Tips To Help You Better Protect Your Assets

LocationSmart is the largest provider for cloud location services. The company locates billions of connected devices worldwide for any location need. They have helped many companies stay connected to their assets, employees, and customers. The service they offer helps to keep their customers informed in regards to location awareness as well as better managed communication for all of their connected devices. With the help of LocationSmart, companies are capable of tracking, monitoring, and collecting information in regards to the location of their devices.


The types of devices that need to be located grows daily. For instance, customers as well as employees often use desktop PC’s at work; however, they also use devices such as laptops and smartphones. With new innovations in technology, people are also connecting personal items such as homes and cars for better safety, convenience, and security. In regards to companies, they are connecting to larger items such as airplanes, infrastructure, and equipment. When a company has the ability to stay informed in regards to their equipment, they have a better chance of protecting their assets. For example, LocationSmart allows an airline to know the location of their plane at all times regardless of where the plane is at in the world. This not only helps to protect their assets, but also helps to enforce safety and security for the airline as well.


LocationSmart offers a Location-as-a-Service, also known as LaaS. It is a platform that is accessed by a single API. This allows developers to custom design location awareness into their services as well as applications to suit the needs of each business or customers needs. There is a vast array of location intelligence technologies that allow developers to find and manage Wi-Fi devices, locate devices (even when they are roaming), and obtain the information of IP addresses worldwide; however, these are just a few examples of what LocationSmart has helped developers achieve for businesses and customers worldwide.


LaaS has allowed many companies to send text messages as well as advertising to customers regardless of their location in the world. This has helped companies with their advertising abilities as well as adjust their advertisement in reference to where the person is located. The platform also allows companies to monitor workers who work outside of the office. This offers greater visibility as well as safety and security for both parties. The capabilities of LaaS even allows a company to customize their security options for their business. With the help of the LaaS platform, companies are able to monitor and manage network online traffic, and they have the ability to be informed as soon as anything suspicious is detected.


LocationSmart has allowed for companies to stay in touch with their customers no matter where they are located in the world. The company has also helped businesses better protect and monitor their equipment regardless of where it is, and the LaaS platform even tells a business when their equipment is in need of repair. Their location services are capable of properly functioning in over 200 countries in the world, which definitely expands the businesses possibilities in regards to their base of operations.


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