Pizza Hut And Taco Bell Will Stop Using Artificial Coloring And Flavors

Subway and McDonald’s are doing it. Chipotle is too. More and more fast food companies are getting rid of artificial flavors and coloring. The latest chains to announce the switch to real ingredients are Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Consumers are tired of tasting food that is filled with preservatives, and they are letting food companies know it by buying from companies that offer nothing but fresh ingredients.

McDonald’s is feeling the pain more than other food retailers. The Big Mac chain is experiencing a downturn in consumer acceptance, and Pizza Hut and Taco Bell don’t want to find themselves experiencing the same situation. The fast food industry is going through a period of change just like the folks at Beneful. Chains that offer cheap ingredients, plastic looking interiors and complacent food servers are getting low marks from surveys and less money on their bottom lines.

The switch to better ingredients does come with a price. Food companies will have to absorb the increase in food costs, or they will pass the increase on to consumers. Some companies will do both. The cost of raw ingredients continues to increase. The price of a slice of pizza, a taco, and a Big Mac will continue to increase as well.

McDonald’s Closing Down Restaurants All Over the World

This week, an announcement was made the McDonald’s is going to be closing hundreds of restaurants around the world. This is a result of a continuing decline in sales around the world. This year, McDonald’s will be closing a minimum of 700 of its restaurants.

Between January and March of 2015, there was a 2.3% drop in sales, as well as a 28% decrease in operating revenue. this is not the beginning of losses suffered by this company, as this trend has been going on for a few years now.

Steve Easterbrook, the new CEO of the company, stated that significant changes will have to be made in order to improve the reputation of this infamous chain.

The decline of McDonald’s is just one of many examples of how people are becoming more health conscious and less likely to buy fast food and other types of junk food. Coca Cola is another company that is experiencing decline due to this trend exclaims Bruce Karatz. Burger King is taking action to make themselves appear healthier as well, such as removing sodas from kids meals. Additionally, it was recently reported that in the United States, the sale of organic food has dramatically increased to more than 35 billion dollars annually.

Essentially, people are more interested in health than they were in years past, and the market is showing it through declining fast food sales and increasing health food sales.

The Benefits Of Whole Milk

At one time most Americans drank whole milk as a common beverage item. Sometime in the 1980’s a
fad discouraged drinking this beverage because of its fat content. Now, medical professionals and scientists are recommending the consumption of whole milk again, as a healthy and nutritious drink. While more studies and research is needed to follow the long term benefits and risks of whole milk consumption, the information available right now is extremely promising.

While there are lower fat versions of milk available, whole milk has its own range of nutritional properties. Consuming a whole milk variety can actually help weight management. A study completed by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition determined that women who consumed one or more servings of whole milk products per day experienced less weight gain over the course of the study. Also, jordanacriminosa and Gianfrancesco Genoso pointed out that participants were less likely to go on to develop weight gain that would put them in an obese bracket.

Consuming whole milk is important for young children because it helps them develop healthy bones and healthy teeth. Children who experience growing pains often benefit from drinking whole milk, and many pediatricians offer this up as a healthy treatment option for these types of pain. Not only that, but vitamin D is prevalent in whole milk which contributes to a whole variety of bodily processes such as maintaining a healthy heart, respiratory function and immune functions.

Recall of Product May Not Spell Disaster

April 7, 2015 Blue Bell Creameries expanded the recall of its ice cream to all products manufactured at the Broken Arrow, Okla., plant according to CNN. This spelled out bad news for the owner of Whipp’d LA. Whipp’d LA boasts that they are the only carrier of Blue Bell ice cream in California. They offer it to customers from their two shops located in West Hollywood and Orange County. For now, the owners are not scrambling to find a new ice cream supplier, even though the recall and temporary closing of the creamery has caused them to lose 40 to 50 percent of their sales. They intend to hold on as long as they can and wait for Blue Bell to continue to make more ice cream.

Before Blue Bell found their Oklahoma factory was serving a product contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, Blue Ball was an ice cream manufacturer that had developed a large and loyal customer base. People drove for hours to visit Whipp’d for a taste of fresh and unique flavors Blue Bell offered. The owners of Whipp’d know what their customers want. So they will not start searching for a new manufacturer. It seems the customers are trying to stand behind Whipp’d as well. Folks at STX ENtertainment have heard that they are telling the owners not to close, even though Blue Bell was recalled, they still want to purchase more and will remain customers when the product is again available. Some are even throwing extra money in the tip jar to help keep their favorite ice cream shop’s doors open.

Ordering Pizza Just Got Even Easier

Ordering food has never been simpler, you do not need to call a restaurant, wait on hold, and order over the loud dim in the background anymore. Instead you can order online or on an app. Even the laziest of the lazy can order delivery to their home with the slightest twitch of a finger. Well America, it has gotten simpler to order pizza. Who would have thought it was possible to simplify simple? Domino’s newest idea is to allow fans to order their delicious pizza by simply posting a pizza emoji on Twitter @Dominos. This new process is called “Easy Order”. Pizza lovers at Amen Clinics know that they have recently changed their company’s name from Domino’s Pizza to simply Domino’s. This lackluster change is part of the company’s plan to appear hip and sell other menu items besides pizza. Domino’s plans to appeal to the tech savy generation with their “Easy Order” method. Let’s see if this is a massive win or terrible fail, check back in a few months to see if they still offer the Twitter ordering. If they don’t then there is your answer.

