A Look At Privinvest, One Of The Global Shipbuilding Leaders

Pivinvest is an international shipbuilding firm based in Beirut, Lebanon. It was founded by Akram Safa and Chief Executive Officer Iskandar Safa. They build three classes of boats which are military, commercial, and megayachts. Established in 1990, it now has over 2,500 people working for it.

It has shipyards in five countries, four in Europe and one in the Middle East. The first shipyard Pivinvest acquired is Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie (CMN), which is located in Cherbourg, France. In Germany, they have three shipyards. These are German Naval Shipyards, Nobiskrug, and Lindenau. In Greece, Pivinvest acquired PISB. Isherwoods is their shipbuilding facility in the UK. In the United Arab Emirates, they acquired Abu Dhabi Mar.

Since 1990, they have delivered over 2000 watercraft to their customers around the world. This includes 40 navies, both NATO and non-NATO. Companies around the world have bought their barges, shipping vessels, and multi-purpose platforms. Privinvest has built some of the world’s most recognized megayachts. Some of these are Odessa II, Flying Fox, Yas, Tatoosh, and Siren. Sailing Yacht A was its last project. The yacht is 468 feet long and weighs 12,600 gross tons. It is outfitted with some of the most cutting-edge maritime technology in the world.

Sustainability and combating climate change are something that Privinvest is becoming increasingly focused on. At their facility in France, it established a new company, Hydroquest. This startup is doing R&D work in the field of Marine Renewable Energies. they are going to design and build marine turbines parks around the world. These turbines will use tidal movement to create electricity. It’s a green way of producing electricity that will reduce dependence on the fossil fuels that are heating the planet and causing stronger hurricanes and typhoons around the world among other problems.

Privinvest has also been increasing the number of retrofits, maintenance, and repairs conducted at its shipyards. Additionally, they are designing new vessels that can be used for surveillance purposes and to provide protection for Exclusive Economic Zones.

Understanding the Sporting And Corporate World of Russell Gimelstob

Russell Gimelstob was first introduced to the Athletic Hall of Fame on 22nd February during a basketball game pitting the varsity’s team against Glen Ridge. The annual Hall of Fame Award is presented by the Alumni Association to coaches, students, teams, athletic directors and administrators with a distinguished track record in the field of athletics through their sportsmanship, leadership, and accomplishments during their stint at Newark Academy.


During his time at Newark Academy, Russell Gimelstob served as the captain of the academy’s tennis team from 1995-1997. He also served as a team member of three tennis teams and 4 state championship teams that won the coveted Tournament of Champions. Upon graduating from Newark Academy, he joined Cornell University and became a double starter and four-year singles for the university’s tennis team.

During his final year, he was named the captain of the University’s tennis team. Besides representing the university in many tournaments such as the National Doubles Tournament, he also went undefeated in many competitions. Above all, he received many awards including Academic All-Ivy Award and Academic All-American Award.

Today, Russell Gimelstob serves as Head of Acquisitions, investment committee member and Managing Director at Dune. He joined the firm during the first year of its inception. He has executed investment decisions on behalf of the firm for more than a decade now. After joining Dune in 2005 as an associate, he has successfully climbed the leadership ladder to become the firm’s Head of Acquisitions. Before joining Dune, he worked at Goldman Sachs as an analyst in the company’s real estate and investment banking department. Before that, he traded securities from 2002 up to 2003. His experience includes securities trading and debt origination.

Russell Gimelstob also has an interesting life that combines together sporting and corporate experience. Currently, he holds several positions including the University of California’s board member.


Beal Properties Offers The Best Service To Chicago Residents

Based out of the metro Chicago area, Beal Properties is one of Chicago’s leading owners of multi-family apartment buildings. For over 25 years, Beal Properties has built apartments in the Lincoln Park, Northfield, Highland Park, and Logan Square areas of the city, among others. Beal Properties includes a large selection of apartments. There are multiple styles of apartments available to tenants. Each apartment unit includes laundry rooms, porch decks, and hardwood floors. Here is a look at some of the best neighborhoods in Chicago to consider renting an apartment in. 


Lakeview is considered by many people to be one of the most accessible neighborhoods in Chicago. Lakeview has multiple tourist attractions. The American Blues Theater has won multiple awards. The Annoyance Theater & Bar offers people the opportunity to enjoy different plays and musicals. Other theaters in the area include the Athenaeum Theater, Music Box Theater, and Stage 77. There are also several popular restaurants in the neighborhood, including Dinkel’s Bakery, Uncommon Ground, DMK Burger Bar, and Yoshi’s Cafe. 

