer in the same period Rick Shinto joined InnovaCare Helth.

She has been strategizing and drafting measures of control that are today working to offer customers better access to vital services and healthcare plans.

More about InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health was founded on the need to offer high quality services and plans to the people of Puerto Rico. The company has seen changes over the past five years that have allowed it to rank among the most established providers of managed healthcare services in the country.

According to Business Wire, InnovaCare Health works with leading professionals to build a stable healthcare system that has proved beneficial to different categories of users.

Talk Fusion Receives Major Award

An article published in August, 2016, discussed how Talk Fusion received an award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The award was the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year.


The award honors products and services that are exceptional and that were brought to the market within the last twelve months. The products and services facilitates video communications, voice and data.


The CEO of TMC is Rich Tehrani, who said the companies that received the award were true leaders in their respective industries. He described those who were honored as representing the best products and solutions out there.


Bob Reina is the CEO and the founder of Talk Fusion. After receiving the award, he said it was just the beginning and that Talk Fusion has big plans for the future. He said that his company and employees are all about staying ahead of the curve.


Ryan Page, the Chief Technical Officer at Talk Fusion, said the achievement is confirmation of the company’s bigger goal. He continued to say this just shows how innovative his company’s team is and how important it is to create a great application.


Background Info About Talk Fusion

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007, and since then it has gone on to become the first all-in-one video marketing solution. The platform offers various features, such as allowing users to create video newsletters, video emails, live meetings and much more. The products offered by the company are marketed via independent associates located in over 140 countries.


Those who want to learn more about Talk Fusion and its products can visit the company’s website.


EOS Lip Balm is a Hot Item among Young and Chic Consumers!

Have you ever wished for a lip balm that is fashionable, effective, and great looking all at the same time? Do you wish for a lip balm that comes in most of the colors that you care about and not just the ones that the company cares about? Well look no further in your search for lip balm paradise than the EOS lip balm brand and its hot new lip balms currently circulating on the market.

This company uniquely branded name which stands for “Evolution of Smooth” has its lip balm is stores ranging from Target, Walgreens, Ulta and Walmart to name a few. The company is the second best selling lip balm and its empire has grown to over 250 million is sales to date.

So how did EOS rise up the ranks of a lip balm industry that was dying due to lack of innovation and creativity? Well for starters they did research on a few trends in their industry, after all if you are going to be a disrupter in your chosen industry you have to understand what has already happened and listen to the voice of your customers. They focused specifically on the needs of woman and made the lip balm stand out by making the product smooth sphere made with its soft packaging and exotic flavors.

But the brand really took off when they focused on the younger and chic generation known as the millennials. EOS lip balm actively marketed this group on social media and they have more than 7 million followers on Facebook. EOS entire production facility is automated so that it now can keep up with the big players in the space of the lip balm business. The company still hopes to innovate everyday with its products and so far that is part of its recipe for success in the future.

Check out more about this company by following this link:

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Features That Make Panama Stand Out As A Beautiful Nation

Panama is a blessed nation. It connects the Central and South America continents. Panama has some of the pristine beaches in the globe, a tropical climate and many interesting features on The country boasts of the Panama Canal, which was built for 17 years. The canal is one of the country’s revenue generators considering that over 14,000 ships use the waterway from the Atlantic to the Pacific. If it did not exist, ships would have to sail around South America’s southern trip in order to cross from Atlantic to the Pacific. Panama is a safe haven for diverse species of birds, thus ranking among the leading 25 countries in the planet. This small country has more than 970 species of birds. Among the popular tourist destination on is the town of El Valle de Anton. It was built closer to a crater of volcano, which was six kilometers wide. The volcano has since become inactive because the last eruption was reported about 300,000 years ago. Given that it is at an elevated position, El Valle has a cooler atmosphere compared to the Panamanian lowlands. See:

For international visitors, Panama is the best place to be because its official currency is the American dollar. This medium of exchange makes it easy for tourists to transact, thus showing the close economic ties between the U.S. and Panama. In Central America, the country has the least population of close to 3.6 million people. A huge percentage of the country’s residents are Europeans and Native Americans. The capital city is located close to a forest, which makes it unique from other capital cities in the world. It offers visitors a chance to experience the unique natural landscape of Panama in addition to the vibrant cosmopolitan culture of the city according to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Panama has the most expensive railway whose total budget stood at $8 million. Over 12,000 workers died due to cholera, yellow fever and malaria. At Volcano Baru, visitors can see the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea since it is the highest point in Panama, 3,473 meters above the sea level.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is highly revered within the business community of Panama. His contribution has augmented business growth. In addition, he has been mentoring young leaders. Mr. Figueroa is a native of Venezuela. Currently, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa holds three different positions in five Panama-based companies. He is a director, president and treasurer, functions that he undertakes with diligence, honesty and commitment.

