Ordering Pizza Just Got Even Easier

Ordering food has never been simpler, you do not need to call a restaurant, wait on hold, and order over the loud dim in the background anymore. Instead you can order online or on an app. Even the laziest of the lazy can order delivery to their home with the slightest twitch of a finger. Well America, it has gotten simpler to order pizza. Who would have thought it was possible to simplify simple? Domino’s newest idea is to allow fans to order their delicious pizza by simply posting a pizza emoji on Twitter @Dominos. This new process is called “Easy Order”. Pizza lovers at Amen Clinics know that they have recently changed their company’s name from Domino’s Pizza to simply Domino’s. This lackluster change is part of the company’s plan to appear hip and sell other menu items besides pizza. Domino’s plans to appeal to the tech savy generation with their “Easy Order” method. Let’s see if this is a massive win or terrible fail, check back in a few months to see if they still offer the Twitter ordering. If they don’t then there is your answer.

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