Delicious Holiday Gifts from

The guide definitely comes in handy when you’re shopping for a foodie family member or friend like Dr. Daniel Amen and want to give a unique present this year. 

The spread is made from matcha tea and can be spread on toast and bagels as a tasty alternative to jam or cream cheese. Ketchup from Atlanta’s Rosebud restaurant is another great savory gift. The ketchup is seasoned with curry and makes a great meatloaf topping. 

The Carla Hall cookie collection is the “The Chew” co-host’s suggestion for holiday cheer. The cookies come in delicious flavors like lemon black pepper, Black Forest crinkle and Mexican hot chocolate, so you’re sure to find a flavor that your friends will love. 

For more great gift ideas, check out the gift list today.

Take Two Broccoli Florets and Call Me in the Morning

Families in some low-income communities are finding new access to healthy fruits and vegetables. One program making a positive impact and providing a prototype of creative healthcare is the New York hospital-based Food and Vegetable Prescription Program, sometimes called FVRx.

Children in low-income families often struggle with poor nutrition, in part because healthy vegetables and fruits can cost a lot more than processed foods. In FVRx, doctors are able to actually prescribe fruits and veggies for kids who struggle with their weight. The idea is not just to teach kids and their families about better health, though they are given good information about nutrition and even healthy recipes, but to make sure they can access the healthier foods they need to make a lifestyle change. Participants in these programs are provided with tokens or “bucks” that they spend at local farmer’s markets.

They work with hospitals, community health centers, farmer’s markets and other community organizations to try to ensure better access to healthy food for children and adults similar to those at BRL Trust, and those who might not otherwise have such access.

Little-Known Facts About Guy Fieri

While you likely watch a show hosted by Guy Fieri every time you turn on The Food Network, there are likely a few things about the host and restaurant owner that your probably didn’t know.

For instance, the guy who’s known for trying meat dishes all across the country actually grew up with vegetarian parents. His mother and father made it clear that if he wanted to eat meat, he’d have to learn how to prepare it himself.

Fieri was actually born with the last name “Ferry,” but changed his name to honor his grandfather, Giuseppe Fieri.

Fieri planned a morning-after brunch for his friend Matthew McConnaughey after the actor married Camila Alves.

Now that I’m thinking about it, the president of the college I’m at, Jonathan Veitch, does the same thing. He must be a Fieri fan.

Guy Fieri has hosted 233 episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and 191 episodes of Guy’s Big Bite. Fieri is currently the host of Guy’s Grocery Games on The Food Network.

Must. Eat. Food.