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Jason Hope Is Opening People’s Eyes Up To The Benefits Of The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and futurist who is revealing exactly how the Internet of Things (IoT) is restructuring the airline industry. While the IoT used to be a subject that spoke more to science fiction readers rather than real life, it is now becoming a normal part of everyday life. The IoT has to do with everyday objects that are connected to the internet, and it has been predicted that soon there will be billions of different things that are connected to the internet within the next couple of years. Bluetooth beacon technology is a large part of what is making the IoT possible, and these sensors are getting smaller and smaller.

The Iot is moving into the airline industry, and a number of airlines are already beginning to put some of their budget aside for the IoT. It’s looking like airlines will begin to roll-out some of what it is they have been implementing soon, and Jason Hope believes that this will improve customer service. Specifically, real-time data can be collected from airplanes that are connected to a wireless network so that issues could be picked up and taken care of quickly. The safety and efficiency of items like life jackets could be monitored by beacons, and mechanics can be alerted ahead of time so that they are ready to meet up with a plane as it lands so they can fix it.

Jason Hope works to communicate with the people about the fact that customer service in airlines will surely improve along with everything else due to the IoT. Not only are airlines finding ways to personalize travel, but they are also helping to get passengers to the the best seats based on choices they made previously. Passengers can also wear a device or have an app on  mobile device that lets then know when they are walking in the wrong direction to get to their flight. It can even let people know if they need to hurry because they are about to miss their flight. When a passenger misses their flight, they can be told about different stores or restaurants they might want to visit that they have enjoyed before. The IoT might be able to even let a passenger know the wait time at a bar or if the location of a restaurant they would be interested in. Jason Hope is excited to be helping to usher people into this new world.

About Jason Hope: ideamensch.com/jason-hope/