: Brazil’s Leading Face of Progress

When it comes to infusing growth and directing development for long term benefit countrywide, Felipe Montoro Jens is the man.

He’s had years of experience in resource and investment management that he is now an authority in the collaboration between the private sector and the government in Brazil. And with his strength in finance, development and cooperation between different sectors and industries, he has become an essential guide and resource.

Felipe Montoro Jens is the face of a better future for Brazil.

Jens had his education unrelated to business. From Oregon University and UC Santa Barbra, Jens earned a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and another in History. He then got his Masters in Kinesiology and Health Promotion.

Jens next education directed the rest of his life to where he is today. He then studied at Brazil’s highly respected business school, Getulio Vargas Foundation and then went to Phoenix, Arizona and completed his second Master’s degree in business management at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Read this article at odiario.com about Felipe Montoro Jens

In his business education and immediate corporate experience, Jens specialized in infrastructure development known to cut down on financial and systemic wastage in corporate and government projects. He started to find himself sitting on several administrative boards to oversee the efficiency of these businesses.

Jens’ hats have covered titles of leadership in business. Beyond being heads of projects, he’s become a Chief Investment Officer, a Chief Executive Officer and currently the Managing Director of a global investment conglomerate Odebrecht International based in Brazil that brings in resources from Europe and Asia covering projects in infrastructure, construction, engineering, real estate, energy and logistics.

Felipe Montoro Jens lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and continues to use his extensive experience in business and finance and work with the government to help build lives in Brazil.

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Brian Torchin: Entrepreneur to Combat Healthcare and Law Turnover Rates

Brian Torchin is an entrepreneur and the President of HCRC Staffing; It is a staffing firm for healthcare and the legal industry. Brian was motivated by the high turnover rate in these industries to create his staffing agency, who will give you a new employee within 72 hours of a request. Torchin is very active on social media, utilizing it as a tool to aide in the hiring process. His Twitter focuses on hiring professionals from all across the country and posts multiple times per day regarding job openings.

Although his business is centralized in Pennsylvania, he is still working tirelessly to find employees for his business partners in Florida, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and so many more. Although there are numerous advantages to utilizing his business, the main one is the accessibility and limitless opportunities for his business partners; he recruits employees from all over the country, with different backgrounds and qualifications. HCRC Staffing does not only provide doctors and lawyers, but also nurse practitioners, physician assistants, chiropractors, physical therapists, dentists, office personnel, attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and so on. Find out more about Brian Torchin at Wellness.

He is not focused solely on the doctors and nurses, but sees the system as a collaborative group environment that needs various positions filled to survive. Brian is motivated by the inconsistencies of these two fields, blogging in Vimeo, Twitter, and Linked-In. He still manages to find time to stay connected with his partners and followers through social media, as well as the medical community. With a medical background, Torchin is passionate to deliver safe, effective, and system-changing services to those that are providing medical and legal care; he is the man behind the curtain, helping our healthcare system improve patient-centered care. It is truly important for the person running the show to have a background in the field to be able to understand where the problems lie, which makes Brian Torchin a stand-out entrepreneur.

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An In-Depth Discussion with Jeremy Goldstein about His Professional Life

Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate attorney with more than 30 years of experience working with some of the largest corporations in the world. Clients come to Jeremy Goldstein because he’s considered the best at consulting and guiding companies and CEOs on matters involving executive compensation, corporate governance, and sensitive changes like acquisitions and company mergers.

Some of the more notable achievements in his career include providing legal counsel during the buyouts of AT&T Corporation, Sears and Kmart, and Alltel. He’s also worked with companies like South Breweries PLC and J.P. Morgan Chase and Company.

His outstanding career earned him a place on Legal 500’s Best Lawyers lists several times. He’s been called by the most sought-after attorney by Legal 500 and the Chambers USA Guide. When he’s not consulting or providing legal counsel, he’s speaking on matters of executive compensation and corporate governance.

