Putting The Spotlight On Highland Capital Management’s Long-Short Healthcare Fund

Although Highland Capital Management is considered one of the world leaders in the high-yield credit market, this investment firm also offers a diverse array of long-short mutual fund products.

From real estate to healthcare and everything in between, it seems that Highland Capital has a hand in all of the world’s most well-capitalized industries. Chief among its publicly traded offerings is the Highland “Long-Short Healthcare Fund”, and this particular fund is run by Managing Director Nate Burns and Highland President James Dondero.

The “Long-Short Healthcare Fund” is currently invested in several classes of stock across the marketplace. This is an equity-only fund, and capital is not invested in debt offerings of any kind.

In summary, the “Long-Short Healthcare Fund” is currently invested in the following equity securities across all of its portfolio companies:

  • Class A Stock – These shares come with more voting rights than other equity securities, allowing Dondero and Burns to hold sway over the operational decisions of corporations inside of their portfolio.
  • Class C Stock – It is not uncommon for one mutual fund to invest another mutual fund’s Class C shares, and this is exactly the strategy that Dondero and Burns have decided to employ.
  • Class Z Stock – Class Z shares are also a class of mutual fund equities, the Class Z Shares offered by Highland Capital Management’s Long-Short Healthcare Fund have gained more than 5% over the last decade.
  • Index Funds – Currently, the portfolio has more than 20% of its capital allocated to shares of the Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P 500), a selection of America’s largest corporations.

Although the healthcare field has opportunities in several different verticals, Highland has decided to narrow its investment focus to biotechnology companies that show promise in developing nascent therapeutics and associated technologies. Go Here to learn more.

The current portfolio includes substantial stakes in Minerva Neurosciences Inc., Biohaven Pharmaceutical, and Ascendis Pharma. View More Information Here.


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Investing in Your Employees Development can yield a high return on investment

Angela Koch is the CEO of the US Money Reserve. It is one of the largest distributors of government-issued silver, gold, and platinum coins. In addition to overseeing the operational aspects, she also sets the culture and pace of the organization.

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Angela Koch is the only female Chief Executive Officer in the precious metals industry in North America and Europe. Known for its exemplary service, the US Money Reserve strives to provide its clients with the highest quality precious metals in the market.

Since its inception, the US Money Reserve has helped a multitude of individuals make informed choices in their dealings involving precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

To date, the US Money Reserve has served over half a million clients. It has a team of motivated professionals who build relationships with clients. Angela Koch believes that learning about the customers’ needs enables an organization to facilitate those needs at the highest level.

By allowing her employees to grow, Angela Koch believes that this benefits the company in the future. Ms. Koch takes her role in the company very seriously.

Empowered and motivated employees are better able to make excellent decisions and drive the business. Investing in the development of employees raises the quality of their output, and the company grows as a result.

Angela Koch also shared her arduous journey to becoming a CEO. She dropped out of college through personal experience. Not long after, she got married and gave birth to her first child. Her ex-husband was a professional golfer and was taking classes to become a club pro.

These circumstances pushed her to jump right into working. At that point in her life, the reality of adulthood set in. She had to find a way to pay the rent and other bills. Ms. Koch began working multiple jobs. At each appointment, she made a point to learn how everything worked.

Ms. Koch was not picky with the companies for which she worked. She took positions at electrical companies, pharmacies, and even a Jewish Foundation despite her Christian background. Being young and hardworking made her fit in at any job she took up. After working for the Jewish Foundation, Koch moved to KLA-Tencor.

KLA-Tencor is a company that deals in process control using advanced inspection tools and computational analytics. At KLA-Tencor, she worked in strategic business development. This branch of the company handled all strategic planning, merger, and acquisition sessions. Next, she worked at a ranch of Kobe Beef. She helped the ranch get certified as a producer of non-hormone treated cattle.

After her stint at the ranch, Koch moved to the US Money Reserve. In her time there, she has been able to organize the integration of their services to the ERP system.

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As she continues to grow the US Money Reserve, Angela Koch believes in not looking back and knowing one’s strengths. She also believes that success is mandatory and that excuses don’t build empires.

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The Story of Sudhir Choudhrie, Business Man, Philanthropist, Positivity

Sudhir Choudhrie is a native of India. He grew up in Dehli. Reared by his mother, his earliest recollections are of the positive influence she had on his life. His father passed away when he was very young. He became a great success in business and now resides in England. He refers to his mother as his “role model” in life. His business interests are in the hospitality field, healthcare, aviation, and the arms trade. (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudhir_Chou shrike)

In the Gazet Day article “Told From the Heart: The Inspiring Story of Sudhir Choudhrie” October 22, 2019, the historical facts and monumental successes of he achieved as both a business man, a positive force in the English and Indian economies, and as a philanthropist are revealed. As a successful entrepreneur, he was afforded the capability and ingenuity to assist many struggling businesses and keep them afloat and ongoing. The impact this had on these economies and the global economy was continued growth through continued successful ventures.

