Neurocore Advances The Use Of Neurotherapy

Since 2004, Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have been expanding their data-driven, brain based treatment and diagnostic tools to serve patients across the country. Over this time, the company has used a wide variety of technologies, such as EEG, qEEG, and Neurofeedback to help treat patients experiencing a scope of mental illnesses. Chief among these has been the likes of depression, sleep issues and stress issues, as well as ADHD in children and adults. With Neuorocore’s approach,the company has built up a couple of inventive treatments to fight these diseases.

One of these programs has been focused on treating depression with what’s known as Neurotherapy. In particular, Neurocore has been concentrating on bipolar disorder, otherwise known as clinical depression; this has been known as a one of the more major forms of the disease. Several reports have said that 10.3 million in America suffer from the disease. Treatment alternatives for this have frequently been restricted to medication, treatment or a blend of both. However some companies, such as Neurocore have been aiming to improve the analytic and treatment methods that are accessible to patients.

With the innovation and research that has been done over recent decades, Neurocore could construct a strong base for their treatments while pushing the limits of what may be possible. With this Neurotherapy, experts at Neurocore can offer a more customized way to deal with a patients illness. This is because treatment begins with an in-depth usage of EEG brainwave mapping technology; the process also incorporates the Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA) DSM-Oriented Depressive Problems Scale, and other tools.

Once these are consolidated, it gives patients and medical professionals a well-rounded image of the patients disease. As per several reports, this treatment choice has been somewhat fruitful; as Neurocore has noted, 84% of patients encountered a noticeable decrease of symptoms. A further 51% also stopped meeting the criteria for clinical depression. A significant number of these results have also been duplicated over an few other issues, like ADHD, Anxiety, Stress and substantially more. Through this, Neurocore has been effectively growing increasingly more innovative treatment options to assist patients with their mental health issues.

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