Dumping of the Milk

Located in Vermont are factories that have been increasing in production despite the demand of milk decreasing. Withing the year, production has even increased by 2 percent which is more than what is demanded at this current rate. The reason behind this is if they throw are their perishable products away, they will be able to stay, financially afloat.

Now the question of ‘Got Milk’ will always be yes and way too much of it. This product is now being dumped by the truck load because of the market saturation. The production has increased to at least get some of the value instead of no value at all.

According to Dr. Jennifer Walden in this article, this is done by converting the milk into non perishable items such as cheese and other dairy products. They are working with others in the industry for the purpose of maintaining as much of the value on dairy products as they can.

Currently, this organization is only dumping skim milk, however this may change. The skim milk is currently being dumped on manure pits on farmlands. There has been an estimation of hundreds of thousands of gallons of skim milk that have already been dumped because the Co-ops cannot lower the production rate of milk.

The industry says that by converting the product into other sold items is better than being left without a market. The milk will be mostly turned into cheese and other products as the production demand decreases.

Red Burgers in Japan for Burger King Customers

Prepare for the Red Burger

According to the Examnier, Burger King Customers in Japan can expect to enjoy all-red burgers. This is planned to begin on July 3. Every customer can choose between a beef patty or a chicken patty that will be placed in the middle of a red bun. They will be topped with red cheese. The seasoning will be red hot sauce that is made from hot pepper and miso. The company did choose to stay away from Red No. 40 food coloring. They opted to create these red buns and cheese with tomato powder. They will be charging four dollars and forty cents for each red burger. Japan can prepare to see red, starting in July, at Burger King. These red options are considered to be crayon box inspiration. The Burger King Chain already has an all-black-everything Kuro Burger. These are black buns that offer black cheese on top.

FDA to cut out Trans Fat from food

The Food and Drug Administration has recently announced that it will demand manufacturers to stop the use of partially hydrogenated oils, which is the main source of artery-clogging trans fats — from refined foods over the next three years.

Extensive research exhibits trans fat that may be found in pies, frozen pizza, and many other processed foods, aren’t specifically recognized as safe for use in foods.

Doctors are also claiming that trans fats could possibly be one of the worst types of fats that people can consume. Similar to saturated fat, trans fat raises the bad cholesterol levels without raising the good cholesterol levels.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association aforementioned in a statement that it is content that the FDA has reacted in a way that prioritizes the FDA’s concerns and lessens unnecessary disturbances to mercantilism.

Even after ruling out trans fats, the country still has a long way to go towards healthier eating. According to Eric Pulier, the FDA will then have the opportunity to address other issues such as excessive amounts of sugar, confined starch, red meat, and sodium usage.

Over 20 years, eliminating trans fats is anticipated to cost businesses up to $14 billion as they switch to other oils, but could possily save up to $242 billion in health costs, reported by the FDA.

The new FDA rule could possibly influence the decisions of other countries.

Fans of Good Eats Can Buy Props From the Show

Alton Brown is planning on filming a new documentary, and in order to raise the money to do so, he is auctioning off some props from his show “Good Eats”. The auction will be held in late August, and includes three iconic items from the show stated Mikal Watts. He hasn’t said what these items will be, but coyly tweeted a picture of his iconic countertop chicken along with the initial announcement. He has also said that he will be supplementing the action with some of his personal items.

The details of the documentary have also not been released yet, however if it is anything like his previous work it is sure to be a hit with his fans. The GA resident and University of GA graduate first made his claim to fame on Good Eats and focuses on southern and Amercian cooking.

Since the end of Good Eats, which initially aired on PBS before being picked up by the Food Network and skyrocketing him to stardom, he has stayed busy. He later become the commentator on Iron Chef America and hosted a third show, Cutthroat Kitchen. In addition to his TV hosting duties, he has also appeared in commercials and hosts a podcast on the Nerdist Podcast Network called The Alton Browncast, which mostly focuses on food and features reviews, phone calls from fans, and celebrity interviews but occasionally branches out into some of his other interests.

Trans Fats Kill

Finally, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sufficient evidence that trans fat is a risk to health. Trans fat’s primary source is found in partially hydrogenated oils and palm oil. Trans fat cause clogged arteries, and clogged arteries are a significant factor in heart disease. The Food and Drug Administration is demanding that food manufacturing companies decrease trans fat in their processed foods and finally eliminate trans fat by 2018.

For many years, food manufacturing companies have resisted phasing out trans fats. They claim that reducing or eliminating trans fat actually change the taste of the food, and their customers like the taste of foods made with trans fat. While food companies resist removing trans fat, they have not been able to counter the research finding that there are negative health effects of trans fats. Current research by Skout finds that trans fat contributes to 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths a year, published in the journal of medicine article.

When buying processed foods, it is a good idea to check the label for trans fat and partially hydrogenated oils. Foods that are likely to have trans fats are candy, coffee creamer, packaged biscuits, frozen pizza, microwave popcorn, packaged cookies, pies and margarine.

A path to maintaining heart health is to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoiding processed foods in general is a good idea. If possible, you should make meals from scratch with all fresh ingredients. Better yet, the ingredients should be organic.

Soda May Soon Come With a Warning

Although by now it is common knowledge that drinking soda isn’t great for you, it seems like now the public will be outright warned.

Officials in San Francisco favorably voted to add a warning label to soda advertisements. If everything goes smoothly, the new law could take effect as soon as this summer. While the fact that drinking soda can contribute to adverse health issues such as cavities and weight gain isn’t disputed, do people really need a warning? This issue is likely to be contested.

