Seymour Segnit Reveals Opinions About Marketing


Failure shouldn’t be anything more than a learning experience that includes a minor setback. Seymour Segnit didn’t succeed with his first crowdfunding-based business. Things started out well, and then the company ran out of money. His second endeavor, MAGFAST, turned out to be a hit. The company raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on its first day of fundraising. Segnit revealed the company is doing well. Currently, there are six chargers available in the wireless MAGFAST Family.

What is Seymour Segnit working on right now? He handles many tasks associated with running MAGFAST since he is the Chief Executive Officer. Marketing, however, remains at the top of his priority list virtually every day. He suggests that a savvy entrepreneur should spend roughly 80% of his or her time on marketing. Go Here to learn more.

Segnit is currently researching processes for micro-geolocation. Seymour Segnit wants market research that provides any and all details possible about potential clients. Segnit even takes information regarding the specific buildings clients may be located thoughtfully.

Seymour Segnit’s rationale for marketing isn’t too complicated to comprehend. He feels that raising awareness about a product makes sales more likely. A customer won’t purchase something he/she never heard of. Not everyone is skilled at marketing, but a lack of skill should not become an excuse to hide behind. Seymour Segnit suggests outsourcing marketing work if you aren’t good at it.

The products available under the MAGFAST Family banner do provide much of value. The wireless chargers cut out the need for cables and their subsequent tangles — the magnets in the chargers open doors for creative-looking connections. View More Information Here.

The key to marketing is getting information about the value to the customers. Solely stressing information about the product isn’t always the way to go. Marketing that focuses on a products ability to make people feel good can resonate. Seymour Segnit appreciates the “feel good” approach.


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