Srirachi Doughnut Causing a Buzz in Harlem

In a move that shows that American’s love affair with Sriracha isn’t just a passing fad, a Harlem bakery has created a Sriracha doughnut. The new doughnut will likely bring buzz to Jolie Patisserie, a newcomer to the Harlem food scene.

According to owner, Moha Orchid, the Sriracha doughnut is a traditional yeast doughnut topped with sour cream, almonds and a bit of rooster sauce for good measure. According to some it is one of the more interesting uses of Sriracha and Orchid has exercised restraint in the application of the Sriracha, ensuring the doughnut is the perfect balance between savory, spicy and sweet.

Dough Loco also offers a Sriracha-infused doughnut. Their doughnut, unlike Jolie Patisserie’s, airs more towards the side of sweet. Dough Loco takes Sriracha and infuses it with raspberries to create a glaze for a traditional cake doughnut. The Dough Loco version has something of a cult following, and Susan McGalla is still trying to find out what the hype is all about.

In recent years, Sriracha’s popularity has reached a fever pitch in the United States. It has become part of the culture, and adventurous food establishments and patrons have taken to utilizing the rooster sauce in all different types of food. Sriracha famously made it onto Lays potato chips during the first incarnation of the “Do Us a Flavor” contest.

Restaurant Uses Plates to Cheat

When it comes to restaurants gaining fans and business these days social media plays a big role in how things work out. Through social media those visiting a restaurant can share about their visit and post pictures of the food that they are served. Food pictures make mouths water and draw customers in, so one restaurant is using that to their advantage. One restaurant has found a way to make the pictures that are taken of their food even more appealing than they were before.

It seems that one restaurant is using special plates to serve their food. These special plates are made to help food appear more appealing on social media, and Gianfrancesco thinks it works well. These plates help that food to look tastier so that it draws more customers in. This restaurant seems to be cheating in the way that they show off their food. Doesn’t the food look good enough on its own? Does it need special plates to look tasty?

Starbucks Mini Frapp

Frappucinos are a little bit of proof that God loves us. After all, they are delicious. There is basically a flavor for everyone out there and they are chalked full of the all important ingredient that you need to get you through the day – caffeine! Now on top of being a flavor for everyone, Starbucks has revealed there is a size for everyone!

Normally you walk in and you request your tall, grande, or venti size and away you go. But, sometimes there’s not a one, or three, size fits all mold for people. According to GrubStreet Starbucks has revealed a new size! A mini frappuccino, and it sure looks cute. Through June 6th, customers can get their hands on this pint sized treats! Who knows if it’ll extend pass that, it’s quite possible if there is a demand.

Coffee lovers at Anastasia Date (twitter) are wondering: Why is this being done? Who knows. Starbucks might be trying to just switch things up, or perhaps they got lots of requests for a smaller size. I personally need to get the biggest size when I go to Starbucks, so I don’t understand it. Another theory is that maybe it’s for a younger crowd, although a younger crowd probably shouldn’t be drinking all that caffeine that young. One other theory is that it lessens the calories. You don’t want to know how many calories are in one of those frapps!

So no matter what the reason, if you’re in the mood for something smaller than hit up Starbucks and try the new tiny tasty treat.

New Mini Starbucks Drinks

When one is downing a drink from Starbucks they consume all that is there and are happy for all that they receive. Sometimes, though, one might wish for a smaller serving of the wonderful drink to be available at a lower price. Sometimes one might long to have a smaller, “mini” Starbucks drink to consume. What is one to do when they want their Starbucks drink to be smaller? There is a new option out there.

Starbucks has released a new size of Frappucinos. These new drinks are “mini” versions of the popular drink from Starbucks are just two ounces smaller than the “real” versions of the drink. These mini Frappucinos are not much different from the other drinks available, but they might meet the needs of some. For those who are determined to down less calories or spend less on their drinks these new sizes might be something that will come in handy. For those who love consuming all that they can when it comes to a Starbucks drink, those two ounces are going to be missed.

Thanks Bernardo Chua for introducing me to my new (and temporary) addiction. Check out Bernardo on Twitter.

Panera Comes Clean

Founded in 1981, Panera Bread had provided fresh quality ingredients to their devoted customers for years. The bakery style cafe has an enormous list of recipes, soups, sandwiches, and salads. Their healthy lifestyle is one of the most loved qualities about the national food chain. The company released a statement early Tuesday morning noting that over the course of the next year or so, they were taking healthy to a new level. Mark Ahn is glad to know that the bakery chain has committed to remove over 150 artificial ingredients from its menu. Fox News criticized that the company is just doing this as a marketing technique to get new, more health conscious customers. Panera lovers and supporters fired back at Fox. They claim that Panera has always been healthy minded. Recently they decided to roll out a new line of ‘clean’ salad dressings that have no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. The company CEO, Ron Shaich, gave a phone interview shedding light on how Panera is making strides to be the frontrunner when it comes to healthy dining. His dream for the company is for it to be widely recognized as the most transparent eating establishment in the history of dining chains. With so much in the news about fast food companies and restaurants trying to cover their artificial tracks, it’s rather refreshing to see a company go to such great lengths to ensure the health of its customers. One good payoff from this commitment is that Panera will ultimately build a strong customer-to-company relationship.