George Soros Sees a Potential for Another Downfall like 2008

George Soros has seen signs of an upcoming economic fall that can be compared to the economic crisis of 2008. He has seen this coming since 2011 when the Greece crisis was mishandled. The way Germany handled the crisis has resulted in a group of crises that various parts of Europe are facing. Also, China is now falling apart in its economy due to the struggle with its growth model. It is trying to figure out a new growth model in order to lessen the blow. However, there are other factors that George Soros is seeing on Bloomberg that is making this whole thing a complete nightmare.

There are a lot of factors that is contributing to this current issue which started in Greece. The interesting thing is that the world was still reeling form the economic crisis that started in 2008 when the Greek crisis has started. George Soros has predicted back then that the crisis had the potential to become something that is as bad as the 2008 crisis if not worse. As of right now, this is looking to be the culmination of all of the crises that is affecting different parts of the world.

One major factor that is being dealt with as it relates to the crisis is the European Union crisis. There are a ton of different crises that are contributing to the fall of the EU. One major factor that has the potential to be an issue is what is called the “Brexit”. This is the exit of Britain from the EU. If Britain leaves the EU this can prove to be very hard on the EU. As of right now, the British government is considering exiting. George Soros sees this as a heavy issue.

A much larger issue in the EU is the aggression of Russia against the Ukraine. One cause of that is the reform that Russian president Vladimir is against. The new Ukraine is set to put an end to the exploitative style of rule that the culture is used to and put together a rule that is based on equality. According to George Soros, Russian aggression against Ukraine should have been something that brought the European Union together. In response to the attack, sanctions have been placed on Russia.

Another issue is in the way Angela Merkell, the Chancellor of Germany, handled the issue with the migrants. She has decided to take the migrants in. Even though George Soros agrees with her decision, he does note that it should have been handled in a much more orderly fashion so that the country could properly bring them in. The rushed way of handling the issue has actually harmed the EU.



Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Now Have Fashion Line To Show Support

Football team the Pittsburgh Steelers is kicking off the beginning of the season right by introducing a new fashion campaign. This isn’t just t-shirts and hoodies, there is going to be many versatile items for all types of fans. Pandora, a company well known for their charm braceletes, will be one of the notable brands involved in the campaign. Other big name brands involved are Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Bahama, and Nike Golf. The point of the new fashion line is to show off the diversity involved in being a Steelers fan. You can dress it up or dress it down no matter what Steelers product you’re wearing. You could slip on a casual Steelers shirt and wear it with jeans and then when you’re heading out for a night on the town or to just dinner with friends the outfit can be classed up with a scarf and some jewelry all while still showing your Steelers pride. This new fashion campaign allowing fans to show up to the game day party in style wouldn’t be possible without the director of strategic planning, Susan McGalla. She’s the mastermind behind the “easy to use from any device” website. You can access the site here. Her keypoint when creating the site was that she wanted fans to be able to shop for Steelers merchandise from any type of device quickly and easily. Susan McGalla states that they would receive numerous fan letters asking where they could purchase what a player was wearing on the sidelines or what a player might be wearing while boarding the plane. The fashion campaign is also implementing “It’s not just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday” so fans can then enter photo contests with their Steelers supportive wardrobe and could possibly win a new all Steelers wardrobe. McGalla has been in the retail business for quite awhile. In the early 1990s she was a divisional merchandise buyer at American Eagle Outfitters. Through working various managerial roles she eventually wound up as CMO or Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitters. During her time there she oversaw the new brand additions of Aerie and 77kids. susanmcgalla left American Eagle in 2009 and moved onto become a member of the board of directors at HFF, a commercial real estate firm. In 2012, she then founded P3 Executive Consulting and currently she is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Losing Weight Is Easier After A Visit With Dr. Jennifer Walden

Losing weight is what many people have struggled with for years, but plastic surgeries have made losing weight a lot easier. If a person chooses liposuction or a tummy tuck, not only will they lose weight but it’s possible to redistribute the fat that’s taken out of the body to another part of the body. This all sounds like science fiction, but technology has caught up to the imaginations of the doctors that used to only dream that things like this were possible. There are many celebrities who have gotten their backsides bigger by adding fat from other parts of their body, and a good surgeon can make the results look spectacular.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a top plastic surgeon from Texas that specializes in fat transfers, and this means that a woman who wants bigger breasts that look natural can transfer fat from one part of her body to her breast area. If a woman wants a bigger backside, then she can have the fat transferred to her buttocks, which will then make her behind look bigger. No matter where a person wants fat transferred, Dr. Jennifer Walden can do this, and she is one of the doctors who specializes in this trade. Although some doctors can perform fat transfers, some of them may not do the procedure correctly, and the person can end up with a lumpy looking area after the surgery is performed.

Fat transfer is a very delicate procedure, and if the person is receiving liposuction or a tummy tuck to get the fat that they need to have transferred, then a good surgeon should be the one to perform it. Dr. Jennifer Walden is not only a good surgeon but she is board certified, extremely knowledgeable, and she has many years of experience. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been the first choice of many of her patients, and some never thought of any other doctor to perform their surgery, except for Dr. Walden. The amazing Dr. Jennifer Walden is a top Texas doctor, and she’s also one of the best surgeons in the state as well as in the nation. Visit her website for more information and to make appointments.

Beneful’s Premium Dog Food Offers Customers More Control

Dog food brands are going premium and with good reason. The market for premium foods for dogs have been exploding with increased interest in providing pets with higher quality dog foods with the goal of keeping them happy and healthy and more productive members of the family. The market for premium dog foods has increased by approximately 45% in the past six years and now makes up practically a third of the entire industry which grosses about $24 billion in revenue each year. Brands are struggling to identify themselves with this premium dog food market. One brand that is struggling with this is Beneful, owned by Nestle as part of its PurinaStore line. Beneful has long provided products to dog owners that are high quality and nutritious and have done so at affordable prices. Since their product has always been a premium product, albeit without premium pricing, they are now trying to provide some new higher value services to dog owners. A new revolutionary ordering system seems to be their focus now with which dog owners can order small batches of food that thy specially design for their dogs on their own. Like people, some dogs are finicky eaters and having foods that they enjoy help to keep them happy and healthy. Dog owners can create custom blends for their dogs that appeal to them with Beneful’s new premium dog food ordering service and make sure that their pets are happy with their food. Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes and dog food cans have traditionally only come in one size fits all. This dog food size may be perfect for the average dog but may lead to overeating for smaller dogs, thus contributing to being overweight and leading to other health problems. Special small batch blends can lead to dogs receiving the proper amount of food for their individual size and can therefore lead to healthier dogs. Finally, small batch foods can be designed without many additives that may be leading to allergic reactions for dogs and can contribute to their experiencing health reactions. Beneful’s new service is therefore a groundbreaking opportunity for dog owners to monitor the diet and ultimately health of their dogs in a way that allows them to exercise better overall control. This is truly a premium service that lets dog owners have healthier and happier pets.