The MAGFAST Charger Impresses


The “MAGFAST Family” isn’t a new sitcom coming your way. The family consists of six different wireless, magnetic chargers designed to lend charging help in different situations. Co-founder and CEO of the MAGFAST company, Seymour Segnit, worked with his team to bring these innovative new chargers to the market. So far, the response appears excellent.

The MAGFAST Charger first hit the scene via a crowdfunding campaign that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on day one. Things looked good for Seymour Segnit and his company. The former Saatchi & Saatchi employee explored options for launching a business, and MAGFAST is the result.

Even though he did not do well with a prior startup, Segnit trudged ahead with the MAGFAST concept. Today, many consumers are happy that he came up with the idea and released the product.

Offering six different chargers expands the pool of potential customers. The LifeCharger provides a portable solution for people who want to take their chargers everywhere. The LifeCharger Extreme comes with a massive amount of power. Customers can even attach jumper cables to them to start up a car. The AirCharger delivers a great-looking charging stand. Yes, much thought went into the development of these chargers.

Seymour Segnit makes a great point about his products. They don’t come with two problems traditional cables possess. Standard charging cables create messy tangles and are not built to last. The cheap construction of the cables means they wear out sooner than later. Their final destination is a landfill, and their environmental impact isn’t positive. A wireless option cuts out these problems. View Related Info Here.

Segnit emphasizes the fact high-quality manufacturing goes into the product of MAGFAST chargers. Since they aren’t “cheaply made,” they won’t wear out as quickly as low-priced convenience store-bought chargers. Plus, the MAGFAST Family products look cool, too. Read This Article for more information.




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