Lime Crime: We Promise We Aren’t Illegal

So Trendy It Should Be Illegal

No matter what part of the world you live in, whether it be tropical climates or in a colder climate take a look at these trends that will guarantee you to have heads turning, but not twisting off in horror at these beauty trends.

Lime Crime Eye Palette So Convenient, You’ll Swear It’s Illegal

Stand out with a compact eye palette that you can pair a basic eye shadow up with a bold eyeliner or a bright eye shadow with a unique eyeliner pattern. No matter where you go make an impression with a soft look or a matte finish while on a date or on the night out with girl friends. Lime crime’s cruelty free makeup has the tools that you need to take on the town or a simple job interview.

Lime Crime Foundation

Do the Lime crime without the time! Others don’t have to know that your secret to keeping up with the trends without running out of breath. A good foundation will compliment your skin without clogging pores. Let the rosy shades of the Venus 3 eye shadow palette accentuate your foundation.

Eyes That Stun, Not kill!

Long lashes are a trend that’s guaranteed to make you an acquired target for beauty. Whether you use clear mascara, a dark mascara, or wear eyelash extensions, lengthen your eyelashes to add a stunning finish to your killer look. There is even a compact eye shadow palette from the company when you want to look stunning on the go.

Dive Deep Into Hydration

Here’s a little secret that many won’t let you in on, hydrated skin is always in, so drink plenty of bottled water and make sure you are wearing an oil free lotion, because this is the true foundation of all beauty. Okay maybe not the true foundation, but you get my point. Wash your face with a cleanser in the morning and at not, and carry oil blotting sheets for oily skin in those pesky T zone areas. Don’t be caught red handed without a face moisturizer or you’ll definitely be seen as a crime in the beauty world!

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