As a philanthropist, he does a lot of work in the area of medicine in cardiology. He supports numerous charities and charitable organizations that fund and do research in heart transplants, donors and patients. The Columbia University Medical Centre honored him with naming their Professorship in Cardiology in his name.

Diagnosed with a heart condition when he was just eight years old, he lived most of his life with the challenge of an ailing heart and the health consequences of such. Spanning a lifetime of business challenges, at the age of 70, Sudhir Choudhrie is known as the longest living heart transplant patient in the world.

Sudhir Choudhrie is very influential in the worlds of international commerce, diplomacy, philanthropy and politics. He is an entrepreneur with a knack for helping. He has been associated with such companies as Taj Hotels and Resorts, Adidas AG, Ebookers PLC, Air Deccan and C&C Alpha Group.

Through these associations he created Taj Karala, four resorts based in India that are wildly successful with the tourists and locals of the area, Through his work with Adidas AG, the Indian Trading Company was created which introduced the Adidas brand to India through a network of stores and manufacturing sites.

Sudhir Choudhrie is widely known and respected by his business colleagues and the business community for his strides to make things better for people in business through entrepreneurship and better for the general populations through philanthropy.

The start to Kevin Planks’ Career

Kevin Plank is a man who has had a phenomenal success with Under Armor. He launched the popular company at his grandmothers house in 1996. He started his line of work as a college student. Kevin Plank created a small business called ‘Cupid’s Valentine.’ It was a rose delivery service for Valentine’s Day.

In early years, he was overlooked by football teams he desired to play for. He was disappointed, but he didn’t allow that to stop him from a life of success. In the 1990’s he finally got to play for the University of Maryland, which is was the start of his career.

Kevin Plank is now one of the largest innovators in the world. He has a drive to do greater than his opponents. His goal was to top Nike, which was risky, but he was willing to try. The company is 23 years old, but is still appealing and inspires young athletes around the world.

He was named the business person of the years by Forbes, and was the achiever of the year for the Success magazine. He has also won other awards and achievements due to his successful company.

Planks inspiration came after graduating college. He found that he didn’t like feeling weighed down and sweaty while he played football, so he started exploring ways to make a shirt that would keep players dry and cool while they played. He went $40,000 in debt to create this company he believed in. The name of the company started as ‘Body Armor’ until his brother mistakenly asked how his company ‘Under Armor’ was going. Kevin Plank liked the idea better and decided to name his company ‘Under Armour.’ Finally, in 2001-2003, the company found it’s big break when Under Armour became the workout and game apparel for NFL.

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How Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur Marc Beer Came To Establish Renovia Inc

Marc Beer holds over two decades of experience in the biotechnology industry, during which time he has worked with a variety of organizations. Throughout this time, he has seen a considerable amount of success and has brought many of the firms that he worked with to the top of their respective niches. The most prominent reason behind this is that the entrepreneur has consistently looked for unique and creative solutions to the challenges that these companies face, as well as helping to grow their market share considerably.


Before entering the industry, Beer started developing his skills at Miami University, which he eventually graduated from in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science in Business. Following this, he began working in pharmaceutical sales and marketing, during which time he served with a variety of firms. One of the most notable of these during his early career was Genzyme, in which he soon began working his way up. Eventually, this led to the entrepreneur being named the firm’s Vice President of Global Marketing.


As a result of this, he was able to help the company’s product line to the 350 million potential customers that these products could benefit from. While with Genzyme, Marc Beer developed an interest in creating his firm. Armed with the skills and knowledge that he had obtained over the previous years, he decided to take the risk and left the company, eventually going on to found ViaCell. In the years following this, the pharmaceutical sales and marketing organization would go on to see a significant amount of success.


After being founded in 2000, the company would go on to be listed on the NASDAQ, as well as work on a large number of projects. In 2007, this led to the firm being sold to PerkinElmer for $300 million. However, it was soon after Marc Beer saw this success that tragedy struck, as his wife died suddenly as a result of a pulmonary embolism. This led to the entrepreneur taking an extended break from his career to look after his three children. Learn more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lumenxt-names-marc-beer-chairman-of-the-board-300822547.html


After a few short years, however, one of his daughters told him that he should focus back on his entrepreneurial pursuits. As a result of this, he soon saw himself becoming involved in a variety of organizations, the majority of which would see a significant amount of success. In was in 2016, however, that Marc Beer would receive an opportunity that would be too good to miss up. This began when he received a phone call from Dr. Ray Iglesias, a gynecologist with over three decades of experience treating pelvic floor disorders.


In the months that would follow, the pair would create a company that would end up being called Renovia, which has seen a large amount of success since being founded. Throughout the following two years, the company would go through a variety of research and development phases, with Marc Beer eventually leading the company to release the Leva device, which received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in April 2018.

