Clay Siegall joins MiRNA Board of Directors

Mirna Therapeutics is a biotech company based in Austin, Texas. They specialize in the development of products that use unique microRNA ingredients in the treatment of cancer. What microRNA therapeutics do is combine beneficial medicines with natural organic compounds. These cooperate easily with the human bodies’ internal systems so that there is a higher absorption rate and less risk of rejection or damage by the human bodies internal systems. Essentially the drugs produced by Mirna supplement the patients immune system.

This is a drastic change from many prexisting cancer treatments, which introduce artificial chemicals into the body in large amounts. These can be effective in destroying cancer cells but also damage the bodie and can result in severe side effects.

Recently Dr. Clay Siegall was granted a seat on Mirna’s board of directors. Siegall is a respected researcher and developer who helped cofound the company Seattle Genetics. Seatlle Genetics is current a leading producer of antibody based pharmecuticals and any partnership between it and Mirna is sure to lead to positive results.
Dr. Siegall has had a long and successful career in the field of medical research. He graduated from George Washington University with a Ph.D. in Genetics and also holds a B.S. from the University of Maryland in the field of Zoology. He spent a total of six years working at the National Cancer Institute and the next 3 employed by the National Institutes of Health.

Representatives from Mirna said that they are happy to have his experience and insight on hand.



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Lake Tahoe Vacation resort

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Positivism is Key to Online Reputation Management

In today’s internet and social-media focused world, managing both your personal reputation and the reputation of your brand in the eyes of the online community are incredibly important. The internet as described by online reputation reviews is an echo chamber–especially when it comes to negativity–so it is important to make sure that you can counteract this amplifying affect with as much positivism as possible. You know the old saying, “it takes a million compliments to build you up, but only one insult to send you crashing down.” So, what are the best ways to keep your reputation positive?
According to an article at Customer Think, there are 2 simple techniques that you can use to help keep your business’ reputation above the water. The first is to take preventative measures. Take steps, both personally and in your business structure, to build up a positive reputation before anything happens to sully it! Reach out to unhappy customers, make sure that the positive effects of your business are well-known and reported on, and–of course–make certain that your employees know the proper attitude and conduct that they should have to represent the business. All of this will help to generate positive buzz and give you a head start for the next technique.

The second way to keep your reputation positive is to respond to negativity by flooding the news outlets and search engines with positivity. Most consumers won’t look past the first page of search results when they’re looking up your company, so if you can create enough positivity to knock negative results off of the first page it will significantly improve your company’s reputation! Of course, this technique isn’t foolproof, and it will take a lot more work to knock the negativity off the first page when an irate customer is searching specifically for negative news.

The most important thing in reputation management is positivity, both in action and reaction. The internet is an echo chamber after all, and if you react negatively to or act negatively toward customers it will just amplify the negativity and make it more likely that it will generate more negative news, so stay positive, both personally and professionally!


Fix bad reviews with The Search Fixers


Reputation is everything these days. It dictates how well you do and how successful your company will be. Studies have shown that businesses who get negative reviews or bad hype suffer from decreased sales and generate lower revenue streams than those who beat the rep.

Reaching that 5-star review status is a great feeling and takes a lot of good quality hard work to get it. Which is why when a negative review or unsavory article come into the picture; it can leave you with mixed feelings. Most have heard about the United Airlines incident where a musician could see his belongings being roughly transported to the plane. The ending results led the musician to write a song on YouTube that went viral. Obviously, this wound up costing United Airlines millions in the long run. Had United Airlines promptly and accurately addressed the issue, they could have avoided such a large negative impact on their reputation.

This was one of those negative reviews, that you had no choice except to see it, but what about those negative reviews buried in between the good ones on popular review sites such as Yelp! Or Google Review. You might have overlooked them, but your audience will not. Now you have negative reviews that are hurting sales and other business aspects, ultimately guiding your direction and future.

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Mike Baur, the Startup Accelerator

About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). He was a former banker at Clariden and Sallfort. He founded SSUF with an aim of supporting young entrepreneurs wishing to invest in the digital technology industry. He has about 20 years of experience in Swiss banking industry. He is currently accorded with duties of fundraising and financing rounds at the Swiss Startup factory.

Swiss Startup Factory

Swiss Startup Factory is based in Zurich. It was founded in 2014 as a platform that would offer entrepreneurial support to digital entrepreneurs. It runs a three-month startup accelerator program. The program acts as an avenue through which young entrepreneurs can access services such as, coaching, mentoring, office space, and entrepreneurial connections that help them achieve their goals.

Collaboration between Fusion and Swiss Startup Factory

Fusion and Swiss Start-up factory formed a cooperation based on a mutual goal of establishing an outstanding relationship with the French and the Swiss German parts of Switzerland. Both accelerators work together in defining their goals and setting up their strategies. They help startups transform ideas into prototypes so that they can smoothly kick off production and step into the market.

Through the Swiss-Fusion association, the companies’ professionals join forces to help entrepreneurs through various startup processes. The services offered under the association include start-up acceleration, cooperation with higher learning institutions, mentor network exchange, joint events, and shared office space for startups.

CTI Invest and Swiss Startup Factory

Starting January 2016, CTI Invest and Swiss Startup Factory began a close cooperation to offer supplementary support to Swiss Startup training. To strengthen the relationship between the two organizations, Jean-Pierre joined the Swiss Start-up Factory as a Managing Partner. Similarly, Mike Baur was appointed deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest.

CTI Invest is a leading financing venture for Swiss Factory startups. Through the cooperation, the leading financing platform for innovative start-ups in Switzerland will collaborate with the Swiss Startup Factory. The two organizations will organize events and offer training for start-ups. The two firms launched a website and posted podcasts and videos of beneficiaries of the Swiss start-up program.

Swiss Start-Up training

Swiss Startup Factory will Support CTI Invest in organizing events and training startups through the Swiss Start-Up training program. The organizations work together in various fields. CTI Invest, on the other hand, will provide support for any selection, coaching of, or Demo Day for investors participating in the Swiss Startup Factory accelerator program.

Why Makari de Suisse Products are the Best for Dark Skinned People

When you are looking for skin products especially for your face, there are things which you need to put into consideration. If you want to whiten your skin for instance, you need to be able to use a product that does not bleach the skin and expose it to conditions that may harm it. Most whitening skin products contain harmful substances such as hydroquinone. The good news, however, is that there are products which are genuine and which can be safely used on the skin.

A good product line is one which offers their customers a wide range of products to choose from. At Makari de Suisse, there are many skin care products and even hair care products which you can buy and use. Their skin care products are some of the best in the market. They manufacture them using natural products which are very natural. These include oils such as the reputed argan oil. They also use castor oil. These two oils are known for their moisturizing content and nourishing value for the skin.

Makari de Suisse products are very handy when it comes to products to lighten the skin. The best news is that their range of products offers their customers a healthy option of making their complexion lighter and their skin tone even. If you need a combination of cleanser, scrubbing cream and pimple drying products, Makari de Suisse products are the best. With the creams, you can maintain healthy looking skin at all times.

With Makari de Suisse products, customers love the ease with which they can apply the products and get good looking skin. The skin is not only moisturized but it is also assisted to look healthy and youthful. In fact, when you start getting wrinkles, you can use the products to help you conceal the effects of aging. You can also use their scrub which is good for removing dead skin and in its place, allowing the beautiful skin you have to shine.

If you are in search of legitimate and genuine products for your skin, choose Makari de Suisse products and start on a journey towards good skin.