The Amazing Work of Livio Bisterzo

     Leonardo DiCaprio recently invested in a company involved with natural products which are not meat based. Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous actor as well as a film producer who have won many awards; he was the lead actor in the movie “Titanic.” The company is known as Green Park Holdings having Livio Bisterzo as the CEO and owner. Green Park Holdings is a firm that brings vegan snacks to the society making it easier for the individuals that follow such a diet. Hippeas, the company’s amazing brand is now becoming popular because of the new investors that are attracted to the whole vegan diet. Investors like Leonardo bring a significant contribution to the success of the company.

Leonardo is also an activist and has a passion for nature and the planet as a whole. Supporting Hippeas was a decision he made to save the world. Hippeas products are organic, none of meat or meat products. The company’s goal is to save the world by providing a product that tastes good but also saves the world. The products are made of peas but with unique flavors added to the product. Livio Bisterzo also partnered with Farm Africa, an organization dedicated to eradicating hunger in the most remote areas of Africa. Green Park Holdings donates their profits to African farmers so that they can be able to plant quality seeds that will lead to quality food. The company’s mission caught Leonardo’s interest, and this is why he invested in the enterprise.

Hippeas are organic with low amounts of fats; the peas contain lots of proteins and fibers and have a crunchy sound when chewing. The flavors are also different including pepper, white cheddar, barbecue, fajita, and sriracha. Livio is dedicated to what he does, and under his leadership, the company is growing fast and gaining popularity. Livio is confident about the company’s sales; he predicts more sales and profits at the end of 2017 because of his other two products which have been launched. Livio also has the experience to turn the company into a massive business. In addition to his experience, Bisterzo has the connections to make his company gain the awareness it deserves. Bisterzo is a visionary with the persistence to achieve his goals and dreams.

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