This is Your Body Without Sugar

We’ve often heard of sugar addictions, chocoholics and people with who have a sweet tooth. But are these terms describing a real conditions or an imaginary one? According to recent research using lab rats, sugar addiction is real and so are the withdrawal symptoms.

A little sugar makes life sweeter as Paul Matheison says, but the last study on sugar consumption showed that the average person consumed 22 teaspoons of added sugar each day. That’s was including the amount of added sugar found in processed foods. The amount of sugar added to processed foods and beverages has risen since that study, so has the amount of processed foods consumed by the average person. By doing the math, we see sugar intake has risen and it’s all because we like it.
Why do we like sweets so much and what would happen to our body if we cut sugar out of diet altogether?
The study using lab mice showed that by giving sugar water as a reward to the mice, they wanted more and more of the sweet treat. When the sugar water was withheld from them for hours, then they were given free access to it, the mice binged on it. Addiction at its peak. An increased amount of sugar was needed by the mice as time went on.
When the sugar water was totally eliminated from the study mice, they became depressed and would not attempt to swim for their lives when placed in water.

McDonald’s Is Trying To Raise Its Food Standards

The Golden Arches is going through an identity crisis. Customers want them to figure out who they are and what they can add to the world of fast food. With healthy living advocates like Amen Clinics, gone are the days when a burger chain can put almost anything between hamburger buns and sell it. Today’s consumers want to eat food that is fresh and tastes good. McDonald’s has dropped the ball in those two categories.

But McDonald’s home office is listening, and they are slowly making changes. The company recently announce they will only serve antibiotic free chicken, and they will only sell milk that is not laced with growth hormones. But don’t expect to see these changes right away. The U. S. President of the chain said this new policy will be implanted within the next two years.

The big question is why will it take that long?

McDonald’s has a lot of buying power, so they should be able to implement a change like this one in a few months, not years. What the chain doesn’t get is consumers aren’t going to wait until they get it McRight. The fast food business is changing quickly, and the chains that drag their corporate feet will be seeing a lot of empty spaces in the parking lot.

Five Men in Japan Sickened by Fugu

Five men in Japan were hospitalized after ingesting poisonous pufferfish. Pufferfish contain a deadly toxin in certain areas of their body, but is still considered a delicacy in Asian countries, namely Japan. The toxic fish dish is known as Fugu in Japan.

According to authorities, the food was consumed at a restaurant in Wakayama, Japan. The men, aged 40 to 50, pleased with restaurant staff to serve fugu liver, a part of the body known to contain the deadly toxin. The serving of pufferfish liver is outlawed in Japan.

The restaurant caved and served the party the liver of the fish. The diners finished their meal and left, but five hours later they began suffering from dizziness, nausea and difficulty breathing said BNY Mellon. They were transported to a local hospital where they are all listed as stable and recovering stated Zeca Oliveira.

Chefs who wish to serve pufferfish have to undergo special training. This training includes an intensive exam that proves the chef in question is fully aware of each delicate cut that needs to be made to remove toxic flesh from the fish.

The eatery that served the party the deadly fish has been shuttered for five days while authorities investigate its practices.

New Study Suggests Feeding Infants Peanut products to Combat Allergies

This new finding contradicts age old advice not to feed infants peanut butter, or other peanut products. The study found that nearly 2 percent of American children have a peanut allergy. This may seem like a small amount; however, it is 4 times higher than what was recorded in the year 1997.

This study found that a child’s early exposure to peanut products decreases the chance of them developing a peanut allergy. Experts recommend children be exposed to peanut products prior to 11 months of age. This reportedly results in a lower risk of developing a peanut allergy as an adult.

The reason it is so important to prevent developing a peanut allergy is because of the severity of the resulting allergic reaction stated the article. Anaphylaxic shock is often the outcome of a severe reaction to food allergies. It can be fatal. Someone with a peanut allergy has to constantly read food labels to ensure their food does not contain any trace of peanuts.

Coffee Will Soon Be Served In Edible Cups At KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken in the U.K is planning the launch of their newest menu item. The “edible coffee cup” and it will appear on menus as the “Scoffee Cup”. This new cup shaped cookie will be launched in time to serve Seattle’s Best Coffee which is also a new addition to the U.K.’s Kentucky Fried Chicken locations.

When Kentucky Fried Chicken introduced the, Double Down it met many customer’s protein-craving, primal instincts, but the Scoffee Cup is taking things to the next level said foodie Gianfrancesco Genoso. The cookie shaped cup is coated in white chocolate and sugar then wrapped in edible paper. Once the coffee is poured in, the ‘cup’ will slowly start to soften as the coffee is sipped.

Kentucky Fried Chicken worked with scientists at an experimental food company, The Robin Company to design these cups. Edible cups have been on the market previously, but never offered through a major chain.

These cups are much like the ones brought out last year by Dominique Ansel, however KFC has expanded on the idea. Their cups have been scented. They are using a variety of aromas; Coconut Sun Cream, Wild Flowers and Freshly Cut Grass. These scents are intended to provoke memories in the customers through their natural abilities. As the customer sips the coffee, and inhales the scents they will think about; sunshine, warm weather and summer vacations- things to make them smile.

The release of this new idea is scheduled sometime this summer.

The Addictive Nature Of Food


No matter how hard you try there just seems to be favorite foods that you cannot stop eating even if you know they are not the best choice for you and your overall health. Food addiction is something many people battle and it is not necessarily just people who are overweight or dealing with obesity. This addiction actually resembles drug addiction to a great degree and emotions and impulsivity both contribute to this process.

