Sharon Prince Has Brought A Unique And Spiritually Energizing Experience To A Town In Connecticut:

The residents of New Canaan, Connecticut have the benefit of one of the most innovative and unique community centers that can be found anywhere. This community center is called Grace Farms and it is run by the Grace Farms Foundation. Sharon Prince heads up this dedicated nonprofit organization.

Through the Grace Farms community center, residents are able to connect with nature and have the opportunity to participate in a number of events that help to bring the community together with a sense of shared togetherness and spirituality.

The facility sits on an eighty acres plot of land and the main building itself is designed to seamlessly meld into the beautiful natural setting. This is the kind of atmosphere that Sharon Prince and her teams strive to achieve through the development of this unique community-based facility.

Sharon Prince and her team opened the doors at the Grace Farms facility three years ago. The initial motivation for creating this space was due to a desire to save the last piece of undeveloped countryside in the county of Fairfield.

The community members that came together with Sharon Prince to create Grace Farms did so with a desire to see that this pristine piece of land would be preserved in a way that would help it to benefit the community while maintaining its beautiful and natural charm at the same time. The efforts have paid off and the result is a community center that the whole region can be proud of and enjoy.

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