Slycing Through The Competition

Recently LiveMint released a clever report covering the recent emergence of image recognition start-up company, and it’s overall effect on a new generation of tech savvy young people.

As of late, new start-ups have emerged to help online retailers find make the intended connection with the audience they are trying to market to. Companies like Stylumia Intelligence Pvt Ltd offer solutions to client and retailer a like through the use of visual search technology, providing more advanced opportunities to shoppers looking for the right specific thing while scanning the web for the right specific thing, whether is is a piece of clothing or a product, these sites are here to help facilitate transactions in which all parties come out happy. Various visual search engine start-ups assist the user to find a diversity of products via the use of photography surrounding whatever thing someone happens to be looking for. Start-ups also gather data based on actual purchases made by various consumers, so that they may better help browsers shop, with the help of customized recommendations. Companies are springing up around the world. In India, SnapShopr and iLenze are trying to perfect the visual-search based method of browsing. In Chennai, Mad Street Den grants users the chance to utilize a visual search-engine, as well as it’s most popular invention, a visual recommendation service that analyzes catalogue information to help it form modified suggestions to shoppers. For further information, anyone interested should look towards the original LiveMint report that can be read here: which is full of relevant info. Another company to be highlighted utilizing this technology and taking it to the next level is Slyce.

Slyce is a dedicated company to say the least. They employ technology that enables the consumer to perform online searches at level previously unheard of. Slyce helps users buy products they have seen in the actual world, such as those seen in magazines and featured on billboards. They can help out via the web to, like connecting one to a product based on a photo found on Pintrest.

Another plus for Slyce is those working behind the scenes. Co-founder Cameron Chell not only has twenty-five plus years of experience, he constant pushes the tech envelope. Slyce is the product of people preoccupied with evolving e-commerce in a big way, focusing on customer service and revolutionary inventiveness.

New York Real Estate Is Expected To Change In 2016

On January 20th 2016, NY Daily News reported eight predictions for the New York real estate market this year. According to experts, the New York City real estate is expected to be dynamic in 2016.


One of the predictions is that interest rates will slowly rise, which may dissuade buyers from purchasing real estate. As a result, sellers may lower their prices to attract more interested purchasers. These drastic real estate changes may prompt buyers to perform more due diligence before purchasing or renting a property by reviewing contracts meticulously, requesting deal contingencies, and seeking the opinion of several trusted advisors. Additionally, buyers may urge sellers to complete numerous urgent demands. Deals are expected to happen, but selling real estate will be more difficult.


As the market gradually softens, exclusive blocks will become more appealing to purchasers. Some experts believe that buyers such as baby boomers will focus more on acquiring prime locations as opposed to secondary and tertiary neighborhoods. Similarly, baby boomers are expected to permanently downsize and relocate to the city to live near children and grandchildren. Because this older population typically purchases property in cash, they will continue to play an integral role in the New York City real estate market after selling their house in the suburbs.


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Undeniably, TOWN Residential has established a new standard of greatness within the competitive real estate industry. The company’s winning formula consisting of an unprecedented business model has resulted in many awards in the residential real estate community. TOWN Residential has received accolades such as the Best Firm to Work For and Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City. These distinguished recognitions are a direct reflection of the team’s talent, professionalism, integrity, and expertise in the New York City real estate sector.


George Soros Explains The Threat Posed By Putin’s Russia

The world is sitting at the precipice of a global financial and military meltdown explains George Soros in an article published by Project Syndicate. The financial expert is well known as the man credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992, and for the stunning growth of his hedge fund that has given the 86 year old a fortune estimated by Forbes to have reached more than $24 billion. Soros has become an outspoken critic of many of the leaders of the world, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel often criticized for her reaction to the many problems facing the European Union.
After reading the article written by George Soros I found myself agreeing with much of his argument that Russia is attempting be destabilize the European Union to protect herself from economic problems. We have all seen the many issues facing Russia with falling oil prices weakening economies across the globe, which Russia has seen combine with economic sanctions to slow the financial growth of the country. I believe Soros is correct in his theory that the maturity of debts facing Russia will see the Presidency of Vladimir Putin fail, and result in major social and economic problems across the world.

The bombing of Syrian targets seems to have shifted in recent months to see Russian planes targeting civilian areas of the major cities of the country, which has driven thousands of refugees into Turkey and on into Europe. In news reports I have seen German Chancellor Angela Merkel state her belief this poses the greatest possible threat to the European Union and its future. The bombing of civilian targets is highlighted by Forbes billionaire Soros as being a choice made by the Russian leadership in their bid to limit the potential damage to itself in an economic sense.