Lincoln Park 

Lincoln Park is known for its zoo, one of the oldest zoos on the continent. The Lincoln Park zoo has free admission, which makes it a popular tourist attraction. The Lincoln Park Conservatory is also nearby. The neighborhood is also known for its culture. People can stop in the Chicago History Museum to learn more about the city. There are multiple dining options available, including Geja’s Cafe, Pequod’s Pizza and The Athenian Room. 

Gold Coast 

Located near downtown Chicago, The Gold Coast neighborhood hosts several historic mansions, along with different boutiques and restaurants. The 3 Arts Club Cafe is a popular lunch choice. The Goddess and Grocer embraces diversity through their distinct dishes. Other popular restaurant choices include Lou Malnati’s pizzeria and Velvet Taco. There are several public transportation methods available to residents. 


ViSalus Vi-Trim Mix Information for Weight Loss

When trying to reduce your body weight, the first thing you must understand is that actual hunger is not food cravings. You have to satisfy your basic hunger but avoid consuming extra and unhealthy foods. Additionally, you need good quality supplements to speed up the process of becoming slim and fit. Take Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge that will change your life and make you a happy person again.

Being overweight is unhealthy and leads to many health problems. There is no need to live in such a difficult and unhealthy condition. Take control of your hunger with the help of ViSalus “Vi-Trim”. It is a flavorless and clear drink mix in powder form.

ViSalus “Vi-Trim” is formulated to help people control their hunger. It will calm down your dieting stress. Mix it into your favorite beverages or sprinkle over the food you eat. Regular use of it will help you manage your cravings for the snacks. It works by controlling your appetite. The good thing about this drink mix is that it does not change the tastes of main drinks and foods. It is available in single serve packets so you can carry it with you. Being able to take it anywhere means you will avoid unnecessary snacking between the meals even when you are on the move.

ViSalus VI-Trim has HCA or hydroxycitric acid extracted from Garcinia Cambogia. The HCA is clinically proven in controlling the appetite. It is effective in managing weight and many other health issues. ChromeMate chromium complex is part of this drink mix. It controls blood sugar level and proves useful even for the people who have this level within normal range. See Related Link for additional information.

Another compound in this mix is PEA or Phenylethylamine commonly found in chocolate. It ensures healthy mood and eases the dieting stress. Carnitine derived from amino acids boosts energy production. It transports fatty acids into the cells. It burns the fats and converts them into energy.

ViSalus is a well-known company with offices across Los Angeles, CA and Italy. Start with this supplement and go on to pick up its 90-day challenge. You are sure to achieve your weight loss goals using its products and support tools.


More about ViSalus on https://bestcompany.com/mlm/company/visalus



American Addiction Centers: Remember Your Children

Now, a lot of people that are addicted to opioids might not want to do something for themselves because they don’t think they are a person of importance.

However, that is the addiction talking. If they are reminded of their children and how much they are needed, it might be that moment that puts them back in the right frame of mind. For the longest time, they were in the wrong frame of mind. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery | MarketWatch

They were unable to go through life because they were so focused on their addiction. It was truly the only thing they loved or cared about in life. They forgot to take care of their children. It’s always disheartening when a child is not given the proper love and attention from his mom or dad.

If it’s both of the parents, it is ten times harder for the children. The AAC (American Addiction Centers) has seen the heartbreak this causes up close and personal.

Who are they going to look to for advice and guidance? That’s the number one problem they are facing. It is why they are ending up in foster care. When that sort of thing happens, it’s devastating for a child and really does a number on them. They have a really hard time trusting anyone after this happens, and it creeps into their adult life.

It is why the AAC is urging parents to remember their children. They need to look out for them, take care of them, and make sure they have a bright future. After all, these kids are so easily influenced. If they don’t grow up in a stable environment, it can take years of therapy to recover from this sort of thing.

The AAC is not going to back down from opioids. They are always doing their part with all types of addiction, and they have been doing this since 2007. For them, they know the fight against addiction is never quite over.

It is why they wake up every morning; ready to help out someone that is going through a hell of a time. With addiction, there are so many steps one must go through to be fully recovered. Even after that, they have to be mindful of what they are doing and the people they are hanging out with in their day-to-day life. They have a success rate that is nearly double the national average, and it is not by accident.

They know people have put a lot of trust and faith in them. The last thing they want to do is let them down or disappoint them. The AAC is going to live up to its reputation and make sure everyone gets the help they need.

