How Todd Lubar Found Success In The Mortgage Industry

Both living and working in the state of Maryland, Todd Lubar is a very successful businessman in the real estate industry. After majoring in speech at Syracuse University he landed his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He stayed at this company’s offices in Maryland offices for four years. He says he learned a lot at this company which has helped him throughout the rest of his career.

Todd Lubar’s next career move was to work at Legacy Financial Group. This company was in Arlington, Texas. He was a top producer and his office had several hundred million a year being generated in loan volume. He ended up working for this company from 1999 until 2005.

In 2005 Todd Lubar decided to advance his career by accepting an offer from Charter Funding to be one of their senior vice presidents. The collapse of the housing market nationwide in 2007, though, caused him to pause his career in real estate for a number of years. Being an entrepreneur he decided to own companies in other industries that had been so drastically affected by the economic downturn. He was in both the demolition and nightclub industries for a time. He also owned a recycling company. Eventually, the housing market recovered enough for him to return to his true passion which is residential real estate. Check out his page

Today, Todd Lubar is the founder and president of TDL Ventures. He founded the company because he saw many people who wanted to own homes had too many obstacles being put in their way. He thought of the most efficient way of helping people like this and it lead to the founding of the company. He designed a program that he says brings relief to consumers who want to buy a house without all of the red tape. Check out

When Todd Lubar first became an entrepreneur he said that he had a big business deal that fell apart. It taught him that you’ve just got to get right back up and keep going. Resiliency is a requirement for anybody that wants to be professionally successful, he says, because things are just never always going to go your way. You can follow him on Twitter

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