George Soros provided much for me to consider in his article, which detailed the ways in which world leaders have closed their eyes to the problems Russia’s intervention has caused. Global leaders should be questioning the reasons why Russia is keen to continue a bombing campaign that appears to be doing little to combat the threat of ISIS. Instead, Russia hopes Europe will collapse under the weight of the flood of refugees entering European Union member states, which are already feeling the financial strain placed upon them by problems in Greece and Ukraine. George Soros believes the collapse of the European Union will limit the economic sanctions Russia faces for its invasion of Ukraine, and could allow further military movements west into more of Ukraine and economically strong Poland.

Dick DeVos: Life & Business

Dick DeVos is currently getting into the liquor business. His Grand Rapids-based holding company, Windquest Group, has begun the process of purchasing Coppercraft Distillery. While Windquest hasn’t confirmed its ownership of the entity, it is the primary party to accept mail and documents on behalf of the entity. On January 20, the LLC approved the license transfer which will kick start the first steps of the process. This will involve a site visit and approval of sale, however, a transfer of a liquor license can take up to six months to be approved. The current owner of Coppercraft Distillery, Walter Catton III, said he was not able to talk about any deal between him and DeVos at this point, but he has been looking to expand his distillery and tasting room with the help of an investor. This distillery provides liquor to more than 100 locations throughout Michigan which vary from individual clients to restaurants. Once approved, Windquest will add the Coppercraft Distillery to their growing list of businesses which include Reserve Wine and Foods, The Stow Company, Boxed Water and Neurocore, and many other investment firms.

According to Wikipedia, Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been involved in the community as well as the family business since he was a child. He is a graduate of the Forest Hills public school system and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University. He also attended, but his not graduate from, Harvard Business School. He is married to Betsy DeVos, the former chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party, which DeVos is quite involved in too according to MLive.
DeVos’ business prospects began in 1974, where he worked with Amway Corporation. He eventually became one of Amway’s vice presidents which gave him responsibility for the company throughout its operations in 18 countries. The DeVos family got ownership of the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic in 1991 and Dick became the CEO and President of the team. In 1993, DeVos left the Orlando Magic behind and became Amway’s president. During his time as Amway’s president, he expanded the company to more than 50 countries. Read more about Dick’s involvement in Amway Corporation here:
DeVos is now actively involved with the Windquest Group as a holding company and he and his wife have a family foundation that serves as a promoter for organizations that position local and global communities for viability and growth.

North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park On Her Traumatic Escape

Yeonmi Park is the co-author of a new book, In Order to Live, with Maryanne Vollers. An eye opening book regarding the cruel, inhumane treatment of people in North Korea. It is also a story about violence and control. Physical violence – prison camps,torture and rape.

Like other North Koreans, Yeonmi Park was convinced that the Kims could even read her thoughts. When Yeonmi was four, her mother told her, “Don’t even whisper. The birds and the mice will hear you. The birds will hear you during the day, and the mice will hear you at night.” The mother was trying to protect her daughter “from the terror,” as Yeonmi says — from terrible consequences. A wrong word could get you and your family into fatal trouble.

Yeonmi’s father was a party member. But “my world came crashing down when I was nine,” says Yeonmi. Her father was a member of the Parliament, he became an enemy of the state when he was caught buying and selling silver on the black market to pay for his family’s well-being. Her mother went to prison too for a time. Yeonmi and her sister were unable to attend school.

Born in 1993, Park left Hyesan with her mother in an attempt to track down her older sister Eunmi who had already defected. However, they were sold to traffickers in China where they both experienced horrific abuse. Later, when her father joined them, he died the same year from cancer in January 2008. Yeonmi helped bury him out in the mountains, she was so afraid to cry and be discovered. A year later, she and her mother made a run for Mongolia, they crossed the Gobi Desert. The South Korean embassy offered asylum. Yeonmi was in Seoul in April 2009, beginning a new life. She had seen her father die “like an animal,” she says on the Youngvoicesadvocates: “It was not a human way to die. And I didn’t want to die the same way.” She had attempted suicide. But now she wanted to live.

Yeonmi Park has used the adversities on the Reason she has faced to fuel her fight against injustice, and will continue to condemn the North Korean government until substantial reforms are made.