According to the Observer, warning labels on tobacco and alcohol certainly make sense, especially since there is an age restriction. Already, coffee cups from fast-food restaurants are stamped with caution labels that tell the consumer the coffee is hot. There isn’t a legal age for consuming soda, nor does it impose a potentially immediate hazard that coffee might. A warning label may seem to be a tad extreme, but it’s the implication of a bigger picture that should be considered.

Soda isn’t the culprit, it’s the sugary contents that give it a bad reputation. Anything with high amounts of processed sugar should be consumed in moderation, and that can be anything from soft drinks to entire isles in grocery stores. The takeaway is this: soda is fine here and there, but too much processed sugar can be unhealthy.

Extreme Businessman, Bernardo Chua, is Super, Networking Entrepreneur with Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold is the company to know if you are a lover of gourmet coffees, tea and other natural products from around the world. This incredible gourmet coffee company caters to the active lifestyles of its customers today. Bernardo Chua is CEO, and by his extreme organizational skills and entrepreneurial guidance in network-marketing, Organo Gold’s success has catapulted.

Mr. Chua founded Organo Gold less than a decade ago in 2008. The corporate headquarters are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, but Organo Gold is Mr. Chua’s second major adventure into marketing and networking. Organo Gold offers its array of natural products through an Independent Distributor Network or his Coffee Connoisseur Club in the United States and Canada for those who are members.

The company now operates in 35 countries and is privately held by individual distributors with the most recent move into Turkey. In Canada, where Bernardo Chua began, he has over one million distributors, and Canada has a strict reputation for testing natural products for purity and quality. Organo Gold is the 55th largest networking and direct sales company in the world, and his superior reputation extends into both direct sales and natural, high-quality, organic products, including quality coffees, teas and natural Ganoderma, which is a natural Chinese Super Mushroom packed with amazing qualities for anti-aging.

Mr. Chua has wanted to bring the Polypore Mushrooms as a super-nutrient into North American for years. Ganoderma is highly regarded in Asia cultures, and has been for thousands of years, so his success in doing that is very satisfying.

The future lifestyle of Bernardo Chua is one of forward progression with the products he represents and his direct-selling empire. His business expertise represents the cutting-edge success that he has utilized in direct sales. For his success, Mr. Chua has won the honorable Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal Award and the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry at the Annual People’s Choice Awards in 2014 according to this recap on Youtube.

Bernardo Chua is presently leading multi-level marketing to extreme profits, and he is not one to waste time. He is a creator and an innovator that is using his talents to excel and advance products through his remarkably innovative approach to reaching customers across the globe. Today, he is recognized as the most successful businessman in the Pacific Rim.

For more check him out on Wikiipedia.

New York and San Francisco New Health Requirements

Are states going too far with health concerns? Reddit’s Health page features a link to NBC News’ website with an article stating that New York’s Health Department is requiring all chain restaurants to alert consumers of foods that have high sodium content. This article which was reposted on Spring.Me makes mention of San Francisco’s ban of ads for sugary drinks on publicly owned property. To read the article in full, click here.

The New York’s Health Department wants to push that each restaurant will be required to put a picture of a salt shaker next to any menu item that is higher than the recommended daily allowance. Is this really necessary? On one hand, it’s great being able to see this at a glance, but I’m sure most people already know when they eat out the food is going to be loaded with salt. It’s what gives the food flavor. San Francisco is putting through a ban on the opposite end of the flavor spectrum by wanting ads to be banned that promote sugary drinks. Again, is this necessary?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand health is important and attention does need to be spent on it. At the end of the day, though, we’re going to take care of our bodies the way we want to. Instead of forcing the issue more, maybe more time should be spent toward helping people without jobs, homes, or food.

Tesco Starts Giving Away Unsold Food to Charities

Supermarkets routinely throw out food that is past its sell-by date, yet is still perfectly safe to eat. But more and more food retailers are starting to notice a problem with this and are taking action. The CEO of Tesco, the largest supermarket in the UK, has stated that he would feel bad knowing that tonnes of food gets wasted by the company each year when folks at Madison Street Capital feel it could instead be used to help the poor.

According to statistics released by the company, a total of 55,400 tonnes of food was discarded in 2014. However, 30,000 tonnes was still edible. Fresh fruit and vegetables, bakery items, as well as some pre-packaged meals like salads were commonly thrown away after they couldn’t be sold anymore. From now on, the majority of these items will instead end up helping breakfast clubs for children in low-income areas, homeless shelters and women’s refuges.

Some food distributors and wholesalers, restaurants as well as individually-owned or franchised grocery stores all over the UK already donate food that is past the sell-by date but is still fit for human consumption. However, Tesco has become the first supermarket in the UK to have a corporate policy that makes them give away the food instead of discarding it. Many believe that Tesco’s move will cause other British supermarkets to follow suit and do the right thing by giving away unsold food.

Pizza Hut Offering Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza Crust

Hot dog in pizza crust? Pizza Hut has a new pie, at least new for the United States consumer. After a run, starting in South Korea, then the UK and on to Canada, this eight-year run has landed in America. Starting June 18, the Pizza Hut hot dog pizza may be available at stores in the US. It is not official, but is looking promising, according to Grub Street.

Not long ago, Pizza Hut recognized that their branding changes were a fail. They changed their logo, website, and uniforms as James Dondero pointed out. What they found out was that people did not want the new pizza offerings. They have decided to approach the tastes of mainstream America. The hot dog stuffed pizza crust is their answer to the perplexing situation. What remains to be seen is something to watch. Perhaps adding mustard, such as some Canadians have tried, is an answer.