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Isabel Dos Santos Explains How ACFTA Will Benefit Africa

When Isabel dos Santos was growing up, her dad was the president of Angola. While she grew up in that country she was educated in the United Kingdom. She attended an all-girls private school and then studied engineering at King’s College in London. This gave her an understanding of how business works outside of Angola. She is now a forward-thinking entrepreneur who has established companies in Angola, Portugal, and elsewhere.

She is one of just 11 people who are black and billionaires. This has given her a global platform to speak out on issues such as gender inequality and the lack of access to education in Africa. She is very impactful in Angola, supporting scholarships for young people looking to build the skills they need to get jobs.

Isabel dos Santos is a vocal supporter of the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA). This is an agreement between 55 countries to increase trade between them. It was ratified in July 2019 and is the largest trading bloc to be agreed to since 1994. Along with increasing trade across the continent, ACFTA will spread best business practices, increase the sharing of information, and lead to better supply chains. Read more about Isabel Dos Santos at angonoticias.com

She says that the strength of Africa lies in its people. Isabel dos Santos says that if African people get access to the tools they need to compete they will thrive. These tools include internet connections, education, technology, and online banking. In her country, for instance, only 10% of people have a bank account. They aren’t able to start businesses because they have no realistic way of saving and storing money.

She leads Unitel, a telecommunications firm she started several years ago. Her company is upgrading its communications infrastructure across Angola. Areas that were disenfranchised now have internet connectivity. Between Unitel and her other companies, Isabel dos Santos directly created over 50,000 jobs.

The goal is to have a national data network that is equal to that of Western countries. She says that up-to-date technology is crucial if Angola and other African nations are to take full advantage of ACFTA.

Reference: https://expresso.pt/palavra/entity/people/Isabel-dos-Santos#gs.61dk9s

EOS Lip Balms Remains Popular Amount Beauty Lovers According to Reviews

Before EOS lip products were introduced, the market for lip products was already over saturated. It wasn’t until EOS creators, Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra, critically assessed this market that they had the opportunity to produce something unique.

They noticed the similarities in ingredients, the tube-shape, and basic flavors shared by the many lip balm brands; they saw that these products catered to men and women and that they tended to get lost in bags.

In order to stand out, Teller and Mehra used these findings to create a new-and-improved lip product targeted for just women. They envisioned a fun lip balm, with the benefit of healthy ingredients.

The EOS egg-shaped lip balm – the first, round lip balm to be manufactured in many different flavors and colors. At first, they were uncertain about how customers would react. Investors agreed with this sentiment, seeing as many declined their proposal.

Read More – Top 10 Lip Balm Flavors 

Teller and Mehra didn’t let the apprehension get to them. Instead, they invested their own personal finances, and they found distributors worldwide willing to sell EOS products. With their personal funds at risk, the founders become determined to make their creation succeed – and succeed it did.

The EOS company grew naturally, due to people’s interest in the products’ distinct design. Every dollar made was invested back into improving the products. The lip balm has passed other leading brands in popularity.

Now a $250 million-dollar company, EOS is popular among women, as well as younger and older populations. The company prides itself on using cruelty-free, organic ingredients. The larger, round container allows for women to easily find it in the midst of their bag or in their car. Today, the EOS lip balm sells itself, with its limitless variety, velvety outer surface, sweet scents, and the satisfying snap when it closes.

Read EOS Lip Balm Reviews – Influenster.com 

Dick DeVos Continues Work As Grand Rapids Grows

Dick DeVos is one of the most respected men in the aviation industry. While he isn’t an airline executive, he has helped the airport at Grand Rapids, which basically placed the area on the map for business travelers. In the 1990s, you wouldn’t have guessed that there even was an airport located in the area. However, there had been an airport since the early 1900s.


The problem was that the area had been stagnant with growth due to the manufacturers and plants leaving the state in the 1990s. After this crisis, many regions were hit hard with recession, including western Michigan. DeVos left his vice president position at Amway to go to Grand Rapids and help the businesses there. He started by bringing all the business leaders together through a committee called Grand Action.


This committee would be responsible for building the DeVos Performance Hall, DeVos Place Convention Center, and Andel Arena. This would lead to even more commerce in the downtown area. The airport was one of the other places targeted by DeVos’ new strategy to bring business travelers to the area and start up a new kind of convention tourism.


The plan worked, and after calling AirTran Airways CEO, he was able to convince the airline to start up new destinations at the airport. This would include new flights to Orlando, St. Louis, Denver, and Las Vegas. The work has led to the airport receiving awards. In addition, the new airport had 3.26 million passengers in 2018.


