Sergey Petrossov is the Brilliant Mind Behind JetSmarter

Becoming a CEO before the age of 30 is not all that common but 28-year-old Sergey Petrossov has done just that. His company, JetSmarter is valued at over one billion dollars and he is a young and successful CEO and founder. His work with JetSmarter is something that not all CEOs have the ability to do.

Sergey Petrossov and his family moved to the United States when he was very young and he began to learn about aviation when his family moved to Florida when he was around 10 years old. He found out that the private jet industry was in dire need of an upgrade and a real change. Sergey found that many of the private jets that are out on the tarmac every day are not actually full.

JetSmarter works to help fill those empty seats and get private jets into the air with passengers on board. The company started in 2016 and has grown immensely since its inception. JetSmarter offers a membership for users where they can pay an annual fee to have access to the JetSmarter App and all that it includes.

It was the goal of Petrossov that the app would allow users to have access to flights that they needed, to flights that might not be listed, or flights that might not be easy to access. They offer the chance to charter your flight and to choose the flight that is going to work for your needs and work what you have access to. You can charter fully private flights, you can charter flights with other people that are flying to the same place, or to get jet shuttles that take you to the plane.

Private jets are a great thing but they can take a great deal of trouble to set up if you are not fully aware of how to charter your own private jet. Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter are making strides.

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