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 Leading With Style

When a business starts its journey into the business world, it cannot predict what the future holds for it, and it can only hope it can weave and find a way through all the competition to find a place where it can sell its services or products.

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When born into a business dynasty, like many children of the 1% of the wealthy in the world, they still have to learn and adapt what they have inherited. In short, it is never a smooth road to success in business.

Then some defy all expectations, enter the business, and every opportunity opens up for them. Everything they touch turns to triumph. In modern media, the general public is continually being given these examples of people who are in the reality TV series in different countries like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den.

There have been various spin-offs of these series, but the critical thing to remember is that these “gurus” of business know what they are doing and have made it their life’s work to be successful.

Then other people have good intentions, study hard, and want to be “like,” but find out they are not cut out for business and end up following their destiny on another path.

Training and Preparation

For those who are very gifted in business, they still look to get an education even if they have to leave the university in mid-course like Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs.

Luke Lazarus started with a rich set of business experiences that stayed with him throughout his life, as he has shared with reporters many times. Luke Lazarus attended all his class, made excellent grades, and was offered scholarships, but he chose instead to participate in Melbourne Business School and graduated there with an MBA.

When graduated, Luke Lazarus was quick to start and manage four successful companies to success. Just as quickly as he zoomed to the success, he sold all four of his companies and changed his career by bringing his two decades of experience together to be of service to business startups.

Since he began his consultancy in 2013, he has been able to help many startups get to the point of getting financed by investors as well as doing what they have always dreamed of doing, which is to be successful in their business.

Leading by Example

Luke Lazarus likes to lead his startups by example and everything he teaches, lectures, and shares in his interactions with them he has already done and done well.

He is confident that he can help startups take closer steps to success and encourages them to have solid business plans have a strong mission statement, and #1 pitch active with a solid business story to investors.

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Luke Lazarus assures his startups if they can move the investor with their business story, they will also be able to run a customer as well. The business story and its values communicated well are the first steps to their future success.

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Marc Beer Is An Example Of Successful Entrepreneurship In Biotech

Sometimes even great ideas in biotech never truly come into fruition because they don’t have the right entrepreneurs and business experts behind the project to make it successful. One of the entrepreneurs in the industry that has become known for their work and expertise is Marc Beer the current Chairman of Good Start Genetics, Minerva Neuroscience, and Renovia. In addition to being Chairman, he is also the Chief Executive Officer of Renovia. Throughout his career, Marc Beer has been able to get much needed-medication and other products to the people who need them. He began his career after earning a Bachelor’s of Science in 1987 in Business from Miami University.


In addition to a strong education, Marc Beer is known for having a natural talent for his chosen career path that has focused on marketing different products related to medicine. Though the money that he has made during his career is impressive, he states that some of his main motivation is his ability to help others through the work that he does. People are important in his career and this includes the people that he works with as well. Without the right team, he knows that it can be almost impossible to complete different projects. This is why the entrepreneur puts so much focus on making sure that the team that he works with has the right talent and drive to get the job done correctly and in a timely manner. Recruiting the right talent and creating the right teams when it comes to leadership has become the main focus of his time at work. Learn more:


Giving back to others is something that Marc Beer cares deeply about as he wants to do more than just help people through the products created through the companies that he has worked with. He uses his ability to come up with innovative solutions to help others. He has also served on several boards and councils where he is able to make even more use of his experience and expertise. On a business side of things, he had served the Graduate Research and Advisory Council as well as the Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee at Notre Dame as a member. He is also currently serving the Business Advisory Council at Miami University as a member. He has also served on health-related boards throughout his career along with supporting charitable causes financially.


As a very successful entrepreneur, many people have asked Marc Beer for his advice on the business side of medicine. There are several things that he suggests entrepreneurs do to improve their own chances of success that include remaining logical, enjoying the process, giving back, and creating a solid financial plan early on. He has followed his methods throughout his entire career as he has committed himself to help others in the medical field such as patients and practitioners. His leadership skills allow him to find workable solutions to the problems that he and his companies have come across over the years and he continues to repeat the process.

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Alexis Kennedy and Gaming Routes

Lottie Betvan and Alexis Kennedy set up The Weather Factory back in 2017. The aim behind this was to produce innovative games that featured narration. It was to produce games that had an independent vibe to them as well. Cultist Simulator is a card game that’s redolent of Lovecraft. It received a couple of BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) nods. The game goes into longing. It even goes into apocalyptic concepts of all kinds.

