LocationSmart and the Benefits of Geolocation to Business

In order to run a business today, one must be connected to those working for them, those partnered with them, and, of course, their clients. But in an interconnected age, that means knowing where these parties are regardless of location.

That requires the expertise of LocationSmart, whose experience with IP geolocation, identifying mobile devices on the internet, even within a network, and they’re assistance is a boon to business.

Any business knows they have to remain compliant with regulations in order to keep operating. Depending on where they’re operating, and the service they provide, might include knowing where users are when accessing servers. Experienced in IP geolocation, LocationSmart can unmask these users so that regulatory standards are met and servers aren’t bombarded by users masking their location.

For a business to deal with technology, it must also be concerned with security. Adding to those worries are those who can bypass an existing infrastructure with ease, and take control of someone else’s credentials.

Knowing that an IP location doesn’t link up with where users ought to be can send up a red flag, calling for reauthorization, and hopefully get it back in the hands of a legitimate user. It’s also an opportunity to strengthen the existing network to deter future attacks.

Security isn’t just remote. Plenty of businesses use mobile devices in day-to-day functions, and knowing where they are is important information. A business has a network so employees can communicate with one another and get their jobs done. Read more: LocationSmart | Capterra  and LocationSmart | Owler

That can take place from a laptop in a vehicle or a smartphone. If those devices are being used at another IP location, knowing where that is can alert a business to a third-party infiltrator or a potential theft that can put them at risk. In addition to being an effective loss prevention tool, this can be used to collect productivity data.

If a business is a provider of online content, streaming has its own security issues that can be addressed by IP location. When a user signs up to a streaming site, they do so with the understanding that they’ll pay a fee to access content.

The problem is these accounts get passed around between multiple people, and some may be pirating for the benefit of another site. LocationSmart can identify those locations and a streamer can then determine how to best deal with users violating their account policy.

Having IP data isn’t just useful to keep a business secure. It’s a handy tool when advertising. By knowing which demographics of their potential customer base lives where, a business can decide how to best promote themselves.

Will it be a push notification? Or will banner ads be fine? Do shoppers in this area want a discount on services? Or early access to products? IP data can help a business determine.

LocationSmart can do more than provide data to bolster security and steer business models. They assist their partners mature as businesses, becoming closer to the changes in technology, becoming more competitive with their international counterparts.

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