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How TigerSwan is Working for Its Clients

 When it comes to feeling protected, there is nothing better than making use of TigerSwan, which is a private security company based out of North Carolina. The company has been in business for several years and works with individuals, celebrities, government agents and companies wanting to travel or be provided the security that they need. TigerSwan offers many different security measures, along with their mobile app that helps you to stay connected no matter where you are in the world. This is why so many people have chosen to utilize this company and are happy with what it has been able to give to them.

Whether you are traveling abroad or know that you need help with some type of business venture, TigerSwan is there to help in ways that you would not be able to do on your own. This is why so many have chosen to make use of this as their own viable option and are thrilled with what it can do for them. They are able to make use of a company that has provided them with the risk management options that they need for a price that is incredibly affordable and easy on virtually every type of budget. This is one of the main reasons for considering making use of TigerSwan and knowing that they are going to work for you in a way that is beneficial and affordable.

The owner of the TigerSwan company is James Reese, who has years of experience within the military. After retiring as a Lt. Colonel, he began to develop the company as a way to offer risk management for his clients. He has the experience, knowledge and dedication to offer you the care that you need in a way that is going to help in more ways than just one. You can easily find out more about TigerSwan by going to the site itself to learn more about what the company can do for you. You will love what TigerSwan is doing for their clients and how easy it is going to be to use the company’s services.

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The MAGFAST Charger Impresses


The “MAGFAST Family” isn’t a new sitcom coming your way. The family consists of six different wireless, magnetic chargers designed to lend charging help in different situations. Co-founder and CEO of the MAGFAST company, Seymour Segnit, worked with his team to bring these innovative new chargers to the market. So far, the response appears excellent.

The MAGFAST Charger first hit the scene via a crowdfunding campaign that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on day one. Things looked good for Seymour Segnit and his company. The former Saatchi & Saatchi employee explored options for launching a business, and MAGFAST is the result.

Even though he did not do well with a prior startup, Segnit trudged ahead with the MAGFAST concept. Today, many consumers are happy that he came up with the idea and released the product.

Offering six different chargers expands the pool of potential customers. The LifeCharger provides a portable solution for people who want to take their chargers everywhere. The LifeCharger Extreme comes with a massive amount of power. Customers can even attach jumper cables to them to start up a car. The AirCharger delivers a great-looking charging stand. Yes, much thought went into the development of these chargers.

Seymour Segnit makes a great point about his products. They don’t come with two problems traditional cables possess. Standard charging cables create messy tangles and are not built to last. The cheap construction of the cables means they wear out sooner than later. Their final destination is a landfill, and their environmental impact isn’t positive. A wireless option cuts out these problems. View Related Info Here.

Segnit emphasizes the fact high-quality manufacturing goes into the product of MAGFAST chargers. Since they aren’t “cheaply made,” they won’t wear out as quickly as low-priced convenience store-bought chargers. Plus, the MAGFAST Family products look cool, too. Read This Article for more information.


Source: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/magfast


Peter Harris: Overseeing the Success of CBL Insurance Corp

Peter Harris is a finance expert and entrepreneur. He worked as a Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director of CBL Insurance Corp. The company deals with reinsurance services. It provides income protection, brokerage services, property deposit and rental guarantee bonds, and underwriting. CBL Insurance Corporation offers its services worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. Mr. Harris led a global team into providing specialty insurance and reinsurance that was based on financial risk and credit in the constructing, building, and contracting industries.

Peter Harris strongly believes that establishing quality partnerships is vital to the growth of any business in the global marketplace. He is responsible for the growth of CBL Corp into an internationally recognized company. Harris grew the company from two staff members in Auckland to over 550 workers in twenty-five countries. CBL Corp became the largest New-Zealand owned insurance firm in terms of annual GWP under his leadership.

He also steered CBL Insurance Corp through its IPO listing on the NZX and ASX. In 1996, he took part in the company’s buyout and still maintained quality relationships with experienced, internationally recognized manufacturers and distributors. Harris oversaw the increment in growth and global acquisitions in CBL while serving as the company’s International Business Director from 1996 to 2007.

Background Information

Peter Harris worked with CBL Corp for twenty-two years. Before working with CBL, he started his career as a Manufacturing Executive and as a banker. In 1989, Harris moved to the finance sector and served as a Finance Director and Shareholder at Boston Marks Group Limited. Afterward, he moved to General Capital Ltd, where he served as the Chief Executive Officer from 1992 to 1996. Harris is an “Authorized Person” with the Central Bank of Ireland and the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority.

Peter Harris was brought up in Auckland, New Zealand. Harris has attended a number of schools from Wintec-Waikato Institute of Technology to Manukau Institute of Technology, where he studied Chartered Accountancy. He also went to AGSM @ UNSW Business School. Later, Peter Harris studied Marketing at Auckland University. He attended the Australian Graduate School of Management in Sydney for his post-graduate education.

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