Hippeas and Angel Donations from Livio Bisterzo Friends to Green Park Brand Inc.

     Livio Bisterzo is the founder of a new snack brand called Hippeas. Product conscious consumers have been reading labels and gathering the facts about the food they are ingesting. Many people are seeking healthier snacking options in order to help maintain a healthy life style. In recent years the popularity of chips has gone down. Manufacturers have tried to come up with alternative ways to produce chips that will be suitable for those seeking healthier options. Many shoppers have stumbled across baked chips and veggie fries.

Hippeas are relatively new to the market but pack a punch that most consumers will find appealing. These healthy snacks are most commonly found at Starbucks and retail for about $1.95 a bag. They are made of chick peas and have healthy ingredients such as kale and sweet potatoes. These tasty snacks are suitable for children and adults with the flavor combinations available. In addition to Starbucks, consumers can find Hippeas at Whole Foods and Amazon.

Hippeas has plans to expand over the next year into Target and Kroger stores. Livio Bisterzo has had success in getting his healthy snack introduced to the market place because he is not new to product introduction. Prior to Hippeas Livio launched two other consumers used brands. His previous brands were Kyoku and Little Miracles. Kyoku was a men’s grooming product brand and Kyoku makes tea drinks. Prior to launching Hippeas, Livio sold his interests in both Little Miracles and Kyoku.

Green Park Brand Inc. is the parent company of Hippeas and they recently received some very generous donations. Strand Equity Partners which is a private equity firm in Chicago made a donation in an undisclosed amount to Hippeas parent company. In addition to Strand Equity, Leonardo DiCaprio also made an undisclosed donation towards Green Park Brand which is located in Santa Monica California. While Livio refused to admit how much each investor donated, he did say that $2.5 million was donated towards Green Park Brand Inc. and that included the two generous investor friends to Hippeas.

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