LocationSmart – The Square Dance of Content Delivery

The way we access and view our content comes in many different facets. Globally, accessing content is carried out on anywhere from 2 to 3 devices per household. Developing content that is relevant for all device types creates many different crossover points that businesses have to consider. Failure to do so opens the door for competitors to grab your customers before you can apply the proper conversion techniques. LocationSmart is a company that fully understands the importance of customer acquisition. They work with thousands of different companies and businesses daily to ensure their content is reaching the correct niche of the marketplace. They understand the undefined areas of penetration and continue to attack these areas with positive retrieval. LocationSmart operates as the only location as a service agency with many different options and solutions for all aspects of business. There is no client too small and no job that is too big to subdue the many years of analyzing and research that has built the following to the LocationSmart brand.


Keeping all of your potential customers within a safe space is difficult to accomplish. If you are attempting to reach a global consumer base, your security concerns are often expanded due to the area of coverage you need to reach. LocationSmart steps in to handle these areas of coverage, as they often extend to all areas of the globe. LocationSmart utilizes cloud-based streams to ensure your content outreach does not have to be limited to a certain region or area of users. Cloud management occurs through the proper use of geofencing. Geofencing was invented to collect information within a large scope and in a positive light. This keeps consumers limited in terms of a focus group, allowing you to draw research stems from the potential customers that view or access your content. Geofencing is also used as a prevention technique to keep at-risk users from viewing content streams that they shouldn’t be. This sense of redirect also helps to keep the hackers far away from your content and exclusive data sets.


Fencing customers within a positive scope also works to improve the marketing efforts of a business. Keeping a general area around the different walls of research a customer can commit to on your network really helps you control and refine delivery of content. The marketing strives of your company can be implied without having to force a consumer to commit to something they do not wish to apply themselves to. This is one of the subtle ways that LocationSmart looks to draw viewership from your consumer base. By fencing in the content that they have access to, you can better keep your consumer base protected from threat and on the path to seeing your brand from a positive light.


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