Restaurant Uses Plates to Cheat

When it comes to restaurants gaining fans and business these days social media plays a big role in how things work out. Through social media those visiting a restaurant can share about their visit and post pictures of the food that they are served. Food pictures make mouths water and draw customers in, so one restaurant is using that to their advantage. One restaurant has found a way to make the pictures that are taken of their food even more appealing than they were before.

It seems that one restaurant is using special plates to serve their food. These special plates are made to help food appear more appealing on social media, and Gianfrancesco thinks it works well. These plates help that food to look tastier so that it draws more customers in. This restaurant seems to be cheating in the way that they show off their food. Doesn’t the food look good enough on its own? Does it need special plates to look tasty?

Starbucks Mini Frapp

Frappucinos are a little bit of proof that God loves us. After all, they are delicious. There is basically a flavor for everyone out there and they are chalked full of the all important ingredient that you need to get you through the day – caffeine! Now on top of being a flavor for everyone, Starbucks has revealed there is a size for everyone!

Normally you walk in and you request your tall, grande, or venti size and away you go. But, sometimes there’s not a one, or three, size fits all mold for people. According to GrubStreet Starbucks has revealed a new size! A mini frappuccino, and it sure looks cute. Through June 6th, customers can get their hands on this pint sized treats! Who knows if it’ll extend pass that, it’s quite possible if there is a demand.

Coffee lovers at Anastasia Date (twitter) are wondering: Why is this being done? Who knows. Starbucks might be trying to just switch things up, or perhaps they got lots of requests for a smaller size. I personally need to get the biggest size when I go to Starbucks, so I don’t understand it. Another theory is that maybe it’s for a younger crowd, although a younger crowd probably shouldn’t be drinking all that caffeine that young. One other theory is that it lessens the calories. You don’t want to know how many calories are in one of those frapps!

So no matter what the reason, if you’re in the mood for something smaller than hit up Starbucks and try the new tiny tasty treat.

New Mini Starbucks Drinks

When one is downing a drink from Starbucks they consume all that is there and are happy for all that they receive. Sometimes, though, one might wish for a smaller serving of the wonderful drink to be available at a lower price. Sometimes one might long to have a smaller, “mini” Starbucks drink to consume. What is one to do when they want their Starbucks drink to be smaller? There is a new option out there.

Starbucks has released a new size of Frappucinos. These new drinks are “mini” versions of the popular drink from Starbucks are just two ounces smaller than the “real” versions of the drink. These mini Frappucinos are not much different from the other drinks available, but they might meet the needs of some. For those who are determined to down less calories or spend less on their drinks these new sizes might be something that will come in handy. For those who love consuming all that they can when it comes to a Starbucks drink, those two ounces are going to be missed.

Thanks Bernardo Chua for introducing me to my new (and temporary) addiction. Check out Bernardo on Twitter.

Panera Comes Clean

Founded in 1981, Panera Bread had provided fresh quality ingredients to their devoted customers for years. The bakery style cafe has an enormous list of recipes, soups, sandwiches, and salads. Their healthy lifestyle is one of the most loved qualities about the national food chain. The company released a statement early Tuesday morning noting that over the course of the next year or so, they were taking healthy to a new level. Mark Ahn is glad to know that the bakery chain has committed to remove over 150 artificial ingredients from its menu. Fox News criticized that the company is just doing this as a marketing technique to get new, more health conscious customers. Panera lovers and supporters fired back at Fox. They claim that Panera has always been healthy minded. Recently they decided to roll out a new line of ‘clean’ salad dressings that have no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. The company CEO, Ron Shaich, gave a phone interview shedding light on how Panera is making strides to be the frontrunner when it comes to healthy dining. His dream for the company is for it to be widely recognized as the most transparent eating establishment in the history of dining chains. With so much in the news about fast food companies and restaurants trying to cover their artificial tracks, it’s rather refreshing to see a company go to such great lengths to ensure the health of its customers. One good payoff from this commitment is that Panera will ultimately build a strong customer-to-company relationship.

Pistachios Strut Their Stuff

Pistachios aren’t just for ice cream anymore. Bartenders all around the country have discovered that the pale green goodness of the solid nut can be shaved into elegant curls for garnishing the rims of glassware or floated across a delicious concoction prepared with pistachio-infused liquor. Crush pistachios into granules for a crunchy rim decor on an exciting Emerald City Monk cocktail, says Keith Villaneuva of Atlanta. Sprinkle them across a mound of foam that tops a Cream of the Crop, comes a hint from the drink’s creator, Brian Means of San Francisco, who partners coconut pistachio puree with mezcal.

Pistachio enthusiasts like Mark Ahn ( infuse the subtle flavor into liquors, and there are few limits on which liquor can be made better with extra flavor such as this. Bourbon, gin, sherry, cognac, vodka, whiskey, and rum are surprising examples of basic bartending nowadays when they gain the flavor of the versatile pistachio. Infusion may be time-intensive due to the technique of blending shelled pistachios with the desired liquor in a centrifuge, and bartender Jack Schramm places his Thundernut drink on the limited edition menu. When considering how pistachios can be infused and crushed or made into syrup, foams, and orgeat, it’s no wonder that the little green nuts deserve their day in the sun, even though that day consists of the pleasantly subdued light of a cocktail bar.