Alexis Kennedy is a renowned game designer and writer. He’s the individual who is at the helm of Failbetter Games. Failbetter Games delved into Sunless Sea, Black Crown, Night Circus, Machine Cares!, StoryNexus and Fallen London. He takes part in all sorts of global discussions at educational institutions and meetings alike. He waxes poetic about subjects like narrative design and interactive writing.

Kennedy naturally has a strong rapport with the previously mentioned Betvan. Betvan is a trusted producer. There also aren’t many women in the field that are as youthful as she is at this moment in time. She set up Coven Club. Coven Club, in a nutshell, refers to a support platform that revolves around females who participate in the game realm. She’s a lot like Alexis Kennedy in that she participates in major events that take place all around the globe. What exactly does this gal share with the world? She talks at length about everything from business and production to marketing.

Alexis Kennedy isn’t someone who stays away from the social networking sector on the Internet. People who want to stay in his loop can easily and rapidly find his account on Twitter. Kennedy posts messages on Twitter that go into all kinds of subjects that are relevant to his enthusiastic followers. He’s been on Twitter since the winter of 2007.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, An Optimistic Businessman

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also named Duda Melzer, a Brazillian businessman and president of Grupo RBS, one of the largest media companies in South America. He also is the CEO of another company named EB Ventures. Melzer transformed his longtime company Grupo RBS, into a technology-based business. Melzer sought that entrepreneurship would help influence the growth in Brazil. His firm has managed and worked with many companies within decades. Melzer is a pretty busy businessman that balances out his flexibility of work, spending time with his family and even sports. He has a way of encouraging his team to invent and develop new ideas. Companies that push profit and purpose is something that eagerly excites Melzer. The advice that Duda Melzer would say to his younger self would be to continue to believe in his goals and surround himself with peers that would support his dreams.

According to, developing relationships and having good people to work with is something Melzer would do again and again and recommend other businessmen to do. Trusting other colleagues to be assigned work was a way for Melzer to help develop his business. While Melzer started at Grupo RPS, competing with bigger companies such as Google and Facebook was a setback for him and his company, only to give up the competition and learn from that mistake. He would take this tactic into his company Grupo RBS. Melzer believes, to be surrounded by colleagues and peers supportive of your ideas as well as continue believing in your dreams will be the way to elevate you and your business. Melzer uses the notepad and calendar app on his phone to help with his productivity and organization with everyday tasks. To know more about Duda visit

Without technology helping him keep track of his work, he would be note-taking in a notepad. Melzer Recommends a book titled “Originals”, about people who wishes to pursue his dreams but is a non-conformant, he openly supports and is open to developing ideas of other businessmen. The words of advice he gives to fellow businessmen is to never give up and stay persistent enough to push towards tough situations to gain a sucessful business.

Tips To Help You Better Protect Your Assets

LocationSmart is the largest provider for cloud location services. The company locates billions of connected devices worldwide for any location need. They have helped many companies stay connected to their assets, employees, and customers. The service they offer helps to keep their customers informed in regards to location awareness as well as better managed communication for all of their connected devices. With the help of LocationSmart, companies are capable of tracking, monitoring, and collecting information in regards to the location of their devices.


The types of devices that need to be located grows daily. For instance, customers as well as employees often use desktop PC’s at work; however, they also use devices such as laptops and smartphones. With new innovations in technology, people are also connecting personal items such as homes and cars for better safety, convenience, and security. In regards to companies, they are connecting to larger items such as airplanes, infrastructure, and equipment. When a company has the ability to stay informed in regards to their equipment, they have a better chance of protecting their assets. For example, LocationSmart allows an airline to know the location of their plane at all times regardless of where the plane is at in the world. This not only helps to protect their assets, but also helps to enforce safety and security for the airline as well.


LocationSmart offers a Location-as-a-Service, also known as LaaS. It is a platform that is accessed by a single API. This allows developers to custom design location awareness into their services as well as applications to suit the needs of each business or customers needs. There is a vast array of location intelligence technologies that allow developers to find and manage Wi-Fi devices, locate devices (even when they are roaming), and obtain the information of IP addresses worldwide; however, these are just a few examples of what LocationSmart has helped developers achieve for businesses and customers worldwide.


