James Dondero, Charity and Work

There aren’t many human beings out there that can compare to James Dondero in the empathy department. There aren’t many who can compete with him in the success sector, either. Jim Dondero, in brief, is a big deal at Highland Capital Management. He’s the finance company’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He’s also the reason it was ever even established. Mark Okada is the business’ other Co-Founder.

Studying at the University of Virginia in peaceful Charlottesville, Virginia proved to be a rewarding and eye-opening experience for the young Jim Dondero. It’s an experience that proved to the pupil that he wanted to pursue a career in the money division. He completed many in-depth classes that went into finance and accounting topics. Those are the courses that got him ready for his job with JP Morgan. They got him ready to go for his job with American Express after that as well. James Dondero was a shining star with both companies. People wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

James Dondero created the aforementioned Highland Capital Management a couple of decades ago. Okada was the man who decided it would be beneficial to team up with him at that time. That pairing has stood the test of time. It continues to this day. Dondero has so much going with Highland Capital Management and its activities. That doesn’t take away from his penchant for charity, though. He’s a big part of Dallas’ lively philanthropy community. He sets aside a lot of time for all sorts of philanthropic organizations in the metropolis. He devotes himself to groups that zero in on sick children. He devotes himself to bigger groups such as the Dallas Zoo as well. Jim Dondero has had a penchant for aiding the zoo and its many causes for quite a while now.

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