Five Men in Japan Sickened by Fugu

Five men in Japan were hospitalized after ingesting poisonous pufferfish. Pufferfish contain a deadly toxin in certain areas of their body, but is still considered a delicacy in Asian countries, namely Japan. The toxic fish dish is known as Fugu in Japan.

According to authorities, the food was consumed at a restaurant in Wakayama, Japan. The men, aged 40 to 50, pleased with restaurant staff to serve fugu liver, a part of the body known to contain the deadly toxin. The serving of pufferfish liver is outlawed in Japan.

The restaurant caved and served the party the liver of the fish. The diners finished their meal and left, but five hours later they began suffering from dizziness, nausea and difficulty breathing said BNY Mellon. They were transported to a local hospital where they are all listed as stable and recovering stated Zeca Oliveira.

Chefs who wish to serve pufferfish have to undergo special training. This training includes an intensive exam that proves the chef in question is fully aware of each delicate cut that needs to be made to remove toxic flesh from the fish.

The eatery that served the party the deadly fish has been shuttered for five days while authorities investigate its practices.

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