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The Career of Tim Ioannides

Ever since he was a kid, Tim Ioannides dreamed of one day becoming a dermatologist but it wasn’t an easy road to get to where he is today. So how was he able to achieve this lifelong dream? It all began about three decades ago when he first matriculated at the University of Miami School of Medicine. During med school, he was accepted into a prestigious internship program which he completed with honors. After receiving medical degree, he decided to go into the private sector and he found himself working at someone else’s practice where he helped with the day-to-day activities and performed clerical work in the front office. Pretty soon, however, he discovered they were more interested in making a profit than properly treating the patients.

As such, it wasn’t long before Tim Ioannides departed that practice so he could open his own office of dermatology. In 2004, he officially established Treasure Coast Dermatology, a practice specifically developed to attend to the wants and needs of each individual patient. They do this by having Dr. Tim specifically consult with each patient in order to establish a healthy rapport with them and better treat their conditions. They also ensure each employee takes their notes by hand so they can better attend to their patients instead of being glued to a screen. One of his proudest accomplishments is all the patients he has helped to cure of skin cancer.

He has said he doesn’t use any traditional marketing tactics as he finds that word of mouth is just as effective as any tools he could possibly use. A lot of his customers are actually holdovers from his previous position when he was fresh out of med school. In the future, he hopes to one day discover a cure for skin cancer.

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