Luke Lazarus Travelling Consultant for Business Startups

 Leading With Style

When a business starts its journey into the business world, it cannot predict what the future holds for it, and it can only hope it can weave and find a way through all the competition to find a place where it can sell its services or products.

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When born into a business dynasty, like many children of the 1% of the wealthy in the world, they still have to learn and adapt what they have inherited. In short, it is never a smooth road to success in business.

Then some defy all expectations, enter the business, and every opportunity opens up for them. Everything they touch turns to triumph. In modern media, the general public is continually being given these examples of people who are in the reality TV series in different countries like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den.

There have been various spin-offs of these series, but the critical thing to remember is that these “gurus” of business know what they are doing and have made it their life’s work to be successful.

Then other people have good intentions, study hard, and want to be “like,” but find out they are not cut out for business and end up following their destiny on another path.

Training and Preparation

For those who are very gifted in business, they still look to get an education even if they have to leave the university in mid-course like Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs.

Luke Lazarus started with a rich set of business experiences that stayed with him throughout his life, as he has shared with reporters many times. Luke Lazarus attended all his class, made excellent grades, and was offered scholarships, but he chose instead to participate in Melbourne Business School and graduated there with an MBA.

When graduated, Luke Lazarus was quick to start and manage four successful companies to success. Just as quickly as he zoomed to the success, he sold all four of his companies and changed his career by bringing his two decades of experience together to be of service to business startups.

Since he began his consultancy in 2013, he has been able to help many startups get to the point of getting financed by investors as well as doing what they have always dreamed of doing, which is to be successful in their business.

Leading by Example

Luke Lazarus likes to lead his startups by example and everything he teaches, lectures, and shares in his interactions with them he has already done and done well.

He is confident that he can help startups take closer steps to success and encourages them to have solid business plans have a strong mission statement, and #1 pitch active with a solid business story to investors.

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Luke Lazarus assures his startups if they can move the investor with their business story, they will also be able to run a customer as well. The business story and its values communicated well are the first steps to their future success.

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