The start to Kevin Planks’ Career

Kevin Plank is a man who has had a phenomenal success with Under Armor. He launched the popular company at his grandmothers house in 1996. He started his line of work as a college student. Kevin Plank created a small business called ‘Cupid’s Valentine.’ It was a rose delivery service for Valentine’s Day.

In early years, he was overlooked by football teams he desired to play for. He was disappointed, but he didn’t allow that to stop him from a life of success. In the 1990’s he finally got to play for the University of Maryland, which is was the start of his career.

Kevin Plank is now one of the largest innovators in the world. He has a drive to do greater than his opponents. His goal was to top Nike, which was risky, but he was willing to try. The company is 23 years old, but is still appealing and inspires young athletes around the world.

He was named the business person of the years by Forbes, and was the achiever of the year for the Success magazine. He has also won other awards and achievements due to his successful company.

Planks inspiration came after graduating college. He found that he didn’t like feeling weighed down and sweaty while he played football, so he started exploring ways to make a shirt that would keep players dry and cool while they played. He went $40,000 in debt to create this company he believed in. The name of the company started as ‘Body Armor’ until his brother mistakenly asked how his company ‘Under Armor’ was going. Kevin Plank liked the idea better and decided to name his company ‘Under Armour.’ Finally, in 2001-2003, the company found it’s big break when Under Armour became the workout and game apparel for NFL.


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