Hussain Sajwani and his business ventures

Great ideas have always come out of cutting edge business acumen and the desire for boundless growth. This can be seen in Hussain Sajwani, a UAE serial entrepreneur. Sajwani has great interest in the catering and real estate industries. Looking at how he has managed to carve a new path for himself, all you can do is admire his zeal and determination to make in the fields he is involved in.

Sajwani’s, endeavors is a living proof that as long as you keep pushing for progress, you can always achieve your wildest dreams. Right from childhood, Sajwani stood out both in his class and co-curricular activities. This combination of talent and determination saw him get government scholarship to the University of Washington. Here, Sajwani worked even harder and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.

Right after graduation, Sajwani was employed at GASCO, a company dealing in natural gas. It was while working here that Sajwani developed an eye for catering. He then went ahead to make this a reality by starting up a catering venture. Through his ingenuity and constant dedication to the cause, Sajwani’s company realized some unprecedented growth within no time. Right from his humble beginnings in downtown Dubai, Sajwani’s venture grew into an international business.

Within no time, Sajwani’s venture started attracting the interest of major clients like the US military and Bechtel, a US construction company. At this point, Global Logistics Services, Sajwani’s first major venture was already taking shape. It received regular orders to supply meals to the US military in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia and Qatar. It has since grown and diversified by coming up with small hotels all over Africa and the Middle East, serving well over 150,000 meals a day.

Hussain Sajwani was able to stay ahead of the pack, thanks to his witty marketing strategy that got the attention of those that mattered. He relentlessly pushed by trying out new boundaries in his quest to stand out. With time, the company has expanded and earned the trust of reputable brands across the world. Sajwani believes that he could still do even better by expanding more to other industries.

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