Securus Technologies Arms Police With Targeted Information

One of the most important things to do when investigating a crime is to gather information. Investigators must work backwards by putting the pieces of criminal activities together. They must get the entire picture before they go and arrest somebody. After all, many crimes may point to an innocent person as the perpetrator until all the information is out on the table. Having as much information as possible prevents innocent people from getting arrested and increases conviction rates.


Securus Technologies helps police officers gather as much information as possible. You might not think the telephone company can do much for police officers, but you would be wrong. This particular telephone company is responsible for providing prisoners with their telephone services. Any time someone incarcerated inside of a prison that Securus Technologies services makes a phone call, that digital information is transmitted through Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies makes sure to record all of this information.


Every day prisoners make more phone calls. Every day this massive mountain of digital information grows. This can make it very difficult for law enforcement to get the information that they need. But Securus Technologies has already thought of that.


Proprietary software gives police officers the ability to dive inside that mountain of digital information with the utmost precision. The software is capable of identifying one voice within that mountain of digital information. The software then pulls up all of that information for police officers to review. As you can imagine, it arms law enforcement with a ton of information regarding anything spoken over the phone inside of a prison.


Most of the time this information is used to prevent crimes taking place inside of the prison. This can range from contraband to plan violent attacks. In the end, it allows law enforcement officers to get as much information as possible.


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