LaaS has allowed many companies to send text messages as well as advertising to customers regardless of their location in the world. This has helped companies with their advertising abilities as well as adjust their advertisement in reference to where the person is located. The platform also allows companies to monitor workers who work outside of the office. This offers greater visibility as well as safety and security for both parties. The capabilities of LaaS even allows a company to customize their security options for their business. With the help of the LaaS platform, companies are able to monitor and manage network online traffic, and they have the ability to be informed as soon as anything suspicious is detected.


LocationSmart has allowed for companies to stay in touch with their customers no matter where they are located in the world. The company has also helped businesses better protect and monitor their equipment regardless of where it is, and the LaaS platform even tells a business when their equipment is in need of repair. Their location services are capable of properly functioning in over 200 countries in the world, which definitely expands the businesses possibilities in regards to their base of operations.


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Richard Liu Speaks at Economic Forum


Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and CEO of, which is estimated to have a market capitalization of $60 billion. While is one of the largest companies in China, Liu still believes that there is room for growth. Let’s take a closer look at Richard Liu’s life and why he thinks his company stands out from the rest.

Jingdong Takes Customer Service Seriously

If you are a customer in China, you can expect to get your order in about six hours. In fact, Liu says that those in major cities like Beijing can get their orders in about an hour. However, this depends on when the order is received by the site and where items are sourced from. While it may take longer for international customers to receive products, they can also order an item from and have it delivered to their home. Go To This Page for related information.

Wealth Is Something to Use for Good

Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that it isn’t a burden to be wealthy. Instead, it gives him an opportunity to do things for himself, his company and society as a whole. Liu thinks that it is possible to grow his business in a way that makes life better for his workers as well as for his customers. currently employs 160,000 people, and that number is growing rapidly each year.

Liu Has Always Considered Himself To Be a Hard Worker

Richard Liu Qiangdong have always valued hard work and have had a strong drive to do better in life. For Liu, the fact that his family was poor was his motivation to make as much money as possible for himself.

About Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu has been recognized by Forbes China as one of the most recognizable leaders in the world. Furthermore, has been recognized on the Fortune 500 list on two separate occasions.


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Sharon Prince Fight against Modern Slavery


Through Grace Farm Foundation, Sharon Prince announced the establishment of Grace Farms Foundation Architecture + Construction Working Group. The new group will work towards awareness of modern-day slavery.

It will be a continuation of Grace Farm Foundation’s ongoing commitment to fighting all forms of modern slavery and gender-based violence.

The working group is made up of architecture and engineering firms, designers, the construction companies as well as the owners. Developers were not left behind together with an industry association.

Apart from those in construction, they also included scholars, artists, activists, and architectural journalists.

The construction industry is one of the largest industrial sectors in the global world. The newly established group will initialize responses and pilot projects. The main task will be the development of tools to show modern-day slavery in the industry. See This Page to learn more.

The group will be exploring ways to eliminate materials that use slaves for labor. Further, the group will have a list of slave-free projects specification and metrics. As an also restraint, the group will provide alternatives to responsible sources of building materials.

Sharon Prince’s effective policy is awareness. She believes many in the industry will take the easy route as they look out for returns on investments. Products and services from modern-day slavery are cheaper.

She is looking forward to the industry, joining forces, and creating new policies to eliminate slavery. The policy will have ethical supply chains of building materials. The supply chains will be keen on the environmental impact of the materials.

Most materials ranging from gravel to rare earth minerals may be the labor of women, men, and children under servitude. The US government, in 2015, implemented the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act. The act prohibits any importation of forced labor produced goods.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms will now educate the community. There is a need for all involved sectors to enforce the law through a moral perspective. Follow them on


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Steve Lesnard and The North Face Using Big Data to Better Meet Customer Needs

Steve Lesnard is the new Global Vice President of Marketing at The North Face. He has found that the key to best meeting the needs of today’s customers with top-of-the-line outdoor apparel and gear is to utilize big data to understand their needs. Lesnard says that many companies are still not using customer data to really drill down and find out customer needs and expectations of a company’s products.

One of the ways that Steve Lesnard and The North Face find out what customers really want is by providing forums for adventurers on social media and really listening to their feedback and desires. Another means of more fully providing customer satisfaction and value is in the new design of The North Face’s retail outlets. Now, the company has the stores set up as “basecamps,” with the sales people in the role of “guides.” The employees provide clinics and other experiences to help customers learn basic skills they need in order to pursue their intended outdoor adventure.