Of the many professional achievements Jeremy Goldstein’s accomplished in his life, none compare to his work with Fountain House, a philanthropic organization dedicated to helping men and women suffering from mental illness. He’s known throughout Metro New York as one of the most caring men in the region.

Prior to establishing his own firm, he worked at a firm where the attorneys approached every client’s troubles the same way. As he continued through the legal field, he noticed that most attorneys approached issues using the same dry and basic approach. When he established his own firm, he chose to be different.

Rather than rely on simple tactics to satisfy clients just enough to make them return, he formed long-term relationships with clients so that they felt more than welcomed to come to him with any problem. That strategy paid off big-time, as his law firm is considered the best in the nation when it comes to sensitive corporate matters.

His wide range of approaches and the tasks his firm handles is also what makes the firm successful. He cares more about his clients being fully satisfied than he does about profit margins. Not to say that he doesn’t check the company’s earning and losses regularly; he just doesn’t measure success solely by monetary gain.

Due to his informal approach, he dealt a lot with doubt at the beginning of his career. He was the only practicing law and offering guidance like that for a long time; it made it nearly impossible to believe in himself, but he learned to overcome his doubt and succeed.


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Jeremy Goldstein Takes An Innovative Approach To His Law Practice

Corporate lawyer Jeremy Goldstein has spent over two decades helping corporations and CEO’s on business matters and acquisitions. He’s taken a unique approach to helping clients that has produced lots of success for both parties. Years ago, Jeremy noticed a common thread in the law industry that was lacking a certain sense of innovation. That is when Mr. Goldstein stepped in and shook things up. That is when he founded Jeremy L. Golstein & Associates where he decided to do things in an innovative way.


The attorney earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history from Cornell University in 1995. One year later, the future executive compensation lawyer would receive a Master of Arts degree in art history from the University of Chicago. Earning two degree in art history was quite an accomplishment, but Jeremy Goldstein was not ready to stop his education. That same year, the young professional attended New York University School of Law. That is where he earned his Juris Doctor degree, which is another way of saying law degree.


One of Jeremy’s biggest struggles about becoming a lawyer is his internal doubt. He has learned that it is not based on reality, it’s just his own feelings. Instead of giving into the feelings of doubt, Mr. Goldstein works with the tools he has to resolve any situation he is up against. This is one of the factors that has made him successful in his career, courage, perseverance, and hard work. Jeremy’s first client came from a referral. This opportunity would be the first of many where the accomplished lawyer showed his skill, knowledge, and competence of the law industry.


The successful attorney has invested a lot of time in philanthropic causes he is passionate about. Since January of 2008, Jeremy Goldstein has been the director of Fountain House. This non-profit organization helps men and women in the recovery of mental illness. On a global level, Fountain House is able to help over 100,000 members each year, and Jeremy is proud to be a part of something that has made such a positive impact in the world. He is also on the board for the New York City based location of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


The best way Mr. Goldstein knows that having positive public relations is the best way to market his law firm. He is often seen attending public events to interact with clients in a more casual way. This environment gives off an more relaxing vibe, so Jeremy can really connect with clients and create a bond based on trust. This is what sets Mr. Goldstein apart from his competition. The successful lawyer is able to earn and income from working on a variety of issues within the corporate law sector.


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How Entrepreneur Barbara Stokes Helps People In Huntsville, Alabama, And Beyond

Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC, is a firm that constructs and delivers temporary homes in the wake of a natural disaster. It is led by Chief Executive Officer Barbara Stokes who co-founded this company in 2011. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Chronicle of the Week.

Barbara Stokes has extensive experience working with FEMA. Her company responds quickly to provide housing such as it did after Hurricane Harvey laid waste to Houston, Texas. Barbara Stoke’s company builds modular and mobile homes in its Huntsville facility. Read more at Business Insider.

She says that she works with her team on a daily basis to take their structures from concept to completion efficiently. Barbara Stokes relies on the skill she learned at Mercer University which includes manufacturing, management, and the principles of thermodynamics.