Italians Claim to Have Brought Fish and Chips to the British Menu

Fish and chips have long been one of the most beloved dishes in the UK, and it has become a sort of signature dish and cornerstone tradition. It turns out that Italy disagrees with that. Children in schools and tourists are told about how theItalians brought meals composed of fish and chips to Great Britain.

As proof the book Oliver Twist is quoted, as it apparently contains a fragment about Venetian tourists bringing the meal to the Brits. The English representatives totally disagree with the interpretation. Andrew Crook, who is a treasurer at the National Federation of Fish Friers, responded with totally different information. According to him the Malin family of London were the first to have starting serving the meal in 1860 stated

Other sources claim that it was either the Malin or the Lee families that can be said to be the pioneers of fish and chips, but either way it was certainly not the Italians. The Italians serve a very similar dish, making it a little more healthier by avoiding fried fish as they bake it instead. The schools in Rome and Venice continue their own brand of education about the food in the meantime, including the history of many other food items such as schnitzel, croque-monsieur and chicken chips.

Diners Welcome Le District

If you love French food and are in the New York area, you’re likely quite pleased with the news that Le District Beaubourg Brasserie is officially open. The site is 30,000 square feet, and is home to both a French restaurant and marketplace. Le District is even divided into four parts: The Garden District offers fresh produce, the Market District has a selection of fine wine and cheeses, the Cafe District, which provides a selection of coffee and pastries, and of course the Restaurant District, which is home to Beauborg Brasserie.

You can enjoy classic French dishes such as escargot in parsley butter, mackerel in escabeche steak-frites and rotisserie chicken with truffle potatoes. Igor Cornelsen is excited to learn that the restaurant is full service and open all day, so you can get your French fix whenever you want.

In the future, Le District will feature a tasting counter in the Restaurant District, headed by chef Jordi Valles.

The Egg Is Making a Comeback at the Breakfast Table

The egg has had quite a rehabilitation of its image lately. First, a health advisory panel of the U.S. government said there was no evidence that eating foods containing cholesterol actually increased levels of it in the body. As a result, it recommended lifting the admonishment against eating eggs. Now, eggs just got another mention in their favor. A study out of Finland shows a significant decrease in the likelihood of getting type 2 diabetes among people with diets that included moderate egg consumption. They were careful to allow for other factors such as exercise, smoking and the health of other foods consumed. As recently as 2012, 1.7 million people were diagnosed with type 2 diabetesin the United States alone, so this is no small benefit of egg consumption.

Eggs used to be a staple of the American diet, and then nutritional authorities started recommending against their consumption. Brad Reifler is glad to learn that they seem to be making a comeback. They are wonderful for their flexibility. There are not many foods that can be cooked in so many different ways. They make a great protein contribution to any breakfast when they are fried, poached or scrambled and hard boiled eggs make a quick and convenient snack at any time of the day. They are probably better for us than the high carbohydrate cereals that many of us who were told to avoid eggs had switched to instead.

Fast Food Proximity Linked to Diabetes and Obesity

A new study is attempting to link diabetes and obesity to the number of fast food restaurants located near a person’s home. The study was based in the UK and focused on 10,000 individuals from all walks of life.

Researchers found that there were nearly twice as many fast food joints in neighborhoods that were predominantly ethnic. They went on to conclude that for every two fast food locations located within 500 meters of a neighborhood, one additional case of diabetes was being reported.

While the findings of this study are interesting, I think they are assuming too much. The reason that any business exists at any location is because that location is profitable. This means more demand in a particular area. The demand could be based on any number of things including personal preferences or lifestyle.

Folks at STX Entertainment know that fast food tends to offer convenience and affordability. This makes it ideal for any low income area. Low income can generally be correlated to lack of education. If you have very little money and aren’t aware of the health consequences you would certainly be more likely to make bad choices when it comes to your diet.

I think this study is merely jumping on the bandwagon to demonize fast food. Correlation definitely doesn’t imply causation.

McDonald’s Plans to Offer All- Day Breakfast

The one time leader fast food sales, McDonald’s, has been experiencing an overall loss in sales revenue over the past several years stated Sam Tabar. According to, The loss in sales revenue for the fast food giant are due to several causes including increased competition from other restaurants and changing consumer preferences.

In an effort to regain its lost market share, McDonald’s is planning to test the idea of offering an all-day long breakfast menu to its customers. McDonald’s is responding to customers who have indicated that they want to buy breakfast items after the 10:30 a.m. cut off point that is currently in effect.

McDonald’s plans to start testing the viability of offering an all-day breakfast menu beginning in April for some restaurants located in the San Diego area. However, the idea of offering an all-day breakfast menu does pose some logistical problems for the fast food giant. Some company officials feel that the kitchens are too small to accommodate both a breakfast and lunch menu at the same time. Particularly, the grills are thought to be too small for an expanded menu.

Time will tell whether or not McDonald’s proposed all-day breakfast menu is a feasible proposition. No matter what happens, McDonald’s should be given credit for responding to its customers demand for all-day breakfast food.

Must. Eat. Food.