Jason Colodne Pursues Film and Finance Paths

Jason Colodne is a man who has pursued two somewhat different paths in his career- film and finance. The New York City-based businessman is known both as a film producer and as a co-founder of Colbeck Capital Management. In both arenas, he has seen success- especially in the area of finance.

Much of Jason Colodne’s career has been spent in finance. This may be a bit unsurprising given his undergraduate education. He attended the University of Pennsylvania which he graduated from with a B.A. in history with a focus on finance.

That university degree helped to establish a foundation for the career that would come. It helped to lead Jason Colodne along the path of pursuing a career in finance. The world of finance has continued to prove to have a strong pull for him, and his resume reflects that. In fact, his career has included time spent working at two of the world’s best known financial companies- Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Get the latest updates on his twitter to find out more.

Working for others in the world of finance, however, has not been enough for Jason Colodne. He wanted to do something more within that realm, and he wanted to do it on his own terms. So, he struck out on his own. Eventually, that interest in finance and desire to forge his own path led to him co-founding Colbeck Capital Management with Jason Beckman- his partner from Goldman Sachs.

Together, Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman have formed a company that has become notable within the world of finance. The New York City-based Colbeck Capital Management has allowed Jason Colodne to, in his role as managing partner, put to good use his education and past career experience at other major financial firms.

The company is an investment manager that provides its clients with portfolio management, financial planning, and consulting services. It also handles management buyouts and unsponsored/pre-sponsored opportunities.

While some businessmen would be content to just be successful in one arena, Jason Colodne has also chosen to pursue one of his other significant interests. Although finance has been and remains his primary career path, he has also stepped into the world of film several times. He has done so by serving as a producer for several movies- many of which have attracted major Hollywood stars.

The movies that Jason Colodne has produced have run the range in terms of genres and themes. A sampling of the films that he has helped to produce include the star-filled risque comedy anthology “Movie 43,” the techno drama/thriller “Paranoia,” the military drama/thriller “Act of Valor” featuring reals Navy SEALs and that is spawning a sequel focusing on elite SWAT officers, and the Christian Bale-led thriller/drama “Out of the Furnace.”

While he was successful in producing movies, Jason Colodne has turned his attention more back toward finance during the past few years. Colbeck is a primary focus of his these days. Of course, he is a man of multiple talents. What else he may pursue remains to be seen.

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