The airport’s growth is exactly what the FAA is looking to do with its plan for airports across the country. As Trump called out the FAA early on his presidency, the aviation industry jumped into action to change the technology and security at locations across the country. The FAA formed the Management Advisory Council and included DeVos because of his work with the Grand Rapids airport.


DeVos has been working with airlines for many years. His business acumen has led to great increases for their companies, and obviously, the success is quite visible at Gerald R. Ford International. With new technology such as a business traveler’s area and a new food court, as well as curbside technology, Dick DeVos has become a legend for his work and strategy.


DeVos has been meeting with the FAA since 2017 and will continue to meet with the council for the next year. Already, his work with them on growth and budgets has led to the $40 million renovation of the GSO Tower.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

Smita Shah Is a Female Engineer, Entrepreneur & Math Geek

Smita Shah is a female engineer, an entrepreneur, and a self-proclaimed nerd. As a young girl, Shah loved to sit at the back of the class converting word problems into algebraic expressions. She
won several statewide competitions running math relays where she filled in parts of long equations. The Teammates took over at the University Of Chicago Laboratory School. Smita Shah has an
impressive education attending Northwestern University, MIT, and Oxford University. She earned a master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering. After college, she interned in the Chief of Staff Office in the White House.
After becoming a professional engineer and being licensed in multiple states, Smita Shah founded SPAAN Tech, Inc., in 1998 which is a technology and project management firm. She is the
president and CEO. She is considered a leading advisor in her field. Over the past 10 years, SPAAN Tech, Inc. has grown exponentially and was even recognized by Inc. magazine as “one of
the fastest-growing companies”. Ms. Shah herself has received several business achievement awards and has even served under the White House administrations. Smita is also a recipient of
congressionally recognized Ellis Island Medal of Honor. They give this honor to those who “have changed the fabric of America”.
SPAAN Tech Inc. is one of the most in-demand engineering firms in the nation. They continually address complex technical problems and provide solutions to challenging projects. Noteworthy
projects by SPAAN Tech Inc. include consulting for plumbing upgrades for Sen. Barack Obama’s office, a $510 renovation to the Chicago Transit Authority’s Blue Line, upgrading electrical systems
inside of Chicago Public Schools, and coming up with the design for Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. The firms newest venture is a $14 million contract to design electrical systems for
navigational aids and lighting for a new runway at O’ Hare International Airport. Learn more: https://premiergazette.com/2019/07/smita-shahs-best-practices-empowerment-workplace/
Smita Shah has been a poster child for living the American Dream is the daughter of immigrants. Besides being at the helm of a successful business, Smita also organizes programs for
the Illinois chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers runs the Delhi Sister Cities International Program and is a part of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s Auxiliary Council. Smita Shah is a powerful example for young women everywhere. She is a scholar, a role model, and female entrepreneur who is setting the pace for young people everywhere.

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Gump’s Finds a Second Life


Gump’s began in San Francisco when it was founded by Solomon and Gustave Gump and his family in 1861. While it began modestly as a seller of mirrors and frames, it has become one of the premier luxury brands of jewels and gifts along with homeware and furnishings in the world.

The company obtains its inventory by searching the world for exotic items. It brings back works of art that could never be found in the west. In 1906 the company moved to its location in Union Square. In the fall of 2019 it will operate under new ownership. Over the years Gumps has served millions of customers. Anne, Christopher, and Jack Chachas are the new owners and they will oversee operations in North America and Europe.

It was their father, John Chachas who first found interest in the Gump’s company. As a young boy he was fascinated by a statue of the Buddha that was on display in the store. In 2005 when John was organizing the sale of Gump’s, he asked for the statue as part of the deal. Read This Article to learn more.

Instead of receiving a cash payment he accepted the statue that he had seen 50 years earlier. At that time it had cost just $800. When the statue was appraised in 2007 it was worth $240,000. John could not take the statue with him unless he replaced it will a replica. Visit This Page to learn more.

Using a 3D printer, he spent $25,000 for a copy to be placed in the store. Chachas went on to sell the statue in Hong Kong for the enormous sum of 4 million Hong Kong dollars. The new Gump’s company will retain many of the employees. It will be moving from its previous location, but it will remain in San Francisco, CA along with a location in New York, NY.


View source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/gumps-iconic-san-francisco-luxury-retailer-has-been-acquired-300879531.html




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