A Life Saving Journey Provided by

When a life or death situation presented itself, Pastor Hosea Collins decided to take action. When his wife was told she needed a kidney transplant, Pastor Collins immediately volunteered his kidney. He was told that due to his weight, he was not a good candidate. That news set him on a seven-month journey to lose weight to hopefully save his wife’s life.


When Pastor Collins began his journey, he weighed 352 pounds. He turned to and their full body cleanse. The full body cleanse is a 20-day program that will get rid of between 10 and 30 pounds. This system works by enhancing the immune system and helps the body to perform at its top level. This is an herbal based cleanse and is completely safe. All of the toxins in the body are flushed out and the result is a body that is healthier than ever.


Pastor Collins did five rounds of the full body cleanse and was able to get down to 222 pounds. He paid close attention to what he was eating, he exercised regularly, and he followed the cleanse program as it was to be followed. Once he hit this weight, he was able to enter the kidney program. He needs to undergo some tests to see if he is a match to his wife but he did the necessary work to make it happen.


After completing his journey, Pastor Collins and the CEO A.D. Dolphin appeared on the Steve Harvey show to talk about his journey. Pastor Collins says he is going to continue on with his weight loss and hopes to get to 200 pounds. His hope is that he can donate his kidney to his wife but if he is not a match, he will still donate to someone who needs one.

Social Media and Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Reviews are constantly keeping an eye out for what people are saying about your business or service. It means being in the loop about people’s thoughts and opinions as they form them. In this day and age, people are very vocal. They will talk about a business whether they love or hate it. Unfortunately, people tend to pay more attention to the bad than the good. Therefore, it’s key to constantly be keeping an eye on any mention of your business across the internet.

According to Entrepreneur, the key to online reputation management is constantly checking social media. Social media has now become the place that people go to when they want to vent or rave about something. It’s so important to be always scanning social media for posts and mentions of the name of your business. This way damage control can be done if it’s negative. A business or service should always respond to what customers are saying. If someone gives a compliment on Facebook or Twitter then a business should hit the like button. If someone has something negative to say, a business should respond accordingly. This shows people that a business cares. Ignoring it is the worst choice a business can make.

There are an increasing amount of social media sites and therefore it’s key to always be on top of the latest ones. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the big three. They contain search bars so that makes it easy to search for what’s being said about your business. According to Entrepreneur, there are a couple of different tools that a business can use that helps to alert them when someone mentions their service. This is an easy way to stay on top of managing their reputation.

Overall, social media actually makes online reputation management easier. This is because everything is written out in the open. It’s not like word of mouth where things were harder to track down because there was no digital footprint. Social media also gives businesses a chance to make it right if there happens to be an angry customer.


How Has Technologist Eric Pulier Changed The Game

Technology is one of the most popular and profitable industries in the world with well over a billion dollars in profits. Did you know that many of today’s technological features are used for convenience rather than used to solve problems. That’s right! Smart Phones, Computers, HDTV’s and many more devices are made from the best technological components. Many of the technological devices or products that helps society in-general never seems to get reported on. These products can solve problems in just about any field of work, but still they seem to be overshadowed by the norm. Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? Did you know that e has made a huge contribution to society (via) innovative technology?

Eric Pulier is in a class by himself when it comes to getting thing achieved. His brain is his weapon of choice and he uses it to the best of his abilities. Pulier has always had a love for technology since a young age. In high school he started his own computer database company, but in the fourth grade he programmed his very first computer. The foundation was laid early on in life, but who knew this Teaneck, New Jersey native would take things to this level. People Doing Things was one of Pulier’s companies that used advanced technology to directly solve issues in education and healthcare. He also used innovation by creating a live feed of the space shuttle. This live feed allowed astronauts to have interactions with earth in real-time. This was far ahead of it’s time and it gave Pulier critically acclaimed notoriety. Just a few of his accomplishments is much more than 95% of what the people in the world has accomplished. Philanthropy was always a part of his character as he’s donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable organizations. 2010’s “U.S. Doctors For Africa” named Pulier as the top billed honoree for bringing much needed technological to underprivileged communities in Africa.

Eric Pulier is an American Icon either way you look at it. He might not be as popular has your favorite artist, but he’s done much more for society than any entertainer today.