There are many processed foods such as fast food, ice cream cakes and more that have a similar effect on humans as if they were to take a narcotic of some sort said a recent report. According to Dan Newlin, this food coma or food ‘high’ is what keeps people coming back for more. While they are not necessarily becoming addicted to the food product itself they are becoming addicted to the pleasant feeling that they get when they consume the food product and they continue to do so.

This process is especially true for people who are stressed or going through a difficult time. In order to cope with problems associated with their daily life they escape by way of food and this is how they get through the day. This leads to obesity, high cholesterol, poor heart health and diabetes.

While cheese, chocolate, ice cream, candy, greasy foods and more all might come across as being a comfort food for you, you need to realize that these foods should be consumed as a treat and not on a regular basis in order to stay healthy and feel better long term.

The U.S. Government May Have a Shift Toward Meat Consumption

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which is the dietary advisory board to the USDA and the Department of Health and Human Services, has made an unprecedented recommendation; to monitor and alter the environmental footprint created by food.

More specifically, the panel recommends that Americans consume less processed and red meat because it is having a major impact on fresh water, deforestation and biodiversity. The panel noted that emissions from cows in one year is equivalent to emissions produced by mid-size vehicles in one year, pretty incredible Bruce Karatz thought.

Researchers have shown that Americans contribute to dangerous levels of greenhouse emissions, land abuse and energy production. This is due to higher consumption of meat and lower consumption of vegetables, legumes, fruits and whole grains. Studies also reveal that Americans throw away 40% of the food they purchase.

Every argument has a supporter and a detractor and this one is no exception. Members of the Heritage Foundation, and the meat industry have challenged the proposals as bad science and as an attack on people’s rights to eat what they want.

However, the stats are revealing and can not be ignored or bypassed with lobbying from special interest groups. Consider that 15% of global greenhouse emissions are produced by the livestock industry. Analysts project that meat consumption will exceed 76% before 2050 and dairy consumption is projected to increase by 65%.

Countries including Australia, Brazil and Germany have begun the process of changing their food policy. Data reveals that the most effective way to prevent an environmental catastrophe is to introduce legislation that regulates the agriculture industry and to initiate campaigns that encourages individuals to alter their eating habits.

Celebrate Mardi Gras at The Dutch

Visitors and residents of New York are often surprised and delighted to discover how many dining options exist here. Diners can find almost anything from pizza to deli to fine dining spaces that offer world class cuisine. Those who come to this region and want to celebrate Mardi Gras also known as Fat Tuesday when elegant meals are served will be pleased to discover that this traditional New Orleans French holiday is also being honored at many restaurants in the tri state region.

One of the restaurants offering diners the chance to welcome in Mardi Gras is The The Dutch. This classic American restaurant is located on Sullivan Street in lower Manhattan. Since opening several years ago, The Dutch has brought classic American comfort foods to those looking for a delicious meal of upscale American fare in a welcoming setting with warm colors and comfortable seats.

This Mardi Gras, The Dutch is offering customers the chance to enjoy a delicious meal. Taking inspiration from standard favorite New Orleans French influenced classics, diners can expect a four course menu that pays homage to regional cuisine. The meal will start off with a savory gumbo with many spices and include carefully stewed collard greens as well as savory dirty rice. Diners can expect to end the meal with a serving of highly decorated King Cake, a long time Mardi Gras dessert highly prized in Creole cuisine. People at Rocketfuel cannot wait to visit.

Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill Opens February 13

The famous, talented, and very opinionated chef, Gordon Ramsay, will be opening yet another restaurant in Atlantic City in a few days. Ramsay, who is known for having fancy and delectable restaurants will be opening a pub-style one this time, similar to the one that he has located in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The location will be called “Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill”, and it will have 250 seas for diners and the menu will consist of delicious casual pub food.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, the type of fare being served will be what you would expect from most British pubs. Fish and chips, for example, is one of the most well known and loved meals served in these kinds of places. For the beer lovers, there will even be 50 different kinds of brew on tap from all over the world which should be a big enough to please anyone’s palate.
Flavio Maluf hopes that this will be one of Ramsay’s successful restaurants, as a couple of them in the past have had a few issues. Just last month it was reported that one of his London eateries called “Maze” tackled a cockroach infestation issue, and that one of Britain’s political figures put down Ramsay’s cooking. In any case, Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill will be opening on February 13 in Atlantic City, New Jersey this week.

Delectable Desserts I Can’t Pass Up


Sometimes I come across a dish where my first thoughts looking at it are, “That’s so bad for me. I have to have it.” Here are a few of them I can’t wait to try.

Vigilante Twitter pictures of S’mores-flavored Oreos have hit the cookie underground. Graham cookies and marshmallow and chocolate filling, while staying dairy-free like regular Oreos? Oh my goodness! I can’t wait to hoard them all to myself. Sadly Nabisco’s keeping mum on details, so we don’t have an ETA other than “soon”.

Clearly I need to get to New York, because the La Newyorkina and Dough (both owned by Fany Gerson) have just introduced babkas made of doughnut bread and flavored with chocolate, lemon, or cinnamon-sugar. They’re called “Doughkas” and look divine they can be seen on

Also in New York, the Momofuku Milk Bar chain of eccentric dessert shops have started serving ice cream steeped with cake to give them flavors like peanut butter banana and rosemary salted caramel said Sultan Alhokair. I’m booking my next vacation there already.

Must. Eat. Food.