The RealReal – Authentic Consignment

Humble Beginnings

The RealReal was established in 2011 by Julie Wainwright. The store’s main concept is to sell gently used, quality, luxury items at a fraction of the cost. The RealReal is not your average resale store. All the items are carefully scrutinized before they become part of the store’s product line. Wainwright’s main interest is quality and honesty. She believes that if the customer trust your authenticity, they will believe and buy your product. With it’s success as an e-commerce store, the RealReal has now opened an actual brick and mortar store in New York.

Shopping at The RealReal via Online or In-Store

Currently, with the opening of the new store in New York, customers can shop via online or by simply stopping into the actual store in New York. One of the main interest of customers is the thrill of the hunt or the finding of a great buy. Now they no longer have to wonder about the quality of the material or have to wonder if an item is too worn to purchase. Customers can simply drop into the store and feel, try, and physically handle items of interest. Although shopping online is convenient for some customers, it is nice to actually visually see the item in person versus guess work from a picture online.

Another nice feature of The RealReal is the way the inventory works. If a shopper is in-store and finds an item of interest, they can give it to the sales rep to scan for pricing. When an item is scanned for pricing it is no longer available online until the customer decides not to purchase and returns it back to the shelf. This is a nice feature because customers feel an urgency to get to the item either online or in-store before the item is handled or purchased by another customer.

The typical prices at The RealReal can range from the high-end to the low-end, depending on the product. The RealReal is sure to have much more success to come with Julie Wainwright at the helm. The RealReal is becoming more and more known in the world of consignment. Wainwright promises more brick and mortar stores to open soon to give her customers more of an opportunity of a great deal.

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