Markus Rothkranz Breakfast

After a long night sleep, your body wakes up needing nutrition. The energy needed to keep going is important. Markus and Cara offer up two different breakfasts that provide delicious taste and health benefits. They are both easy to make but offer different benefits. First, is the fruit salad, which uses seasonal fruit; you will need strawberries, kiwi, mango, blueberries, raspberries, and a banana. After you put all the fruit in the bowl, it is time to make cashew cream. For one hour, soak cashews in water then place into the blender. Add a small amount of non-alcoholic vanilla, ice to get the chill texture and add some water then blend. As you blend, add a little water as you go until it is the consistency you like. Lastly, add the cashew cream to fruit salad. An optional choice is to add pomegranate powder, candied cashews, and/or carob nibs.

A second breakfast option is an excellent choice for at the home or on the go. This is as simple as blending everything and drinking, it is a green smoothie. This smoothie is half fruit, half vegetables, and some type of liquid. With the fruits, it is simple as whatever as what’s in season. The vegetables can include kale, spinach, parsley, dandelions, red leaf lettuce, the green tops off of carrots, and at least one celery stick. Celery offers potassium and electrolytes. After adding the fruit and vegetables to the blender, add a liquid; either coconut water, orange juice, or regular water that is at least 2 cups then blend. An optional addition can either be a couple scoops of green formula, super protein, Udo’s oil, and lecithin fat that emulsifies the oils, a frozen banana for cold-like texture, and pineapple that helps cut out the bitterness from the dandelions; blend and enjoy.

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