The Strong Survive: Handy Thrives

When it comes to owning a business, many people have tried and failed to make their dreams come true. One company, Handy, a cleaning company that is taking the industry by storm, has proven that those who are strong and think smart in the world of business can not only thrive, they can totally knock profits out of the park. facing financial struggles and an uncertain future in 2015, knew that it was in trouble. This was when the founders, Hanrahan and Dua, knew they needed to take action and think outside the box. With at-home cleaning services growing more and more popular in New York homes, they knew there was a market for their service, they just had to get it out there so they could attract more clients. Like many companies, their growth was fast and demanding, which led to a series of customer complaints and negative feedback. To respond to the backlash, the company hired on additional hourly staff as well as implemented new categories into their niche, such as furniture delivery and assembly.

Handy co-founders have found the fine balance required to make their hugely successful home cleaning company work. As friends that go back to their Harvard days, Hanrahan and Dua work together to ensure the future success of their company by being willing to change with the times.


Sweetgreen, an Unexpected Business Success Story

Most business advisors and finance experts would never predict that a restaurant that served only salads would ever survive in the nation’s top business markets like Washington DC and New York City. However, the Sweetgreen franchise has successfully proved them wrong several times over. Not only has the business survived, it has enjoyed immeasurable success amidst steep, (and cheap) competition.


Everyone knows that the restaurant business is extremely competitive. Experts warn entrepreneurs not to open restaurants every day, including proven successful models like barbecue and pizza joints. We can only guess the type of criticism Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen’s other founders met with in the beginning. However, they had many positive voices in their ears as well.


When the founders came up with the concept, they were college students studying at the prestigious George Washington University. Because of this, their business became sort of a class project in a way. They had the support of expert teachers and family members who were also successful entrepreneurs.


Fortunately, they didn’t have to convince too many investors that their business model would work because they had the financial support of friends and family as well. Nowadays, they are likely turning down investor dollars as their business continues to flourish.


Many experts contend that this is truly an amazing feat since the brand rarely advertises in any common way. For the most part, customers find out about their unique salads via word of mouth recommendations. However, every business owner knows that word of mouth advertising is the most effective form of advertising when you can get it.


Because of the exciting menu options that vary with each location, the popular media is starting to take notice of the little restaurant gem and spreading the word about them to an even wider variety of fans. Celebrity chefs, musicians and other personalities have cultivated salads for the brand and the Sweetgreen, Sweetlife Festival is an exciting pop culture destination for everyone.


The Secret of the Sweetgreen Success Story


One of the reasons that people love the Sweetgreen brand so much is that the food really surprises them. The salads aren’t light and unsubstantial and the customers don’t feel hungry 2 hours later. Customers also don’t feel guilty that they’ve eaten a bunch of garbage they have no hope of burning off sitting on their bottoms, driving home during the evening commute.


Markus Rothkranz on “Why You Should Use Enemas Regularly”

When you do an enema, make sure to resist the urge to use the restroom for as long as possible. If possible, get physically active to help loosen up the contaminants in your digestive system. When you absolutely cannot avoid going to the restroom, make sure to stay there for about 15 minutes. Your digestive system works in waves, so the water from the enema is going to come out in waves as well. After about thirty minutes, you will feel a lot better, this is because your body is not as full of toxins as it was before.

If this was your first enema, you won’t feel as cleaned out as people who have been doing it for a long time, but you cannot get rid of years of toxic build up in one cleansing.

Years Worth of Toxic Build Up
Just like any other part of your body, your intestines and colon are not completely smooth. This means that it can trap in toxins and waste in astronomical amounts over time. This build up can make you feel sluggish, weak, lethargic, and bogged down.

By ridding your body of this build up, your digestive system can function properly and it will be able to absorb the nutrients your body is seeking from the food you eat. You will also feel more energetic since you do not have unnecessary waste sitting around in your digestive system, weighing you down.

Enemas Increase Heath Quality
It doesn’t matter how you look at it, having built up toxins in your system can cause a serious impact on your health. Over time, you can develop colon cancer, or other types of cancer. Your digestive system is no longer able to pull the nutrients you need from your food, and you begin to fell rundown.

Would you believe it if you were told that the biggest reason you feel lethargic today is because of the dinner you ate last month? For many people, this is a huge possibility, and for others, it is a probability. Using enemas, you can increase your energy, digestion, and overall life energy.

Healthy Food Can Taste Good As Well

Just because people are eating healthy does not mean that they have to sacrifice great taste. As a matter of fact, this was what Nathaniel Ru has been trying to prove with Sweetgreen. However, this is one of the myths of healthy eating that is slowly being proved wrong. One of the reasons that people shy away from trying to eat healthy is that they believe that they have to endure foods that either taste bland or strange as opposed to the exciting great tastes that they have come to love from their favorite foods. Often times, people resign to the idea that they will always have weight problems.


Then there are those that find that the healthy foods that are offered to them are not as healthy as they are made to believe. As a result, they are still putting on the pounds while not enjoying the taste. One of the problems that come with the healthy foods is that they have been processed even more than the processed foods that are said to be fattening. As a result, some people give up and go back to the other types of foods that they truly enjoy. Fortunately, Nathaniel Ru has put together Sweetgreen in order to provide an alternative.


Sweetgreen offers some of the best tasting salads people will consume. One of the reasons that the salads taste so good is that they are actually made with whole foods. In other words, the foods are organic and have gone through no processing. Therefore, people will be able to enjoy the full taste of the salads that they will enjoy. They will also get to enjoy the salad dressings that are available.


Among the salad dressings they could choose from are some of their favorites that they have come to know over the years as well as some of the new dressings that they have never seen before visiting Sweetgreen. Nathaniel Ru is one of the people that have made sure that they are offering something that is very unique. Nathaniel is also one of the more creative entrepreneurs in the industry.