The Story of Sudhir Choudhrie, Business Man, Philanthropist, Positivity

Sudhir Choudhrie is a native of India. He grew up in Dehli. Reared by his mother, his earliest recollections are of the positive influence she had on his life. His father passed away when he was very young. He became a great success in business and now resides in England. He refers to his mother as his “role model” in life. His business interests are in the hospitality field, healthcare, aviation, and the arms trade. ( shrike)

In the Gazet Day article “Told From the Heart: The Inspiring Story of Sudhir Choudhrie” October 22, 2019, the historical facts and monumental successes of he achieved as both a business man, a positive force in the English and Indian economies, and as a philanthropist are revealed. As a successful entrepreneur, he was afforded the capability and ingenuity to assist many struggling businesses and keep them afloat and ongoing. The impact this had on these economies and the global economy was continued growth through continued successful ventures.

As a philanthropist, he does a lot of work in the area of medicine in cardiology. He supports numerous charities and charitable organizations that fund and do research in heart transplants, donors and patients. The Columbia University Medical Centre honored him with naming their Professorship in Cardiology in his name.

Diagnosed with a heart condition when he was just eight years old, he lived most of his life with the challenge of an ailing heart and the health consequences of such. Spanning a lifetime of business challenges, at the age of 70, Sudhir Choudhrie is known as the longest living heart transplant patient in the world.

Sudhir Choudhrie is very influential in the worlds of international commerce, diplomacy, philanthropy and politics. He is an entrepreneur with a knack for helping. He has been associated with such companies as Taj Hotels and Resorts, Adidas AG, Ebookers PLC, Air Deccan and C&C Alpha Group.

Through these associations he created Taj Karala, four resorts based in India that are wildly successful with the tourists and locals of the area, Through his work with Adidas AG, the Indian Trading Company was created which introduced the Adidas brand to India through a network of stores and manufacturing sites.

Sudhir Choudhrie is widely known and respected by his business colleagues and the business community for his strides to make things better for people in business through entrepreneurship and better for the general populations through philanthropy.

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