Robert Ivy Driving The Architectural Profession In the US

The Board of the American Institute of Architects is the professional body which represents all licensed architects as well as professionals operating in the construction and design industry in the United States. The board was established in 1857 and has served the interests of the members in several matters that concern their interests. In 2011, the Board announced that it had appointed Robert Ivy as the Chief Executive Officer/Executive Vice President effective from February 1.

Before, his appointed, Robert Ivy was a Fellow of the AIA. Robert is a respected professional in the construction and design industry. He has also served as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record since 1996.

Robert as the CEO of the AIA manages the national office of the body in Washington DC. To this end, he manages an annual budget of the excess of $56 and 206 employees. Additionally, he directs the organization focus on practice and design issues in the Institute. He also leads the Institute so that it is the voice of architects and related professionals on issues affecting them. Lastly, he is also responsible for ensuring that more than 300 chapters of the AIA across the United States collaborate in their work.

Besides his current position at AIA, Robert Ivy serves as the Editorial Director and Vice President for the McGraw-Hill Construction. In his capacity, he is responsible for the effective and efficient management of the large editorial organization and the editorial quality of the family of publications about construction and design.

Previously, Robert served as the principal with the Ivy Architects as well as the managing partner with the Dean/Dale, Dean and Ivy a position he held for almost 14 years.

In 2009, received the Crain Awards for his outstanding professional achievements specifically his contributions to the business media. This was followed by a recognition by Alpha Rho Chi which is an architectural fraternity by being named as Master Architect. Alpha Rho Chi opined that Robert had played a significant role in communicating the worth of design to the new generation of architects.

Over the years, Robert Ivy has distinguished as an advocate for the architectural profession in several important political, social and environmental issues that affect the built environment. This has been evidenced by the fact he has dedicatedly served on the AIA Board of Directors since the 1990s. Robert is also an accomplished scholar and author and has published several scholarly papers discussing issues in the Architectural field.

Robert Ivy is a graduate of the University of the South in Tennessee where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts. He also holds a Master’s in Architecture from the Tulane University, Louisiana. In 1993, Robert became a Fellow of the AIA College of Fellows.

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