Teach to One Is Transforming Education, One Student At A Time

With the overcrowding of schools and classroom, it can be difficult for educators to provide one on one instruction, or hone in on the needs of each individual student. However, studies show that this type of individualized approach has a tremendous impact on each student’s success.

As we evolve, the way we learn does as well. Our society, as a whole, has gotten better at understanding this process, but, are we addressing it? While technology has made major contributions to the evolution of education, it often fails to address the lack of personalized learning paths. In order to be effective, curriculums and learning paths should be based on data. When we better understand how a student learns, we can provide more opportunities for learning, and better support their learning styles.

Teach to one, introduces a new and innovative way of teaching mathematics in middle school and high school. The program enables teachers to provide a more personalized learning experience, based on the needs of each individual student. Through a combination of different assessments, and technology-based tools and instruction, Teach to One aims to develop strategies and learning plans that support the learning styles of each individual student, and do away with the one fits all model of education we commonly see in schools today.

A recent study showed that their unique approach was paying off in the most rewarding way. Over a three year period, students who were consistently enrolled in Teach to One program showed an increase of roughly 23% in MAP testing scores, while students who were not enrolled consistently saw an increase of roughly 12%.

While their primary focus is mathematics, the organization has plans to expand and help support the needs of all students, across a variety of different subjects.


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