Outsider her work, Barbara Stokes is a busy mom to three children. She also volunteers extensively in the Huntsville community such as for food banks and other worthy causes.

Check: https://gazetteday.com/2018/03/green-structure-homes-brings-relief-families-struggling-disaster/


Interview with consultant Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is a proven consultant who has helped out many startups with his expertise and CEO’s run their businesses smoothly. Some ways with how he is able to help out businesses are by helping them develop plans for the future, examining factors, and setting goals to achieve.

The consultant underwent a Q and A posted on Inspirery about his career, advice to other businessmen, and how he has had so much success.

From the first question, Luke Lazarus talks about himself and how he attended the Melbourne Business School earning an MBA at just 24 years of age. He reflects that he had both the determination and energy to become a proven businessman who already was able to sell 4 enterprises within less than 10 years. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

The consultant realized that he learned a lot at such a young age and gained lots of experience just starting out. The businessman truly believes in making a plan for a business to thrive. It not only helps with sorting out finances but also molding a brands vision. Products also have to line up with the brands’ story to be successful.

One of the elements he sees as important is the story and reflects that he has used just that to gain the attention of various startups and even have the members be integrated into the experience. Research is another valuable tool that he uses when launching products.

Luke Lazarus details that the plans the individual formulates for clients addresses marketing products and in ways to boost sales. He reflects that his detailed plans help clients abide by guidelines and go through steps with a deadline. Now, when it comes to a full day outlook for the businessman, he spends the start of his day meditating for about 10 to 15 minutes to be attentive and relaxed before tackling the days’ duties working with clients, jotting down notes of the day with a to-do list, and organizing. He defines that his days are spent multitasking.

Lazarus shares that he brings ideas to life through formulating solutions to problems, whether for clients or products. He also reflects that he finds a purpose to create a product that fills a need in the market. If he could reverse time, Luke Lazarus shares that he would have told his younger self to not worry so much and to be more confident in his own abilities.

In the very last question, the consultant shares, that like many, he has failed at moments in life. One was with a partner where the planning was not well thought out, and it backfired on him. He gives advice to believe and to be confident.

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Betterworks Software Enables People To Work More Effectively

Some people love their jobs and other people hate their jobs. Much of life is consumed working. Thus, it is better to love your job than hate it. Many times people dislike their jobs due to not working effectively and confidently. There is a platform available that can improve the way people work. People should enjoy working. People should take pride in working. People should look forward to working. But Betterworks knows this is not always the case. Thus, the creation of this company that allows people to explore better ways to work.

Betterworks software exposes the top strategies needed for an organization to see an increase in working effectively. This company is centered around performance. They support all organizations performing at the best of their ability. The software firstly taps into how people using their service should be moving forward. The goal is to push ahead and not backward. This software also helps managers to strategize. Managers are important to the operations of a company. They too need to work on themselves and improve. Betterworks’ technology allows the leaders and executives of a company to make need corrections to themselves. Mostly, Betterworks wants people to see how working effectively can alter the outlook on one’s work or job.

Betterworks is a leading company. They are implementing technology and an engineering feat to create a highly technical platform that explores the massive ways work can be improved. This platform is truly special. This platform is truly essential to how people around the world will be able to work better.

Download the Betterworks App –https://apps.apple.com/us/app/betterworks/id1232326234

Omeed Malik Recognizes The Importance Of Working

Omeed Malik is an entrepreneur who has worked very hard to get to where he is today. He has built career on knowledge and experience. He has very unique experiences that allow him to do things in a different way than other entrepreneurs. Malik started his own firm called Farvahar Partners. Starting his own firm was something that was natural to him. He presents himself in a way that people are amazed by. He has viewpoints that are very different than others and he tries to educate other people when it comes to investments.

Not long ago Malik had an interview with Fox News. During this interview he provided insight about investments whether they be with public or private marketplaces. He even talked about something called shadow marketing. This type of marketing has to do with trading pre-IPO securities. This allows companies to remain private while doing things in a public marketplace.

