Omar Yunes Claimed the Best Franchise of the World Award through his Mexicano

Omar Yunes, a leading entrepreneur in Mexico focusing on food and hospitality services, claimed the Best Franchise of the World (BFW) Award – 2015 through his Mexicano – a popular Sushi Itto franchise in the country. The competition held on Dec. 5, 2015, in Florence, Italy, and Yunes grabbed the title for providing valuable contributions from his units made to the brand he represents. It should be noted that his network holds 13 franchise units and are spread in the cities including Veracruz, Mexico City, Puebla, and more. The total number of units owned by Yunes represents almost 10% of all Sushi Itto units.


“I am extremely happy with the great feat we achieved, and I dedicate it to more than 400 employees who are putting their hard work in our 13 units,” said Yunes. “We also thank Sushi Itto for providing us a space for innovation that ultimately helped us to grab the feat.” It should be noted that the BFW – 2015 was attended by various franchisees from more than 34 countries, and a number of parameters were taken into consideration for choosing the winner. It included the franchise’s influence on the brand, savings implemented, contributions with respect to knowledge, the motivation for employees, total improvements proposed to the business model, and more.


Interestingly, the Chief Executive Officer of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, also seen commenting as “the award is a manifestation of our collaboration in providing excellent customer service, unique hospitality, and remarkable flavor.” According to the organizer of BFW Mexico, Yunes’ franchise worked as a major change factor in the franchise-franchising relationship with better management, implementation and information control boards, and more.


Yunes showed his entrepreneurial taste from a young age and started his franchise network at the age of 21 when he opened the first unit of Sushi Itto, the Japanese food chain. Apart from Mexicano, Yunes also credited for a number of entrepreneurial ventures which many of them are in the hospitality industry. His franchise won the Mexican edition of BFW award in November 2015, and that made the franchise to be eligible to participate in the BFW competition 2015 happened in Florence.

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