George Soros – A Sleeping Giant?

That wasn’t a tremor, those were rumblings that there was an awakening giant. Now before you disregard the levity of that last statement, take a moment. Michael Jordan (ever hear of that guy?) simply dominated the world of athletics. After being unquestionably the best in the business for a few years he just sort of faded out of the sport of basketball, to try something else like baseball. Yeah, he was amazing at that too! For those who raised a brow, are you good enough to play collegiate level baseball? Semi-Pro? Minor Leagues? Okay, continuing on, he returned to the basketball scene a few years later – same result. Some people just are the best of us.

George Soros let the world know that he was one of those giants with the now legendary 1992 trade. How big? How about the infamous tag line, “the man who broke the Bank of England” notorious? That one day trade was reported to have an estimated return of one billion dollars, with a ‘B’, and reportedly ended up profiting George Soros something that was in the two billion dollar range, ( has a really nice overview of this event).

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Oh yeah, and that aforementioned Jordan guy, he wasn’t so bad in business and marketing either, something far outside the realm of athletics. Sounds like someone else too, (yes, everyone seen this coming), George Soros has been a philanthropist, political activist and lecturer for starters, and has helped many, opened eyes and educated others. So it’s fair to say he’s not so bad at some endeavors far outside of Trading too.

A recent report from cnbc following his hiatus from trading and sudden reappearance, announced that some very considerable moves are being made by George Soros, and history makes a subtle suggestion that this story may end like every other venture he and the best of us engage in, same result.

One thing is certain, that wasn’t a tremor – that was George Soros. Don’t think for a minute that everyone attached to this industry isn’t well aware, he has our attention now. It might be the one rare shortcoming of giants, they aren’t so quiet.

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Venezuela Food Crisis spirals out of control

The Venezuela government is running low on revenue to import basic food items such as eggs, flour, butter, and milk. Nutritionists predict long-term health risks as a result of low quality food. Prolonged shortage on the basic staple food has many Venezuelans settling on whatever food they can find. Beans, meat, and milk, which are the primary sources of protein are no longer affordable. Residents have no choice but to consume rice, pasta and traditional cornmeal cake. These are filling but not nutritious.
According to investigations carried out by Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa‘s foundation, children and the elderly are the most affected. 30% of school going kids are malnourished, and school absenteeism is rising in Venezuela.

Paula Arcinegas is one of the affected mothers who is worried that she can’t get milk for her two-year-old child. She says that in the absence of milk, she is forced to feed her baby a mixture of cornstarch and water. She also has to try getting her child to sleep the morning hours so that she does not have to worry about finding breakfast for her child. Paula represents the plight of many mothers suffering the same predicament.

If the food shortage continues, Velasquez Figueroa warns that future generations are likely to be shorter and wider as a result of poor feeding and low quality foods. Lack of calcium is known to stunt growth and the excess carbohydrate intake among Venezuelans makes them fat. Drastic action must be taken to rescue Venezuela from the food crisis.


Bustle Reviews The New Wen By Chaz Shampoo

Wen by Chaz [] has become one of the most popular shampoos in the world, and a lot of people have heard about it even if they have never used it. A lot of them are wondering if it will be worth it for them to get the shampoo to stop their hair from shedding, and the only way to know for sure is if people are willing to read the review. got one of their young writers with thin blonde hair to review the sephora variety of shampoo, and she goes through the whole process to show that the shampoo will work wonders on someone who has thin hair.
The process all starts by using a small amount of shampoo to get a lather. The lather is really easy to produce, and the lather will cover the whole head. All the hair will get covered, and it will get much healthier because of how the shampoo works. It helps to keep the hair healthy, and the hair will not shed as much. The shedding will stop altogether, and the shedding will no longer produce clumps in the shower. The writer has thin hair that she wants to protect from the evils of shedding and clumping, and she got an amazing result from the shampoo.

She was able to put her hair in a great style after she was done shampooing, and she got to have the look that she wanted when she started the process. The process is very easy for any woman to complete, and it helps women feel like they have something that will actually help with their hair care. Hair care is much easier with Wen by Chaz Dean, and the Bustle review proves the shampoo does what it says it will do. Anyone with thin hair will feel much better after using Wen by Chaz.


Qnet Limited and Sharp Create a Joint Venture.

Qnet Limited’s franchise in India has a teamed up with the Sharp Corporation, which is one of the world’s top electronic manufacturing companies, to market the Sharp-Qnet Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. The new product is a joint venture of the two businesses and will be marketed through Qnet’s advanced e-commerce program. Sharp Corporation is based in Abeno-Ku, Osaka and it supplies its products to all countries around the globe. According to a statement made by Kishalay Ray, who works at the Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited as the company’s President of the Consumer Business section, Sharp has faith in the marketing and distribution method use by Qnet. Having Qnet to serve as the sole distributor of the Sharp Air Purifier is a good business decision.

The affiliation between the two firms will boost the rate at which the air purifier will reach consumers since Qnet has a well-established customer network, which consists of thousands of members, who depend on the firm’s products. Qnet India spokesperson hopes that the partnership will have a positive impact on both enterprises. Qnet’s clients will now have one more product on the list of many high-quality commodities supplies by the company.

Qnet Limited is a Hong Kong-based company that provides a variety of goods, which include personal care, homes care, weight management, nutritional, energy boosting, luxury commodities and jewelry. The company manages branches in India and China and supplies its products to countries such as Taiwan, United Arabs Emirates, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Philipines, Rwanda and Ivory Coast. Qnet was created in 1998 in Hong Kong by young entrepreneurs who wanted were dedicated to bettering the living standards of people through marketing. The company currently uses multi-level network marketing and direct selling to reach markets across the world.

Qnet provides opportunities for its members to improve their lives by getting some income from the company. Members can start a business by being distributors of the enterprise’s products and creating a network that helps in selling the products. Compensation of the distributors is calculated depending on the goods that suppliers and their networks sell. The company is devoted to operating according to rigorous vegetarian rules, and it displays that in all its business strategies and products. Only vegetarian ingredients are used in the manufacture of consumable products. The company is also strict on the kind of food that is served during its events and only accepts vegetarian food.