Working in markets such as these is something that is a big deal. These markets are made up of people that are highly successful and companies that are highly valued. Malik recognizes the importance of working with companies like these and he knows that if he’s going to be successful then he has to work with bigger companies as they do things such as hedge funds. He works with companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Postmates and many more.

Omeed Malik is a very successful individual who is going to continue to work hard to advance himself throughout his career. Although he has made it very far in his career he is not done yet. Malik has a lot more learning to do and he cannot wait to see where his success is going to take him.

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Jeremy Goldstein Highlights Circumstances that Require Legal Experts in Business

Jeremy Goldstein is a respected attorney who has been in the industry for an extended period. He is one of the most recognized legal experts who handle various roles in the legal industry. While discussing his industry, Goldstein discussed that he attends various activities in businesses, which form the primary core of his services. He is highly involved in helping people in business handles several aspects that require a legal expert. According to Goldstein, the world of business cannot be exhausted because it is full of possibilities.


One of the significant roles of Jeremy Goldstein is helping in company restructuring. Statistics indicate that a considerable number of companies around the world lay off some employees every year due to economic hardships. Other organizations increase the number of workers when the financial world is performing excellently. However, lying off some workers and employing new workers is a legal process where the government must be involved. Additionally, some workers might not buy into the idea that their company is laying them off, which opens legal battles between employers and employees.


Jeremy Goldstein plays a key role in helping organizations to incorporate layoff procedures that are consistent with rules and regulations. He advises companies to give notice of when they will be laying off employees and to do so in advance. He also highlights that companies should make sure they also clear any salaries, wages, and bonuses pending to the employees to avoid anger and retaliatory attacks. According to Goldstein, most of the organizations that face extreme challenges after lying off some employees don’t follow the rules and regulations, which explain why they find themselves fighting with their workers.


Another process that Jeremy Goldstein finds himself solving is the aspect of mergers and acquisition in business. Various business organizations will continue to merge and acquire one another. However, mergers and takeovers are guided by laid down government laws, which make sure that shareholders are not denied the right to own their own company. It is also essential to highlight that different merging organizations leads to an extremely complex process that involves changing the organizational structure and bringing in new members of the board to manage the company.


Jeremy Goldstein is also involved in compensation of senior members of the organization. At the end of the year, most of the organizations declare profits for the ending financial year. It is declaring profits ushers in a period where shareholders demand to be paid dividends. However, the whole compensation process must be guided by an experienced lawyer who knows what it takes to compensate shareholders. As an experienced attorney, Goldstein ensures that the compensation plan works as it has been indicated in the constitution governing compensation procedure in the company.


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Vijay Eswaran and Processes and Procedures

Vijay Eswaran may wake up one morning and have a thought in his head similar to this one.

But what is Abbvie?

This would make him do some compelling research overall.

Vijay Eswaran knows that there is value to be gained by looking at different companies and learning from their processes and procedures.

Abbvie is a research-oriented pharmaceutical company that utilizes further science, expertise, and intensity to increase the quality of life for those who use its drugs. A big issue has been the Humira decline. Humira may treat a variety of issues in arthritis and other illnesses.

Humira will not be competitive in the European continent but will be in the United States until 2023. The drug has increased in use in the United States. The next two big drugs are Imbruvica and Mavyret which have had $3.6 billion and $3.4 billion in sales over the course of 2018.

Abbvie does not depend on just one drug for its revenues, it depends on a variety of them. This means that the company has a large diversification. This means that the company should be able to stay steady over the long term.

We’re looking to capitalize in on long-term sources of growing revenue.

Abbvie has upadacitinib in the pipeline. This drug should certainly bring in strong revenues. The entity is waiting for an FDA approval and is in the Phase 3 study aspects of the company. It also has the tools, the talent, and the processes to get to where it needs to be in regard to generating more revenues. Furthermore, it has strong gross margins in excess of 50%, strong EBITDA over 40%, and pretty strong ROIC over 20%. ABBV even exceeds its peers on cash flow growth where it has more than 30% growth, 20% more than the industry.

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