Paul Mampilly Predicts some Business Trends in 2019

The businessman has many years of experience in commerce and that has made him an authority in the field. He worked in many organizations in various roles but later left to focus on helping business startups to succeed in their ventures. Due to his experience, he is a qualified investment advisor. Paul Mampilly was born and raised in India but later moved to the U.S to advance his education. After staying in the U.S for some years, he decided to acquire citizenship and built a permanent home in the country. Some of the positions that he has held in American companies include money manager, portfolio manager, and investment analyst.

Paul Mampilly recently shared some business insights to help business people to make informed decisions and hence good returns in 2019. The ability of a business to process data concerning consumers and other business aspects is important as it has an impact on an organization’s productivity. Many tech firms have taken advantage of this development to grow their income by providing crucial data at a price. The high cost of data has been a challenge to many small businesses in the past.

According to Paul, small firms lack enough manpower and the necessary technology to process big data. He predicted that more companies will be able to access and make good use of data this year. He attributes this to the low cost of acquiring better technology and other processes that are essential in using big data. Access to data will revolutionize business operations and interactions between organizations and their customers.

Another prediction by Paul Mampilly was that the value of homes will decline. According to Paul Mampilly, real estate firms and other sellers will have to wait for some time to sell their properties and earn good returns. Statistics in the housing industry have shown a positive trend in the United States for than a decade now which provided an opportunity for homeowners to sell and make good returns by selling their properties. Paul also revealed that the political climate in the country is expected to have a positive impact on the economy in 2019. Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019

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