Also, the sales employees are trained to be better listeners and shepherd customers to the specific product that will perform best for the conditions and type of endeavor. For example, the sales employees would help the customer find the best running shoes for running on trails in the rocky High Sierra. Steve Lesnard and The North Face realize that they have a new generation of would-be explorers who have not had the opportunity to get their feet wet, so they are using big data and personalization to help customers find their way outdoors.

American Addiction Centers Talks on Benzodiazepines Harm

Benzodiazepines are commonly known as benzos and are used to treat seizures and anxiety. Its composition is comprised of Valium, Klonopin, Ativan, Ambien, and Xanax.

According to American Addiction Centers, the dug is dangerous to human health. Much worse, it causes addiction to the users, and that is utterly harmful. Statistics indicate that between 1996 and 2013, adult usage rates went up by 67%. Doctors were prescribing medicine to many people in the United States.

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The sad news is that benzos contain a chemical known as GABA. It is a peril since it makes the patient drowsy by slowing down brain activity. What’s more, to get calm from anxiety, for instance, a person requires a substantial dosage. It leads to high dependence on the medication in the long run.

Key Information

The organization shares essential details that everyone ought to know to stay safe. For starters, addiction has become rampant to patients who use it.

Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, who is part of the company, outlines that 17% of the people misused the drug. By 2018, the prescription had also increased such that 1 in 8 citizens used benzodiazepines. Thus, there are high odds that many people are addicted due to the high consumption rate.

Benzos cause cognitive impairment even in small portions leading to dementia. Patients have trouble recollecting their thoughts or memory. In addition to that, there are adverse effects, such as depression and headaches, as well.

Further, coordination becomes inhibited, and most times, drowsiness is eminent. People who use opioids or alcohol are in more danger since it causes an overdose when mixed with benzos.

Another piece of detail that’s worth mentioning is the withdrawal symptom. Benzos are meant to treat anxiety. On the contrary, it causes more anxiety for the patient after discontinuation. Unknown to many patients, they will think that they ought o continue using the drug to minimize the disorder.

If benzos are the last option in your list, Dr. Weinstein advises everyone to store them safely.

On that account, it is vital to keep it away from any prying eyes. Some use it with opiates to get high and enjoy the effects. With excess usage, benzodiazepines lead to an untimely death.

Signs of Benzodiazepines Abuse

Benzos come with both psychological and physical symptoms that are easy to identify. Patients experience difficulty while breathing, and they feel drowsy too.

Additionally, they have blurred vision, mood swings, slurred speech, and poor decision making. In addition to that, they withdraw socially and from their loved ones.

Their work performance deteriorates, and they steal money to purchase benzos. Some will go to other doctors so that they can prescribe the same medication. This way, they will have a constant supply all through.

How the Center Helps

The organization has the utmost experience in helping patients recover from addiction. First, they commence a medical Detox that clears the system off the drugs.

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Then a therapy follows that entails psychological and emotional support. The sessions will help the patients on stress matters and potential triggers.

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Dr. Tim Ioannides Opens Up About Past Failures

Dr. Tim Ioannides is the owner and founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology. At this multi-location Florida clinic, people can get treated for various dermatological issues. Dr. Tim Ioannides has decades of experience, and he is a member of the Florida Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery, the American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Dermatology.

With his impressive resume, it can be hard to believe that Dr. Ioannides has run into major roadblocks before. However, he explains that being honest about failures can help people grow as entrepreneurs. An interview from IdeaMensch reveals that Dr. Ioannides biggest failure has been being too lenient with employees. Typically, Dr. Ioannides prefers to work as a mentor with his staff, encouraging them instead of disciplining them.

However, he has found over the years that this is not always a good idea. Dr. Ioannides explains that in the past, he has had a problem with employees who like stirring up drama and creating office conflict. His first instinct was to step back and let team members handle these problems themselves, but he has learned that this can be a bad idea.

In the diverse environment of Treasure Coast Dermatology, there is simply no space for employees who stir up problems. Though it is never pleasant letting a team member go, he has come to the conclusion that being tough with employees is sometimes necessary for the good of the team as a whole. He now focuses on hiring people who are experienced and capable of getting a long with others. Since healthcare involves so much patient interaction, staffing an office with people who have empathy and strong social skills creates an environment that welcomes patients and makes it easy to get work done.

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