Health Benefits Of Beneful

There’s a popular saying that goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Essentially what that means is that when a person is getting the right nutrition, they have less health problems. That same principle can be applied to dogs. There is nothing more important than feeding a dog food that is good for him or her. Dogs can’t make their own decisions in life. They don’t have that luxury. We do. As owners, we are responsible for everything that they eat and their overall health. That’s why I am happy that I found the perfect dog food.

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was browsing the grocery store shelves, looking for yet another new brand of dog food. My 4-year-old golden retriever is one of the pickiest eaters. We had never been able to find a food that he was thrilled to eat. I had mentioned this to the woman standing next to me in the aisle. She had the same problem until she switched to Beneful. I took her word for it, tried it out, and never looked back. My dog scarfs down his Beneful each time I fill his bowl. His favorite is the Beneful with real salmon. Looking back, I don’t think my dog has ever tried a brand of food that contained salmon. That’s what makes Beneful so great. They are going beyond what other products offer.

Quality is the top concern of the makers of Beneful. That’s what makes me feel so confident in feeding my dog this brand of food. I know that their team of nutritionists collaborated together to come up with what needs to go in the product in order to ensure optimal health. The makers of Beneful are so confident in what they created that they feed it to their pets as well! That’s how I know that this is truly great dog food. I also know because millions of people feed their dogs this product. How could millions of people be wrong?

I don’t plan on changing from Beneful anytime soon. The makers of Beneful have done their research and have come up with a great brand of dog food. My dog absolutely loves it and since starting him on it, I’ve seen changes. My dog has had more energy to run and play. My dogs golden coat has become thicker and more slick. My dog also just seems happy overall on I look forward to trying the treats next because like their other products, the treats also have added health benefits.

Beneful dog food comes in a large variety of flavors. They have an original dry food but then they have others that include ingredients like chicken, lamb, or beef. Beneful also created a wet dog food brand that still includes the essential ingredients. It’s completely up to an owner and their pet when it comes to what brand is the best fit.

Head to GoFundMe and Support Earth Force!

Jon Urbana, a former Wildcat lacrosse player, is a firm believer in the power of teamwork. It is portrayed by the initiative he has taken in educating the youth on the importance of the environmental matters. Urbana has taken his energetic interests in Facebook activism and a background in VC, and instead directed it into bringing youths together, and educating them on issues to do with the environment and how such issues affect humans. Through his Twitter efforts, young people can change their communities in a positive manner by gaining civic skills such as problem-solving attitude and group-decision making.

Donate to Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force and make a difference.

EarthForce is a charity campaign being supported by Urbana. The primary goal is to summon youths and make them participate in maintaining a good and healthy environment. Educating youths and creating awareness among them puts them at the forefront in ensuring that the environment is conducive for survival., which he documents at greater length in a Slideshare submission. Here’s what he had to say.

Urbana launched the Earth Force campaign on the Go-fund-me platform to enable him to raise funds from across the globe, tapping into a strong Instagram base of supporters, his own website, and even his lacrosse camp’s website to make the environment a clean and conducive. He emphasizes that by giving support to the EarthForce, donors are choosing the best environmental advocates in the world.

Jon Urbana has also been involved in other charity activities administered via LinkedIn, including the Crowdrise campaign, a heartfelt activity, which aims at giving better living conditions to helpless animals. Donors go to the Crowdrise Fundraiser account and donate to his GoFundMe drive to support the movement. He promotes his kindness to helpless animals by giving support to the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society.

Jon is also the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, where he is involved in working with youths sharing with them the various ways of ensuring a clean environment. He has also come up with some projects to help the youth gain important skills such as posting some of his videos online at Vimeo and YouTube. Through engaging the youths from different places and making them share their experiences and stories about their environment issues, motivates them to take action.

Yeonmi Park: Inspiring a Generation

Very few human beings would have the kind of mental fortitude to survive and thrive in the way that Yeonmi Park has somehow managed to do. This 22-year-old woman, who was born in North Korea, has been through unimaginable suffering at the hands of her former country’s regime—both directly and indirectly. Raised as a young child in the poor country, Park received the same kind of education as many of her peers. Even her school’s math class was used to boost up the tyrannical regime of Kim Jong-il. Instead of giving the children regular word problems, the opportunity was used to insult Americans and encourage violence towards them. North Korean students were taught to honor and glorify their leaders, regarding them as divine entities. At first, Yeonmi Park was like any other North Korean child; she listened to the rhetoric and believed it. But things changed very rapidly when Park was around 13 years old. Her father had been caught selling metals to the Chinese—and that was the end of life as the Park family had known it. Yeonmi’s father was sent to a prison camp to do hard labor, and she, her mother and her sister were left to fend for themselves. But, since the head of the household had gone to prison, the women had lost virtually all of their respectability in North Korean society. In a matter of a few months, they went from being a family that was doing okay to a family that was eating grass to survive. The women were starving, and Yeonmi’s mother knew that if they didn’t take some drastic steps—they would all die. Using some of her contacts, Yeonmi Park’s mother figured out a way to smuggle herself—and the girls—across the border to China. Though the journey was perilous and fraught with danger, the women were able to make the daring escape out of the only country they’d ever known. But after leaving their difficulties in North Korea behind, they found themselves facing an entirely new set of challenges. They still had no money, and China does not offer refugee status to North Koreans. Yeonmi Park and her mother found themselves becoming victims of human trafficking. At the age of 13, Yeonmi found herself living with a much older man. Eventually, she was able to persuade the man to buy back her mother’s freedom and bring the family together again. Even her father made the trip to China. However, his time at the prison camp had left him very unhealthy. He died of cancer soon after the Park family was reunited. Yeonmi and her mother realized that they needed to make yet another daring escape—this time through the freezing Gobi desert to Mongolia, which had a South Korean embassy where they could seek asylum. Following the North star, Yeonmi and her mother made it. These days, Yeonmi Park is a human rights advocate and a popular public speaker who has brought the plight of the regular North Korean citizen to the worldwide masses. Her impassioned speeches have inspired many.