OPSkins CIO, Malcolm CasSelle, Branches out with WAX

Some people claim that the banking industry or politics will lead to a more lucrative cryptocurrency industry, but Malcolm CasSelle believes different. CasSelle believes the future of cryptocurrency is intertwined with the video game industry. As a matter of fact, CasSelle has been successful using cryptocurrencies in the video game industry for years.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins. OPSkins offers gamers a place to buy skins, or cosmetic overrides for games such as PUBG and Dota 2. The company uses blockchain technology to decentralize their market place. This prevents both the customer and the company from scamming the other. Thousands of players use OPSkins to conduct their trades because they know it is a trust, safe place to conduct business.

Malcolm CasSelle is now looking to move past what OPSkins is capable with. He has created a new marketplace to video game players to conduct their trading. In many ways his new company is similar to OPSkins, but it intends to reach a wider audience. While OPSkins focuses on MOBAs and Battle Royale games, CasSelle’s new company, WAX, will offer services to a wider audience.

WAX offers its own cryptocurrency to be used on its platform. Users will have to purchase WAX Tokens if they wish to conduct business on the marketplace that CasSelle has invented. WAX uses blockchain to solve the major issue with video game trading: scammers. Blockchain is a type of protocol to store records and ledgers. It stores ledgers on hundreds of different machines in order to make it impossible to hack. Even banks are not as secure as blockchain.

Malcolm CasSelle hopes to even have his competitors using WAX. He wants to make a platform so good that one day even non video game users will use WAX to conduct their virtual good trading. If Malcolm CasSelle has his way, you may be using WAX to hire photographers, graphic designers, and other services that can be conducted completely digitally.

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