The Legend of Lori Senecal and her departure from CP+B

Despite being ranked among the top advertising executives, Lori Senecal walked away from her role as Global CEO of CP+B at the end of 2017. When she came on board with the company, her role was to bring management and organizational skills. Upon entry she and the CP&B chairman, Chuck Porter, planned for her 2018 exit. Her two years at the helm of CP+B were extremely successful and the organization has not lost a client since her arrival.

Before moving to a professional capacity, Lori Senecal earned a bachelor’s of commerce in marketing and finance from McGill University. After McGill she worked for MDC Partner Network, Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, and McCann Worldgroup in roles ranging from the Head of Sales and Marketing to CEO. At CP+B she served as Global CEO, expanding the organization’s reach through innovation and inventive management.

In her interview with Inspirery, Senecal credits her success with a desire to help others be successful. She says simply “I make money when other people make money.” Truly a team player, she claims her skills are purely motivational. A “collective mission” and the “relentless passion” of those around her helped her get to where she is today. This strength is also Senecal’s weakness as she states her hardest decisions are made when teammates are not meeting the standard. Her desire for others to succeed sometimes impede her ability to speak candidly with them about their performance. You can visit for more.


This selflessness aided her throughout her career in advertising and even as she left CP+B she said of her replacement CEO, Danielle Aldrich, “she [is] always looking to uncover the toughest business challenges… she’s a truly fantastic partner and friend, and the agency is smarter and more effective thanks to her leadership.” The advertising world, and CP+B specifically, will miss Lori Senecal, but her legacy lives on through those she worked with, learned from, and mentored. She recently spoke at 3% conference.


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