Paul Mampilly on Why Online Reputation for Companies have Become Important

In the financial world, there are very few people who have achieved such name and fame as Paul Mampilly. In the last couple of decades, Paul has been able to gather a lot of fanfare due to his remarkable predictions and investment strategies. Started by working for Banker’s Trust as a portfolio manager, Paul Mampilly went on to become one of the leading financial analysts in Wall Street. He even won the Templeton Foundation Award for investment as he managed to pull up investment worth fifty million dollars to over ninety million dollars during the recession period of 2008-09 when other investment companies were struggling.

About Paul Mampilly is currently associated with Banyan Hill Publishing as its editor and manages newsletters like Profit Unlimited and many others. These financial newsletters help people learn about the various marketing and investment opportunities in the financial world. The techniques that Paul shares with people have been truly beneficial for the people and help them with their financial goals. One of the biggest trends that he is excited about is that of how companies will need to take into account the user reviews when creating or updating their products and services. People today go online no just to post reviews about the products they have used but also to look for reviews on companies before selecting them.

Paul Mampilly says that companies will have to invest in creating a good online reputation or they will be left behind. Paul Mampilly wants people to invest in companies that offer such services to companies and individuals. With online reputation becoming more crucial than ever before, more companies will want to put aside a large part of their investment into online marketing strategies. Thus, more tech companies who offer such services are expanding their services to reach out to more clients. Paul wants people to do their research before they decide where to invest. One has to be sure that they are making the right choice so that they can minimize their risks. He wants people to understand that investment is a big decision and should not be taken lightly.

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